Green suit with blue, silver, white blouse and silver pumpsAnother post with many photos by Kitty as it is hard for me to kill my darlings. She documented my green suit which I bought because 1) I love suits, 2) I love bright colours and 3) it looks good with trainers.

Kitty suggested to go to Santpoorterplein in Haarlem which, to me, is rather a dull strip of grass with some trees and surrounding houses. Until she started to explain.

Below: Santpoorterplein is in the top marked square on this map and in 1911 this was all just grass, a meadow.
(The circle I drew around another square underneath it, is where we went afterwards.)

Santpoorterplein from where Fokker started his first successful flight

Below: There is a memorial stone at Santpoorterplein, saying: “This is the spot where A.H.G. Fokker started his successful flight on the 31st of August 1911 with his plane De Spin (Spider)“. That’s what makes this spot interesting.
More about Anthony Fokker after this photo of me in my bright green suit with a soft yellow top.
(Does anyone know how to keep the belt lower on my belly? It rides up.)

Green suit with soft yellow top and white trainers

Below: This is Anthony Fokker in his first airplane design, called “De Spin” (The Spider) because of the numerous wires.

Anthony Fokker, in De Spin

Below: He first flew it in 1910 but got pneumonia as he wasn’t properly dressed.

Anthony Fokker, flying in De Spin

On the 31st of August 1911 he successfully flew his plane, taking off from the meadow which is now Santpoorterplein.
Below: The next day he flew around the church Sint Bavo in Haarlem.

Anthony Fokker, flying around the Saint Bavo church

Below: Here is a little video, created by Kitty’s son Wim, created from the tower of the Sint Bavo church, so you can see what Anthony Fokker saw from his plane. If you think “Gosh, this is a rather wobbly recording“, then know that there was tremendous wind on top of that church and he had to film it by hand.

If you missed the link to more information about Anthony Fokker, here it is again.

Now back to the outfit.

Below: There were pretty birches to use as background. I am carrying a little golden bag.

Green suit with soft yellow top and white trainers

Below: And a bench to sit on. This is the ‘edited’ version.

Green suit with soft yellow top and white trainers

Below: And this is the original version. Kitty started making noises like: “Uhmmm, don’t know about this…” haha.

Green suit with soft yellow top and white trainers

Below: Close-up of the lime earrings with brown button, from Lara Design. The link will take you to a grey/green version, but you can always mail her and she will customize the earrings to your liking, free of charge.

Lime earrings by Lara Design

Below: Another close-up with a wilder breeze. Having a good laugh with Kitty who warned me every time the wind started blowing again.
(When I see a photo like this, I am so glad I had my teeth straightened with Invisalign.)

Lime earrings by Lara Design

We decided to go around the corner to an area with less wind.

Below: I am feeling with a wet finger if there is any wind, meanwhile hiding behind the hedge.

Hiding behind the hedge

Below: The coast was clear, so I came out of hiding. I swapped the soft yellow top for my silk blue/white/silver blouse. Kitty liked this combination the best, with the trainers. I also swapped the golden bag for a pewter bag.

Green suit with blue, silver, white blouse and white trainers

Below: The two bags.

Golden and pewter bag

Below: Houses surrounding Santpoorterplein.

Houses at Santpoorterplein


Below: We decided to go to another big square with trees, Kleverpark. I switched the trainers for my silver pumps. A suit like this can be dressed up or down.

Green suit with blue, silver, white blouse and silver pumps

Below: Around this square the houses are bigger and more beautiful.

Houses at Kleverpark

I started yelling “WIND” again. We both hadn’t thought it through. Another square gave us the same problem with the wind. Well, to me it is a problem as wind tends to flatten my hairstyle.

Below: I ducked into a doorway and struck a pose.

Green suit with blue, silver, white blouse and silver pumps

Below: Oh thank you Kitty, for such a lovely photo. The blue earrings are Ador by Ayesha.

Green suit with blue, silver, white blouse and silver pumps

Below: Another photo I couldn’t resist showing you.

Green suit with blue, silver, white blouse and silver pumps

Below: And a head-to-toe photo. The silver pumps have been in my wardrobe for a couple of years; the little silver belt is new.
The left trouser leg is a bit too long and needs taking up.

Green suit with blue, silver, white blouse and silver pumps

Below: Ohhh….little cute cat.

cat at Kleverpark

Below: Some beautiful autumn shots by Kitty.

Autumn at Kleverpark

Below: And here is Kitty, just before we went off to a restaurant for our cappuccino.


Thoroughly enjoyable morning, despite the wind and the lack of sunshine.

What happened in my life this week

I finally saw my friend Lia again, who has been on trips with the camper van almost all summer and autumn. I really want to see her more often than I do, but her time is limited. It was a joyful afternoon as it always is. Forgot to take a photo. Sorry girls.

With mum I scrolled through the catalogue of an online clothes shop and ordered a couple of tops and jumpers. They arrived at my house and I took them with me as I picked her up to go to the hospital to have her eyes checked. She can try them on at her own pace and on Sunday I can take back the stuff that she doesn’t want. Below: Mum, wearing a polo neck underneath her cardigan. It has been around freezing point in the Netherlands and the energy costs have skyrocketed, so we have to put on extra layers.


Mum’s good eye hadn’t just stabilized, it had even improved which I didn’t think could happen. She will have to continue getting eye injections once a month, once every six weeks. Mum is not amused but of course it is important to keep her eyesight.

Below: This was my cosy, layered outfit. (Link to the original look with bright pink pumps.)

Outfit Sunday, Pretty in pink

As mentioned last week, I went out to dinner on Friday night and wore my black suede boots with high heels. Man, I regretted that on Sunday. The muscle ache hit me two days later. I could hardly get over a threshold. My knees! My legs! All muscles were hurting as my legs aren’t used to really high heels anymore. I can walk on them, no trouble, I just have to pay a price afterwards.

Something really nice happened to me which shows that it only takes a little kindness and a little effort to make somebody really happy.
My friend Marjolein sent me a card (see below), just because she felt like it. We see each other about every couple of months. She used a grainy photo of the two of us this summer (see this post, scroll down a bit) and created a postcard saying “You light up my life” with a sweet message inside. Immediately counteracted that by saying “We’re not getting sentimental, you know” LOL. I was completely chuffed.

Postcard from Marjolein

Marjolein and I had planned to go to a museum in Rotterdam and shoot blog photos but alas, I got a severe migraine that day and didn’t surface until 2 P.M. Such a shame. A shame I didn’t see Marjolein and a shame as it was gorgeous blog photo weather that day. Of course it was… darn.

Over to something delightful. Helga treated me to a delicious dinner at a very good restaurant in Haarlem, called Moustique.
Below: The waiter was very good at his job and pretty bad in taking photos. On the other hand, this is what my hair looks like most of the times. You usually get to see the ‘fluffed-up’ version.
Helga is my age, only her skin has no wrinkles, not even when you come up close, she has lovely thick hair and a slim hourglass figure. I should really hate her haha. I don’t, she is lovely and full of humour. (Link to original outfit with black midi skirt and combat boots.)

With Helga

The problems with the Wi-Fi are unfortunately continuing. Nearly every day I am on the phone with the provider and together we then change something in the router. If we still have problems next week, I will ask for a new router, hoping that this will solve the problem.

Another enjoyable day I spent with Arian who used to be my colleague. She is in one of the booth photos I showed last week. We decided to meet in the city of Utrecht, which is very accessible for the both of us.
We walked and talked from the hours of 11 to 4. Great to see her again. Added bonus, she took blog photos of me. She wasn’t sure whether she would prove to be any good at photographing. Well, she was. Yay. Next week you will see the result.
Below: Arian at our fancy lunch restaurant. I photographed her by surprise.

Arian at the restaurant Ruby Rose


No Fear of Fashion


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