Pencil skirt with floral tightsAgain an outfit from my own wardrobe; I combined a pencil skirt with floral tights. The tights were the starting point of this outfit as I had worn them only twice (see this post for the tights with a red skirt). Such a shame because I think they are so cute. Covering them partway when wearing boots, like I did before, felt wrong, so I opted for high heeled pumps.

Looking at the photos, I concluded that this outfit is more the old me than the new (retired) me. You could say that this post is fake. I only wore these pumps for the shoot and immediately changed into comfortable boots afterwards. The day will come that I’ll have to say goodbye to all my high heeled treasures. But I am not quite ready for that.

Marjolein was my photographer and we went to the (little) old centre of Rijswijk, which is adjacent to The Hague.
If you like art combined with knitting, crocheting etc, you are in for a treat further down this post.

Below: Walking from a small parking area to the centre (which is one street), through this old alley.

Old city centre of Rijswijk

Below: Conveniently, this bakery with restaurant (Bakkerij Bosman) was right across from the alley.

Old city centre of Rijswijk

Below: The cakes looked delicious but we decided for a chocolate truffle. Excellent.
(I seem to keep my weight consistent although that is one kilo more than I would prefer.)


Below: The restaurant looked cosy.

Restaurant of Bakkerij Bosman in Rijswijk

Below: Marjolein drinking tea.


Below: I had a cappuccino as usual. If you really want to punish me, you should forbid me to drink coffee. I am so addicted to the stuff.

Green necklace Angela Caputi

The shade of green of the necklace is slightly more yellow toned than the outfit photos show.

Below: Close-up of the Angela Caputi necklace correctly displaying the colour.

Green necklace by Angela Caputi

Below: I sat on the terrace outside the bakery, just for the sitting pose as it was way too cold to have our drinks there.

Pencil skirt with floral tights

Below: Across the road from the bakery is this big church.

Old city centre of Rijswijk

Below: And big churches have big dark doors.

Pencil skirt with floral tights

Below: The skirt was riding up a bit at the front, because of my big tummy (the extra kilo is located exactly there).

Pencil skirt with floral tights

Below: Ready to be photographed when Marjolein shouted “Tummy!” I instructed her to do so if she saw a bump. So I was holding my tummy (again…so fake) but forgot to pull the skirt down.

Pencil skirt with floral tights

Below: In front of the tower is this majestic tree. I bet it makes a terrific Christmas tree. I hope they decorate it in December.

Old city centre of Rijswijk

Below: A small centre but with pretty buildings.

Old city centre of Rijswijk

Below: Another sitting pose. I had to photoshop many little orange fluffy bits off the skirt. It clings like hell. Third time fake.

Pencil skirt with floral tights

Below: Close-up of the tights.

Floral tights

Below: We continued after I had changed footwear. These are very old booties which I bought in Paris one day for €29 because my feet were hurting and I needed comfortable shoes. Ugly but very comfortable.

Reality in shoes

Now for something entirely different.

As we continued in the one street with shops running through the old centre of Rijswijk, we found Museum Rijswijk. We went in to see whether there was blog worthy material and we were not disappointed.

Below: Introducing Kate Jenkins from Brighton. Her art is created with knitting, crocheting, embroidery, sewing etc. She is best known for her food-focused treats of colourful yarn, created with a sense of humour and constructed into everything from patisserie pleasures to prawn platters.
She is highly skilled and worked for big fashion designers, even created a new way of applying sequins.
The lamps you see below are crochet waffles and ice, displayed against a poster of a waffle.

Kate Jenkins creations, ice cream

You are about to see a lot of her work as we thought it was so clever.

Below: Ice cream. I would say stracciatella flavour.

Kate Jenkins creation

Below: A whole ice cream parlour. Again, everything is knitted, crochet, sewn etc.

Below: How about French fries?

Kate Jenkins creations, French fries

Below: There was a ‘bakery / restaurant’.

Kate Jenkins creations

Below: Me serving.

Pencil skirt with floral tights

Below: Marjolein selling: “What kind of bread would you like?”


Below: Look at the cakes, aren’t they yummy?

Kate Jenkins creations

Below: We loved the crab croissants. When you look at the big round “breads”, you can see how much work goes into it.

Kate Jenkins creation, knitted bread

Below: A plate with sardines (or anchovies) on toast.

Kate Jenkins creations, anchovy on toast

Below: I liked this joke. We Dutch are famous for our apple pie, called “appel taart (=apple tart)“. Kate played on the word tart and gave it legs, high heels and suspenders.

Kate Jenkins creation, knitted tart

Below: A last funny, very Dutch meal: kale mash with sausage(dog haha).

kale mash with sausage

That was enjoyable. Hope you liked it as well.

Below: The garden of Museum Rijswijk. Not much to look at now, but lovely in summer with the terrace at the back of the museum café.

Old city centre of Rijswijk

Below: Marjolein in her leopard coat.


Below: Snake print boots.

Snake print boots Marjolein

Below: The last thing we saw in the centre was the window of a modern jeweller displaying this stainless-steel necklace. I loved it but controlled myself.

Metal necklace

What happened in my live this week

Not much.

I did have a lovely day with my friend Ayen and saw her new apartment which she renovated. You might remember her from the post with photos of her apartment before anything was done.

Below: Ayen, feeling good.


Below: And a photo of her living room. Very stylish.

Living room Ayen

My brother and SIL visited mum on Sunday, which meant I didn’t go. On Tuesday I took mum to the hospital for her monthly eye injection and forgot to take a photo.

The garden was done by professional gardeners. The trees and bushes needed trimming but the biggest job was replacing the leaking pond. Ron preferred a straight pond this time instead of the octagonal one which has been in our garden since 1995. The dirt in the kitchen and corridor was horrendous.
I had to lock the cat in one of the upstairs rooms because the front door was open all the time and it is dangerous for her to get out at the front because of the cars.
As our help was also in that day (bad planning on my side), I couldn’t lock her into the bathroom. So I locked her into my little room, but I had to be in there a couple of times. She tried to escape; I yelled and held her down to the ground…she was petrified. I am afraid my relationship with Sophie is shattered. Poor, poor kitty.

Below: Gardeners at work.


Below: At the end of the day we had a new pond and a differently shaped garden. Of course the edges of the pond will be covered and new plants will be put in. We are not done yet.

garden 2


No Fear of Fashion


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