How to dress for today's corporate environmentPerhaps it is a bit redundant of me to advise on corporate dressing when I left that world in 2020, but there are still certain rules that don’t change. Like no shorts and no flip-flops in the office.

The outfit I am wearing is probably appropriate, depending on the kind of business. In law firms they still walk around in suits and dresses but in an advertising department of a bank for instance, where I used to work, anything goes. It draws the line at old and stained T-shirts, any piece of clothing which is worn-out, damaged or torn. But trainers (sneakers) are no problem. Lots of people wear them to the office nowadays, with a dress or a suit.

I did this photo shoot with Janna ( whom I met through Instagram. We did shoots together before, like this time. She came up with the subject. “Let’s do corporate dressing”, she said. So we met at the Amsterdam business centre called the Zuidas.

Below: We stepped into the World Trade Centre and it felt corporate indeed.

Amsterdam Zuidas business centre

Below: Majestic. We weren’t allowed to take photos here, at least not photos with people in it. I was allowed one shot and blurred a recognisable person.

Amsterdam Zuidas business centre

Below: We started taking photos indoors as there was a lot of light. Here I am, wearing my reading glasses to enhance the corporate look.

How to dress for today's corporate environment

Below: And here is Janna who did the modern thing: trainers and a Chanel-type skirt suit.


Below: We thought this was such a good setting that we took a shot of me in this spot too. The big brown bag is a vintage purchase. Used to belong to a stylist. The necklace is the infamous Paris Necklace; worn with a knot which hides the wrinkles of my decolletage.
he pencil skirt is ancient and the little jumper is from the Meek Boutique in the UK. I bought it years ago. (See jumper in the original post.) I love the white trim on the sleeves and at the hem.

How to dress for today's corporate environment

Below: We had lunch and saw a lot of corporate people. Not many suits and only an occasional little black dress. Things have loosened up, especially after lock-down.

Corporate people at Amsterdam Zuidas business centre

We continued outside and decided to shoot both of us with the same background.

Below: Looking all prim and hoity toity here.
The killer heels which I am wearing are actually comfortable. Such a shame that the company who made them, is now part of a chain and doesn’t sell such shoes anymore. They so knew how to design shoes.

How to dress for today's corporate environment

Below: This is a sweeter look.

How to dress for today's corporate environment

Below: Janna, getting a bit of fresh air during ‘lunch break’. Still ‘working’ on her iPhone. (We love to act.)


Below: Continuing our stroll through the business centre.


Below: All right…stairs…always great as background. Only the trees are in focus and I am out of focus haha.
Yes, I have walked every step in these shoes and it was no problem. Janna can testify.

Below: It is an art to go down the stairs and not fall flat on your face.


Below: With my high heels, wonky knee and track record of falling down the stairs, I chose to just pose on the stairs.

How to dress for today's corporate environment

Below: This is where I used to work.

Amsterdam business centre Zuidas

Below: Some drinks to end the afternoon and the waitress took a photo of the two of us. As this was so close to the office I used to work at, I met two former colleagues when we were doing the shoot. Lovely to meet them again.

Janna of and I

A bit of a different post than usual, but I’ll throw it at you anyway.

What happened in my life this week

Saturday we went to see my bonus daughter and her husband and they treated us to burritos. Very tasty.

Sunday was mum day again. I put her in a wheelchair to go and get an ice cream at the village square. Nice for her to get out of the house, although she doesn’t like to sit in the wheelchair. I try to encourage her to walk behind the rollator a bit more and strengthen her muscles but she is lazy and doesn’t really feel like it.

Monday I had a list of chores, most of which I managed to do that day. But it wasn’t a day that I particularly liked. Household chores are boring. And the printer died.

Tuesday I invited Kitty for coffee and luckily she was able to make it. Usually she is far too busy. We selected photos of the shoot she did a fortnight ago and she will get them to me by Monday. They are for next Sunday’s post and then my photo stock is gone and I will have to go and shoot again. Luckily the temperatures will drop. Below: Kitty with new sunglasses.

Got the result of the mammogram and I am OK. Yay.

Our next-door neighbours came to dinner which is, as always, fun. Ron cooked the same meal as he did for other friends/neighbours not so long ago, because it is so easy to put in the oven and let it stew. Boeuf Bourguignon. Some melon with Italian ham to start and Eton Mess as dessert. Which means I’ll do the starters and the dessert as I cannot cook and this only requires assembly skills haha.

Wednesday it was mum’s birthday! 94 years. My brother and SIL and Ron and I went over with cakes etc to celebrate.

Below: Mum and Anke (SIL). Mum was very cheerful. She is a petite, Anke is a normal size but looks bigger next to tiny mum.

Mum and Anke

Below: Ron and me. He actually smiles while his photo is being taken.

Ron and me

We arrived home too late for dinner so quickly ate a pizza, picked up around the corner (the benefits of living in a town). Our IT-guy came round early evening to install the new printer and some other computer jobs. Everything is working again.

Thursday I visited someone I worked with in advertising, who now happens to be working only one street from my house. Had a nice chat and a cup of coffee. Just in time I got home to welcome Marja and we headed into town. Lunch, coffee with chocolate (oh my weight is terribly high) and we both bought the same skirt at kpa.haarlem. I can never judge clothes on a hanger, I have to see them on a person. So as soon as Marja put on the skirt, I knew it would be something for me.

Below: Marja and me. It was still very hot, so we were dressed accordingly. And still managed to shop haha.

Marja and me

Friday was a leisure day with a visit to the pedicure and to the hairdresser. Bought an oversized Kenzo men’s jacket for a sweet low price because one of the sleeves was damaged near the cuffs. As I always wear sleeves rolled up, that is no issue for me. I think it will be a very useful piece in autumn and winter if I have interpreted the catwalk pictures correctly.
That day I wore the blue and white striped shirt which you saw at the end of last week’s post, this time with slim cropped trousers. The pink pumps I just added for the photo. In reality I wore open toed sandals on Friday to dry the nail varnish.

Below: The Friday outfit (almost). Still not completely satisfied. The shoes aren’t right.

Blue and white striped shirt


No Fear of Fashion


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