Summer maxi dressWhen you buy a garment, you really never know whether it is going to be a favourite or not. Only after a while you notice that you grab a particular item time and again. Like this maxi dress.

My friend Claudia gave me the dress when we were on holiday in Spain. She didn’t want it anymore and I was immediately taken by it. Turns out you can just sling it in the washing machine, hang it up and it needs no ironing. Oh bliss. It is so airy and easy to wear. I love it. Now that it is hot in the Netherlands, I am wearing it all the time.

Loes was my photographer and as she rang my doorbell, she cheerfully said: “What is the location?”
I didn’t have a clue but started the car. Then the country estate of Duin en Kruidberg crossed my mind. It has been the location for another outfit too but I am sure you can’t remember that.

Below: Or do you recognize it? If you have clicked on the link to their website, you’ll see it in the sunshine and in the snow. Beautiful. They host many events and that same day we went, a wedding was taking place.

Duin en Kruidberg

Below: The hall inside. I call this grand.

Duin en Kruidberg

Below: One of the big rooms where you apparently can dine. Loes on the right.

Duin en Kruidberg

Below: Above the fireplace.

Duin en Kruidberg

Below: View from the back of the house, overlooking the big pond.

Duin en Kruidberg

Below: We even got a glimpse of the happy couple as they were being photographed.

Duin en Kruidberg

Below: Then I saw this fellow. Although time has taken its toll on him, he was still a handsome devil.

Summer maxi dress

Below: OK, I know I am getting saucy now. I just had to check him out. What are you hiding, fellow?

Summer maxi dress

Below: He also had a great bum. Dirty old woman approved haha.

Summer maxi dress

Below: Yep, approved.

Summer maxi dress

Below: If there is a swing, I’ll be on it. Which is surprisingly because as a child I used to get nauseous on a swing.

Summer maxi dress

Below: Loes. That cobalt blue is a great colour for her.


Below: Loes was especially funny that day. She cracked me up.

Summer maxi dress

Below: Close-up of the silver shoes, which you have seen before in this post with the cognac coloured trousers.

Silver pumps

Below: And a close-up of the brooch and green peridot earrings.

Green peridot earrings and vintage brooch

Talking about a lot of photos! I just couldn’t choose. And trust me, I had many more.

What happened in my life this week

Saturday Ron and I had a relaxed morning at the beach, walking Watson. Early afternoon I had coffee with Misja of the blog MisjaB (see below). She is a stylish dresser, even wrote a book about it.
In the evening we had friends and neighbours Froukje and Petro for dinner. Ron prepared Boeuf Bourguignon and it was fantastic. I did the rest.


Sunday was mum day. And I am glad to say that the wound on her heel has finally healed. Of course she still has to be careful as it is a weak spot, but it is healed. YAY.
Below: Mum playing Rummikub with me. She just had her hair permed.

mum playing Rummikub

Monday was a quiet day again. Lots of household chores like defrosting the freezer. Glad that is out of the way. Got some fresh flowers that were dead cheap; 40 flowers (2 bunches) for EUR 10. I filled three vases. A few days later I got a big bouquet of flowers from our next-door neighbour for looking after their house during their holiday. Such a lovely sight, all these flowers.

living room

Tuesday I saw Katrien. This is a different Katrien than the one you have seen before. This Katrien was also a colleague but from a longer time ago. She now lives in South Africa and was over for a short period. I loved seeing her.

Below: Katrien. You cannot find a lovelier person. And ever so intelligent. Now she is also a great photographer. You can follow her work on Instagram. Her IG name is @katrien21.

Katrien Heere

Below: A bad selfie of Katrien and me. All selfies are usually dreadful. But it is a nice memory. I was wearing my atypical suit.

Katrien and me

We went to an exhibition of Saskia Boelsum. Saskia photographs an object and then severely edits the photo to get the vibe she wants it to have. When she is done, it looks like a painting.

Below: An example of Saskia Boelsum’s work.

Photo painting Saskia Boelsum

Wednesday Marjolein was again so kind to take blog photos. It was really warm (31 degrees Celsius) so I discarted my original outfit idea for something more weather appropriate. As always it was a great day with her; lots of laughter.

Below: The square in The Hague where we had lunch. We imagined ourselves to be in France.

The Hague

Thursday I met Janna of on Instagram. We had planned to “do a corporate photo shoot” at the Amsterdam business centre area. I used to work there for years. Although a dress code was never required at my (advertising) department, I quite like corporate clothes. I also like Victoria Beckham’s line of clothes (a lot). Her clothes to me, are sharp, sleek and feminine.
There are still enough “corporate” clothes in my wardrobe but as it was scorching hot again that day, I came up with something else than a little black dress.

Below: Janna of was already into the corporate spirit(s) haha.


Friday was a quiet day. I need those days, if only for blogging.


No Fear of Fashion


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