Yellow blazer with striped topSpring is the best season to me. I love the new green leaves and I love the time when the fruit trees blossom. To photograph my yellow blazer with a striped top, Loes and I chose this spot near a park with that gorgeous tree in full bloom.

Below: Isn’t it a sight for sore eyes? The blossom looks like candy floss.

Park in Haarlem

Below: It made a fantastic background. The black and white striped top is new by Mads Nørgaard and from kpa.haarlem. The jacket and the silver belt are from Essentiel Antwerp (2020) and you have seen them several times. The dark jeans are Denham and frayed at the bottom, but I cuffed them.

Yellow blazer with striped top

Below: Another good reason to like spring are the tulips. The Netherlands is renowned for tulips. They grow everywhere, in parks and in most gardens. A bunch of tulips to put in a vase is cheap, like 50 tulips for max 15 euros.

Yellow blazer with striped top

Below: We were at the back of ‘Dolhuys‘ (Museum of the Mind) in Haarlem. To quote from their website: “Museum of the Mind | Dolhuys is situated in a unique medieval building: the former lepers-, plague and madhouse. For years the building lay outside the city walls of Haarlem, sheltering the ‘insane’ and people with contagious diseases such as plague and leprosy.”

Park in Haarlem

Below: Sitting on a bench overlooking the park across the water with the restaurant of the ‘Dolhuys’ behind me. I published two posts on this location one in 2015 and one in 2018, both with Misja, Sylvia and Anja.

Yellow blazer with striped top

Below: Loes and I are always interested in cats and dogs walking by. I am wearing my Converse trainers as they go so well with the striped top.

Doggie and Converse trainers

Below: Earrings by Lara Design.

Earrings with black balls by Lara Design

After the photo shoot, we didn’t have our coffee in the restaurant of the ‘Dolhuys’ but headed back to our own neighbourhood restaurant.
Below: Loes.


What happened in my life this week

Visited mum again after 7 weeks. We both were very pleased to see each other again after such a long time. As it was sunny, I took her out for an ice cream at the village square.
Below: Mum imitating Roy Orbison LOL.


Then on Sunday evening I got terrible throat ache. I had to cancel all my lovely dates with friends for the whole week. Tried to shake off this pain and cold by keeping really quiet, not speaking and staying indoors. But it lasted until Friday afternoon.

Below: After walking around in bathrobe and slippers for three days, I thought it was time to, at least, look good although I didn’t feel good. I chose a pair of trousers I didn’t feel (elastic waist band) and something wide on top so I wouldn’t have to wear a body shaper. I was not in the mood. (Link to original post from 2017 with high heels.) Just goes to show you should never trust a photo to tell the truth as I look a hell of a lot better than I felt.

Outfit to cheer me up

Darling husband had bronchitis and had to take codeine to survive. Luckily this helps very much. Like me, he took it very easy in order to get better soon, but he had one appointment in Amsterdam, he didn’t want to miss. On his way to the appointment, he stopped to take back the jeans I had bought with him two weeks before as, in hindsight, I didn’t like them. He got my money back. So nice of him. You may think this is nerdy, but it weighs on me, having items in the house that need to go back to the shop. I worry about it. Don’t ask me why.

Below: Here is an outfit from a few days before my operation. I forgot about it and decided to include it in this week’s post to have at least something for this section.

Relaxed outfit

Friday I woke up feeling pretty poorly but I got up and got dressed. Then, all of a sudden, around 11 o’clock I felt a lot better. The throat ache had gone, I was hardly using any handkerchieves. How is that possible? Then again, we have a Dutch expression that says: “Don’t ask how this could happen, just enjoy it.” (In Dutch in rhymes.) So, I took the car and visited Marianne as I couldn’t do that on the Monday we had arranged to meet. She was one of the many people I had to cancel. Even Sara, my friend who lives in America and who was over to meet her family. She wanted to spend Tuesday morning with me. Now I have to wait another year. And the photo shoot with Marjolein went down the drain as well. Of course it was gorgeous weather that day, making it all the more painful.

Below: Anyway…to end the week on a cheerful note, here is a bad selfie of Marianne and me. I tried to keep my distance although I don’t know whether I was still contagious. But she wanted me to take off a bracelet from her arm, which was damaged, but the lock needed work. So I was close to her anyway.

Marianne and me

Below: Marianne. Don’t think she dressed up to meet me. She is in comfortable clothes to go swimming with her son. No make-up. And still she manages to look gorgeous. She is naturally stylish.


I look forward to a far better week. Hope you will have a lovely week too.


No Fear of Fashion


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