Green dress with burgundy belt and burgundy bootsRight…a dress for a change, one that I am not sure about. I’ll tell you up front, this green maxi dress is a second-hand bargain with the tags still on it (€27), although not really expensive when it was new. It came with a belt in the same velvety fabric which made the dress look really frumpy.

I bought the burgundy boots (which sometimes look purple and sometimes brown) because of the manageable heel and the pointed toe. It is a brand I had been eying for a long time and never bought a pair because they always have a high heel. These burgundy ones were created with a low heel, exclusively for the shop where I bought them (foof in Haarlem). Being elegant in low heels is pretty difficult, so I jumped at them, especially when she said this was the last pair in my size.

The belt was a purchase from years ago; never worn. It was before I realised that I have a short torso (and big boobs, although I did know that LOL). Wide belts are wrong for me. My waist is only 1 or 2 cm high and then immediately widens at the ribs. A wide belt moves up and settles underneath the bosom after sitting down; a ridiculous sight. I am wearing it lower with this dress, more on the hips. Of course it means that you have to check that darned belt every second to see whether it still sits right. Annoying.

Below: Marjolein was my photographer, again dressed to upstage me haha. I mean this in a very loving way; I so appreciate it when she dresses up. I especially admired her boots.


Below: She took me to a chocolate shop called De Bonte Koe. Oh my, this was a treat.


Below: Marjolein bought me a cappuccino with a bonbon. The bonbon was delicious, the cappuccino sadly not. Being a proper barista is a skill. Nevertheless, the presentation was nice and different: with a chocolate spoon.

cappuccino with chocolate

Below: I got to choose a box of chocolate as a present from Marjolein. Oh, that one, and that one and that one.

Green dress with burgundy belt and burgundy boots

Below: They didn’t last very long. Three days later the box was empty. Soooo good. (I did share.)


Below: Marjolein was no fool and bought a box herself as well.


Below: The shop’s name made us burst into a song. “Sugar and spice and all things nice. Kisses sweeter than wine…” (the Searchers in the sixties; a pop group wearing suits and a tie).
We both don’t mind making a fool of ourselves in the street haha.

Green dress with burgundy belt and burgundy boots

Below: A closer view.

Green dress with burgundy belt and burgundy boots

Below: We were in an area in the Hague called Naval heroes. In the Piet Hein street to be exact. There is a big discussion going on about naval heroes in the 17th century. In the old days they sailed the seas, conquered and colonised countries and brought back exotic merchandise. Nowadays we put question marks with their names, as most of the times they were in fact murderers and rapists. Even when I was at primary school, I wondered what people in the countries they sailed to, would think of our 17th century heroes. I already knew at that age they would look at them entirely differently.
Our Piet Hein was at least against making people slaves, that’s something.

House in The Hague

Below: Fun ornament. Haven’t got a clue what and why. It looks like a person dressed in clothes from centuries ago, seated on a tram. Weird.

House in The Hague

Below: We passed this gorgeous house. I adore curved windows. This stems from the Art Nouveau period.

House in The Hague

Below: Beautiful necklaces for sale; love the right one. The whole street was full of tantalizing shops. But I didn’t give in; I was strong.

House in The Hague

Below: We continued to a little market square which would have been so much nicer if the sun had been shining. I am sitting on a stone turtle.

Green dress with burgundy belt and burgundy boots

Below: Close-up of the new burgundy earrings from Lara Design.

Burgundy earrings by Lara Design

Below: A few days later, we celebrated my brother’s birthday and I wore the green maxi dress with a black belt and black boots. I had my hair cut the previous day and it is rather short.

Green dress with black belt and black boots

Below: My nephew’s wife Natalie is a photographer and I shamelessly took advantage of that. Even though we were supposed to be celebrating my brother’s birthday, I dragged her outside and ask her to take a few photos for my blog. Like Kitty, she knows how to profit from sun, trees and autumn colours.

Green dress with black belt and black boots

Below: I love to add a third colour to an outfit, so I kept the orange bag. The burgundy earrings are replaced by orange earrings (by Lara Design as well).

Green dress with black belt and black boots

Still, I am not convinced I like the dress. The black belt doesn’t stay put as it slips in either direction, away from the middle. The burgundy belt problems I have explained above.
On top of that, the neckline is very high and that is never a good idea when you are big breasted. It is rather snug in that area.
Too many “problems” with this dress, if you ask me.

What happened in my life this week

As there are also days in my life which are quite boring, filled with household chores, fitness exercises and such, I have decided not to “report” on a day-to-day basis anymore. Which is asking more of my writing skills. We’ll see how this develops.

Let’s start with mum. Ron and I took her to the hearing aid man and he adjusted her hearing-aids. I further installed and explained her new telephone.
Below: Mum while Ron made her laugh.


My brother’s birthday was a good opportunity to see the whole family again. He has a son and two daughters who all got married and have children of their own. The noise of all these people (plus a few other family members as well) together in a room was deafening. But so delightful.
Below: me trying to find some information on my iPhone for a family member.

At my brother's birthday

Below: This is Natalie, my photographer, my nephew’s wife. I love her, she is so nice, wise, daring and relaxed. She has had the guts to change profession three times, while having three children. And every time it is a success. She is a pistol.
Mind you, we are very lucky with all family members, by marriage included; they are really enjoyable.

Natalie and me

A couple of appointments got cancelled which gave me time to sew loops on a pair of trousers which kept falling down. Something which often happens with trousers that have an elastic waistband.

I got invited to a farewell party by my old company which was sooo nice. I hadn’t seen my colleagues after my retirement (1st of April 2020). In the meantime there had been another big reorganisation and many of them are leaving the company. That’s why there was a big farewell party. Also for the people who had left the company during the Covid period and never got a proper send-off.

Below: About 60 colleagues having a good time. The guy in front, taking the selfie, was the marketing boss. It is an iPhone photo, taken indoors, hence the poor quality.

Colleagues farewell

Below: Another poor quality iPhone photo. I chose this outfit again as I always feel good in it. (Link to original post of this outfit.)

Colleagues farewell

Below: There was a photo booth for taking silly pictures.
On the left:  Arian and me; on the right: me, Christel and Erna. I worked with them for years. Sweet memories.

Two colleagues and me

Of course I miss them like hell. The banter, the laughter, it was always fun. We did work hard as well, in case you are wondering. But it is behind me now, no use in crying over spilled milk. My retired life has many, many perks too; I wouldn’t want to go back (as if they want me haha). Mind you, they were all very sweet to me, telling me they miss me and especially my loud laugh.

Ron and I ended the week with a lovely dinner in Amsterdam, together with our friends Georg and Marla. Below: I wore this outfit (link to original post).

Outfit with yellow blazer


No Fear of Fashion

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