lime coloured patterned jacketFinally, we had a warm and sunny day at the beginning of May. My cold had gone down, my throat wasn’t sore anymore and I went off to meet Marita. I asked her whether she would take photos for my blog and luckily she didn’t mind. I wore an outfit with old leather jogging trousers, new trainers and a lime coloured patterned jacket.

Our destination was museum mill De Adriaan (see below). The staff had hung a banner around the mill, recruiting staff, which was a bit of bummer for my photo. But I get it, there is a big shortage of staff in every line of business.

Below: Marita and I met at restaurant Zuidam, which is next to the mill. Marita is sitting on her own, at the second table from the right. Because everybody wants to sit in the sun now that it is out, the parasols were closed.

Haarlem Spaarne Restaurant Zuidam

Below: The mill and the restaurant are on the quay of canal ‘Het Spaarne’ which runs right through Haarlem.

Haarlem Spaarne

Below: I photographed Marita at the back of the restaurant. She was looking smart as always.


We wanted to take photos in the shade because it can be just as difficult to get a good photo in bright sunlight as indoors.

Below: A head to toe shot of Marita in the alley next to the restaurant. Enough shade there.


Below: At the back of the mill was also enough shade. The lime coloured patterned jacket is by Herzen’s Angelegenheit and I bought it at LAB Women’s Clothing. I adore anything with bright colours and lime is a particular favourite.
The leather jogging trousers are from the same shop, bought several years ago. (Link to original post and link to a more recent post with these trousers.)
The trainers are from AMA Brand; I also found them at LAB Women’s Clothing. Daphne, the owner of the shop is always very helpful and never lets me buy something which isn’t right for me. Although she acknowledges the fact that it takes me several years to adopt a new trend. And she is always on trend with her clothes and shoes.

lime coloured patterned jacket

Daphne was wearing this combination in her shop and looked great. I have a hard time imagining how something would look on me when clothes are on a rack (seriously, I do). Seeing it on a person is what I need.

Below: These poor French ladies came up behind me to look at the view as Marita was about to take a photo of me sitting on this little platform. I turned round and sighed. I didn’t say anything but unfortunately my face always expresses every thought. In this case that was “Go away, I don’t want you in my photo”. They were startled and hurried away. It was the result I was hoping for, but it was very unkind of me. I have been in a casino twice, clutching some chips in my hand only to exchange them back for money at the end of the evening. I cannot gamble. And with my expressive face that is a good thing.
I tied the belt at the back and this time it was neat.

lime coloured patterned jacket

Don’t think I had learned from chasing away the French ladies. No, not at all. A tourist family popped up at the same spot. I gave them the same look and raised my arms and hands in (fake) despair. The man was startled, the woman burst out laughing and they moved on. It just shows you I am not that sweet, lovable person all the time as you always seem to think. There is a bitch inside me and sometimes she comes out.

Below: At last a nice photo.

lime coloured patterned jacket

Below: I managed to hoist myself up the wooden platform to have my trainers photographed. I even got down again too (with difficulty).
Truth be told, I did touch up one blotch on my right ankle. My legs and especially my ankles are now full of blotches and visible veins as you can see in the photo above. I might get them removed one day but I might also think “tough titties”.

Funky cool trainers

Below: This was my view from the wooden platform.

Haarlem Spaarne

Below: Not a bad view, right?

Haarlem Spaarne

Below: Gold plated earrings with faceted green glass pendant. By Lara Design.

Golden and green earrings by Lara Design

Below: The bridge is going to open sideways to let a big ship go through. That means the left side of the bridge (as you are looking at it now), will move towards you until the bridge has turned 90 degrees.

Haarlem Spaarne

Below: The bridge is now open and the ship can pass. Great view from the restaurant terrace.

Haarlem Spaarne

Below: Marita took this photo of me capturing the bridge opening and closing. Wouldn’t it be lovely if I could stand up straight instead of always slouching?

lime coloured patterned jacket

What happened in my life this week

Very little to tell you I am afraid.

Below: I took a photo of mum in her garden. She is rather unstable and uses a walking stick or a rollator. Going into the garden I gave her my arm but as we were almost there, she nearly fell. I held her tight to prevent her from falling but the firethorn (pyracantha) caught her hand and wounded her a little. Her skin is so thin that even the smallest injury draws blood. Nevertheless, this is a nice photo of her.
Ron was getting rid of the weeds in her garden on his hands and knees. Stupid me, I forgot to mention to him this had to be done. Had he known, he would have brought his burner. Far easier (as long as you don’t set the house on fire).

Mum in the garden

Monday evening my cold came back and my throat was sore again. I also had an infection on my lower eyelid which hurt. After that I got a stiff neck which hurt like hell, but luckily only lasted 24 hours.
I am so fed up with having something being wrong with my health. Big or small health problems, I am sick of it. I want normal life to resume. The arthritis in my left knee is quite enough. I know I shouldn’t complain as these are such minor things and others are far worse off. But fed up of it I am.

Being a little under the weather meant that I didn’t see many friends. Instead, I have been very busy with filling in papers for mum and for Ron’s taxes. Also trying to get the solar app working again on Ron’s phone. In the end our IT guy came round and fixed it in 5 minutes. I was already on it for days and hours. I nearly solved it myself but I was too impatient.

On Thursday I went to the doctor to see what she could do about the headaches I am getting on and off. They are pretty frequent, say 40% of the time, and I take painkillers to get through the day. Of course I know painkillers aren’t the solution and bad for my body, especially now that I only have one kidney left. I have had these headaches for about 33 years, about as long as I know Ron.
Remember my doctor’s suggestion to this information, when I mentioned it last year? With a straight face she asked me: “Have you ever considered leaving him?”
We killed ourselves laughing over this. When I reminded her about her joke, she couldn’t remember it and said: “Oh no, did I actually say that? How bad. Sometimes these things come out of my mouth when they shouldn’t.” But we laughed again and I assured her that no harm was done. She knows both Ron and me very well and she knows we appreciate such jokes.

Anyway, I am now going to take one low dose beta blocker every day for a month and see whether that prevents the headaches. I have tried so many things that I can try this one as well. Although I am pretty sure I took beta blocker pills before, but that was a long time ago. I am not too keen on them. Please don’t give me tips or advice to solve this headache problem. Been there, done that and got the T-shirt. I tried at least 50 things.

Thursday afternoon I had a coffee with one of our neighbours in the neighbourhood restaurant and I wore this (see below). I wore this jacket with black trousers and black top in this post, getting the good news from the surgeon. The jacket works equally well with jeans.

Patchwork jacket with jeans

Friday things started to go back to normal. Busy, busy, busy.
One of our neighbours broke her foot and as she lives on her own, we as her neighbours, take care of her. Like with preparing breakfast, lunch and/or dinner and with grocery shopping. She must keep her leg up all day for the first week. We have such a nice community in this street, it is like a little village but without the nosiness. I started with making her breakfast.
In the morning a man with a very tall ladder came to fix a bare spot on our cornice, caused by removing the weather vane of the old awnings. November last year we had new awnings installed and the bare spot up there bothered me as I was afraid the wood would rot. Long story short, a man from the awnings company, fixed it.

I had coffee and lunch with Kitty. Kitty took the selfie. See below.

with Kitty

In the afternoon our gardener came to finish the pond. We were afraid it was leaking for the second time. The irony as we wanted a new pond because the old one was leaking. But…hurray for the gardener, he solved the problem. Next week, after Ron has put in the last plants, I will show you how the garden looks now. And in a month’s time it will be very different when they have all grown. It was a very good day; all’s well that ends well.


No Fear of Fashion


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