Leather trousers with a white blazerBlack leather trousers with a white blazer. Really, the simplest outfit to create, and every item was already in my wardrobe. I am on a roll with my sustainable choices here.

Of course, I had to add colour to a black and white outfit. That is like a blank canvas to me. Going through my accessories I found this fuchsia and yellow chain necklace. A second-hand purchase in a thrift store, costing very little.
Normally I would not add statement earrings with an eye-catching necklace, but the shape and colour of the earrings (Lara Design) were so complimentary to the necklace that I felt it was a match. The bright fuchsia bag made the picture complete. At least, I like the outfit and so did husband Ron. It might not be everybody’s cup of tea though.

Below: Close-up of the necklace. You can see that at the back the chains are smaller and just fuchsia, followed by three smaller chains in yellow and fuchsia, the fuchsia ones getting larger. It means it hangs very well around my small neck.
The furry fuchsia hat was to fight the cold although I didn’t actually wear it. Too afraid to ruin my hair.

Fuchsia fur hat

Jilske was my photographer while all the “BVA girls” got together again for a Saturday. If you type BVA in the search box, you can see numerous posts with these ex-colleagues.

Marianna was hosting the get-together and therefore the person to provide cakes, lunch, drinks and dinner. We take turns.
Let me introduce the gang to you.

Below: Marianne dressed in a lovely green dress, ready to eat cake. I am ashamed to say that I didn’t take a proper photo of her dress.
(Note: below is Marianne with an e at the end of her name; the internet-shy-hostess is Marianna with an a at the end of her name. Very confusing for you I bet.)


Below: Marijke and cakes.

Marijke and cakes

Below: Jilske, my photographer.


Below: Claudia. I took this photo later in the day, when we were shopping.

Claudia with green vest

Below: Close-up of Claudia’s sneakers.

Sneakers Claudia

Below: Jilske and I walked outside for the photo shoot and I headed to the neighbour’s big dark doors. Beautiful house, beautiful door.

Leather trousers with white blazer

Below: Jilske wondered whether it was OK to just sit on someone’s steps. So I told her my motto “If you want things done, it is better to apologise afterwards then to ask permission up front“. Sure enough, the lady of the house opened the door behind me and kindly asked whether she could help me. I explained that I needed a dark door for a good photo with my blonde hair and she laughed. It was no problem.

Leather trousers with white blazer

Below: I do love keeping my hands in my trouser pockets to create a nonchalant look. The trousers are real leather by the way. They are in my wardrobe since 2014 (link to first post with these trousers).

Leather trousers with white blazer

Below: One last outfit photo, taken in the neighbourhood of Marianna’s house. I forgot to clean my combat boots. The black rim and sole look grey.

Leather trousers with white blazer

Below: I took a close-up of Jilske’s earrings. She creates them herself (website Djills.com, Instagram djills_jewels).

Jilske's earring

We had our coffee, delicious cakes and very tasty lunch, so off to the next item on the agenda: shopping.
The village we visited was Lochem which is in the far east of the country. It is an old town and lively but very small.

Below: Classic example of a beautiful old building. This used to be the town hall, built between 1634 and 1640.

Building in the village of Lochem

The first shop we saw, getting out of the car, got a good review from Marianna: Style Mode. The shop wasn’t that big and six talkative women plus a wheelchair is quite an invasion. The owner is a friendly lady who took it all in her stride.

Below: Jilske with one of the many bags in the shop. She did buy one, but a different one. Marijke gave her sound advice.

Jilske searching for a black bag (Marijke on the right)

Below: Claudia wanted a scarf. I really liked this one as I am fond of bright colours and especially fuchsia. But she decided to get this scarf in pastel pink.

Claudia with fuchsia scarf

Below: Marijke spotted the hats and tried this leopard one.

Marijke trying a hat

Below: Marianne thought this brown one would be easier to combine outfits with. (Neither of them actually bought one.)

Marianne trying a hat

Below: Claudia found a pair of trousers to try on.

Claudia searching for a pair of trousers

Then the fun started.

Below: Marijke, trying on a dress and Claudia photobombing. Poor shop owner.

Marijke trying on a dress and Claudia photo bombing

Below: These trousers were very good for Claudia (she bought them) but the waistband was too wide. I asked Marijke to stand behind Claudia and hold the waistband in position, meaning taking it in so it fit. Of course, she did the opposite and pulled it.

Marijke and Claudia goofing around

Below: I adore this photo. It so shows the fun we always have together. April, May and June, Daisy Duck’s nieces haha.
The shop owner was kind enough to take the photo. Apparently she was still cool and collected, in spite of the noise we made. All three of us bought this colourful top. It was in the sale for €25. Who can resist a bargain like that? We all needed a bigger size than we normally wear. I suppose that was the reason why they were not sold.

April, May and June

Below: Marianna took a seat and guarded our bags while chatting to Marianne.


Below: Next stop was a restaurant for some coffee and hot chocolate.

Into the restaurant

Below: Claudia and Marijke left us in the restaurant and continued shopping.

Claudia and Marijke in the village of Lochem

Below: Half an hour before closing time we caught up with them. (Shops close at 17.00 hrs on a Saturday in most villages and some cities.)

Building in the village of Lochem

Below: I saw this cute house as I looked to the right.

Building in the village of Lochem

Below: In the last shop we couldn’t find anything nice so I took a head to toe shot of Marijke. Well…half her head. She had nice high heeled booties with her, but it was too cold and they were not practical for shopping.


It was a terrific day. Like all our get-togethers are. Friends…they are the salt of the earth.

What happened in my life this week

Of course I saw mum again.
Below: Here she is.
I ordered some Uniqlo heat tech tops for her but a size too small, so I’ll have to return them.

Mum in stripes

I had the splints on my upper and lower teeth checked for the last time. Fortunately the orthodontist moved the upper one a bit higher. That means I won’t be biting the glue as I did the first two years. It prevented my molars touching each other at the left side of my mouth. So that’s solved.

Marcella came for coffee which is always nice. See her below:


Met my friend Yvonne for coffee and forgot to take a photo.

Did my exercises and decided together with my physiotherapist I would do them twice a week from now on and not three times a week. I just cannot work up the courage to do it this often. I feel restricted in my freedom as well.

Thursday my friend Marjolein took blog photos for next week and we had a very nice day together. Cannot show you any photos as I don’t want to give away next week’s post.

As I was waiting at the traffic light, a man in another lane pointed at the front of my car and after I opened my window, he said I had a flat tire. It just so happened that my garage was right in front of me at the other side of the road. A stroke of luck. They immediately repaired my tire; removed a big nail. I never knew this could be repaired. Apparently it depends where the nail is located.

Saw my friend Helga although briefly and we made another appointment for dinner in a couple of weeks. Below: bad selfie of the two of us. (Link to post with original outfit.)

Helga and me

And last but certainly not least a photo of our dear doggie Watson below. (Photo taken by Ron.)


See you next week.


No Fear of Fashion


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