Patterned trousers and burgundy bootsMy friend Marianne’s daughter is a stylist and she is really good. I follow her Instagram account and got inspired to create an outfit with patterned trousers and burgundy boots.

Below: This is my example, the post by Marianne’s daughter. Had I paid a bit more attention, I would have also added a touch of yellow somewhere in the outfit. Even at blatant copying I am not really observant on the details LOL.

Example patterned trousers with burgundy boots

Below: Anyway, the outfit I originally created had a shirt underneath the jumper which was a bit shorter. One of my friends asked whether perhaps the shirt should be a bit longer?  I didn’t check to see if it would work for me, I just put on a longer shirt. In hindsight, I think the shorter one creates better proportions.

My own styling example of the patterned trousers and burgundy boots

Below: See? The white shirt tails underneath the jumper are a bit too much.

Patterned trousers and burgundy boots

My friend Marijke took the photos in about ten minutes during our visit to Marianne.

Below: Marijke and Marianne.

Marijke and Marianne

I wanted to take a nice photo of Marijke on her own, outside where photos always turn out better than when you take them inside.

Below: Alas…capturing Marijke is a job for a photographer who does babies and animals, moving objects so to speak. She just cannot help goofing around. As soon as the camera points at her she pulls faces and gets into weird body positions.

Marijke goofing around

Below: She did a good job of photographing my outfit though. Nice “bokeh” photo (= blurry background).
I was clutching the Max Mara bag which I scored at an outlet last year and never realised that doing so made my jumper ride up, revealing even more of the shirt. Wrong move.

Patterned trousers and burgundy boots

Below: A view of the back.

Patterned trousers and burgundy boots

Below: Close-up of the boots which you saw for the first time with my green dress. So comfortable. I have to take them to the cobbler to elongate the sole at the pointed toe. Otherwise I will damage them.

Patterned trousers and burgundy boots

Below: The burgundy earrings by Lara Design. I should have worn yellow ones.

Burgundy earrings by Lara Design

This time no beautiful location, no interesting stories and no old buildings. Sorry, it is what it is. I was grateful that at least the outfit was documented.

What happened in my life this week

Funny week. I strolled through the centre of town, across the market and came home with just a sausage. Didn’t go into clothes or shoe shops so I wouldn’t be tempted. Gave myself a pat on the back on arriving home.

Below: Mum in purple. Still cannot get her to smile when I take her photo LOL.

Mum in purple

Went to the movies with friend and neighbour Monique; to see Living with Bill Nighy. I love that actor.

Below: The trailer for Living.


We thought it was a touching movie, beautifully executed. To some people very slow perhaps, but full of gems and with such good acting, especially by Bill. It is set at London townhall in the fifties.
I used to work at the Dutch Department of Public Housing in 1976 and it was very much like this haha.

Below: Monique and me in a bar, after the movie was finished. (Link to original post with this outfit.)

Monique and me

Facetimed with my friend Anja who now lives in Spain. We had a lovely couple of hours.

And I saw Misja for coffee when it was pouring with rain. (Link to Misja’s blog.) We had to take a photo indoors. See the rain on the windows? (Link to original post with this outfit.) The café where we met was only 3 minutes by bike or a 10 minutes’ walk, but I took the car. Pouring rain and my hair are enemies.

Below: Misja and me.

Misja and me

Below: She wore such a cute jacket.


Ron and I had a lovely meal at café-restaurant Coster 52 with our friends Georg and Marla. We had been here once before and really liked it. Simple but very tasty and a warm atmosphere. This time we were less enthusiastic. The food was good, we had a lot of laughs, so the evening was very enjoyable. But the prices they charged were too high for what we got.

Below: Ron and me. Georg and Marla preferred not to be on the internet this time. Not everybody is an extreme extrovert like me. This is what my hair looks like most of the time.

Ron and me

Below: I wore the same jumper as in the main outfit of this post and copied Misja’s trick of a colour peeping out above and under the jumper. She also gave me the advice to use a brooch in a totally different colour to jazz things up. This is the result.

Outfit Wednesday

The photo reminded me that these jeans are at the end of their life cycle. I need to replace them as they look old and tired and I need no help with that look LOL. Mind you, a scarf wouldn’t be a bad idea either as the boat neck is rather cold, especially as we have turned the heater down.

Kitty came over for a cup of coffee and this time I did think of taking a photo. It was a really cosy afternoon.

Below: Kitty.


Below: I was wearing my Sportmax jeans dress which is about 6 years old (see the original post) with blue leggings. Snuggly warm. Earrings by Baublehaus.

Sportmax jeans dress

Below: Kitty took this photo of me in the chair and I realised that I’d better wear this dress as a jacket because it is too tight. Just as I have done in this post with the printed T-shirt and in this post with a long vest.

in the chair

That’s it for this week.


No Fear of Fashion


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