Combining winter and summer clothesAnother outfit created with my own wardrobe items. One day I saw that this yellow and black pleated skirt had olive as a third colour. A perfect match with my olive coloured jumper. Combining winter and summer clothes is something I normally would never do. It means a warm winter jumper with a flimsy summer skirt (see this skirt with a yellow summer top). To me that is ‘hot on top‘ and ‘cold at the bottom‘.

But I got a clever idea (tooting my own horn here).
Normally I wear a pleated skirt with a short wide linen skirt underneath it to create an A-line shape. Having no hips or bum, my longer sleek skirts tend to make me look like a lamppost and this is my trick to avoid that. With this winter outfit I wore a woollen knee-length skirt underneath the pleated one, creating the same A-line shape and keeping me nice and warm. Changing summer sandals for winter boots and Bob’s your uncle. To me this is still odd as I never mix winter and summer clothes. But the stylist of LAB Women’s Clothing, whom I consulted (she often gives me free advice by WhatsApp, bless her) said that combining different textures is totally on trend.

Below: The Loewe belt turned out to be a fantastic purchase and the second-hand bronze metallic Mulberry bag goes with half my winter wardrobe.
(I really shouldn’t talk during a photo shoot.)

Yellow and black pleated skirt with olive coloured jumper

Below: Being unable to fight my matchy matchy inclinations, I chose my neon yellow earrings from Lara Design to go with the outfit.

Combining winter and summer clothes. Neon yellow earrings by Lara Design

Below: Loes was my photographer and I had no mercy on her. Coat off for the head to toe shot.


Below: We were on a hunt for nice doors for a background because our initial plan to use this neighbourhood didn’t give us what we expected.

Combining winter and summer clothes

Below: Close-up of the street decoration in the above photo. Looking at the decoration I think that the green door is a church door.

Street decoration

Below: I had chosen this building as background but on arrival it didn’t look half as nice as I remembered. It is a restaurant in what used to be a convent.

Building Kloosterkeuken

Below: This is the interior of restaurant De Kloosterkeuken (translation: convent kitchen). And that was the atmosphere I was after.

Restaurant De Kloosterkeuken

Below: After the photo shoot we had coffee in an old café / restaurant called “In den Swarten Hondt” (In the Black Dog in old Dutch). They employ people with a labour market disadvantage and have a terrace with a terrific view of the Spaarne canal.

Combining winter and summer clothes

Below: Two photos taken from the terrace. First photo to the left of the restaurant and the second one to the right. There is a beautiful old bridge right in front of the café but my photo was lousy so I left it out. Just imagine this in summer with green trees.

Haarlem, Spaarne

Haarlem, Spaarne

Below: A three-dimensional image of the café.

Doll house

Below: I always come across a cat on a photo shoot.


What happened in my life this week

Busy week. Well…busy as in a retired life. If I have two appointments in one day, then that is one more than usual haha.

When I was still working I used to get 7 1/2 hours sleep a night (for 20 years); I now get 9 hours sleep. If I am really lazy, even 10 hours. How did I manage all those years?

Below: I met Marita on a day when it was raining cats and dogs. Marita suggested to postpone our date, but that would have been too much of a disappointment for me. Instead of going to a restaurant in town, I picked her up in my car and we went to a café where I could park close by. A quick run to the front door and we were dry. I wore my black and white blazer with dark flared jeans as suggested by one of the readers. Marita had found herself a beautiful black blouse with puffy sleeves.

Marita and me

Below: Mum with half a smile haha. She might be 94, but she can handle an iPad. Not to a large extend but still. We play WordFeud together.
Ron came with me (as he does every fortnight) and we ate at mum’s place this time, bringing a pan with food.


Below: Marcella visited me and I forgot to take her photo.
I wore this outfit. See original post with many outfits featuring these jeans and booties. I know I said I was not going to wear skinny jeans anymore, but this outfit “needed” these jeans.

Jeans outfit with green leather jacket

When I was chatting to Karlijn of kpa.haarlem one day, I told her that I needed to replace my tattered boyfriend jeans. She gave me 5 different pairs of jeans to try and see which style would suit me. She had the perfect jeans for me but one leg was an inch too short. Or better put, my right leg is an inch too long. Karlijn said she couldn’t order a longer one for me (as a retailer) but that on the website of the brand, Samsøe & Samsøe, there were two jeans left in my desired length. I ordered one straight away, only to get an email from the brand that there had been an error on the website and they didn’t have it in stock after all. I was sooo disappointed. They advised me to keep on trying their website for returns. Which I did and a couple of days later they had one in stock again. Which I immediately ordered. And which got cancelled again due to an “error on the website” and “not being in stock”.
I trawled the internet, believe me, but the darned thing is nowhere to be found. On the bright side…if these are my worries, I do not have any.

Below: A joke Ron found for me. My kind of humour. I can so imagine this.

"Call mum"

Below: Reality check. This is me at home with my iPhone, greasy hair and reading glasses. In the photo on the right you can see a glimpse of my big warm house shoes. It’s not all glamour darlings.

At home

Being on your iPhone the whole time is not a good thing (I think). A reader of the blog Midlifechic gave me a link with instructions on how to put your iPhone screen on grayscale instead of nice bright colours. It diminishes the desire to click on an app. I can reverse it to colour by pressing the side button three times.
Then I found out how to only watch funny videos on Instagram. Sometimes I am in stitches. Which means I allow myself 15 minutes twice a day to have a good laugh. It replaces the banter which I used to have with my colleagues.

Below: As meeting friends is a big hobby of mine, I try to have at least one or two appointments every week. Like with Janneke, one of my former colleagues at the bank She still works there but part-time now as she is developing her yoga business. She is a very good yoga teacher and that brings her so much joy and fulfilment.
(Side notes: my hair had collapsed again and scarves are not my forté, even though I watched many videos how to wear them.)


Our painter came round to give us an estimate for painting inside our house. Things are getting a bit frayed at the edges. The job won’t be done before 2024 because he is fully booked in 2023 and we have to save up for the bill.


No Fear of Fashion


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