Wide cream trousers with an oversized blazerCombining clothes which are already in your wardrobe is sustainable and THE thing to do nowadays. That, and buying second-hand.

Both are challenging for me. 1) Because I can never imagine how something will look on me, when I see it hanging on the rack in a shop and 2) -related to 1-, I have a hard time coming up with a good outfit which means I hate the process.

Everybody always thinks that I am really good at styling and I am not. OK, I learned a few things in the ten years that I blog now (last month was my 10th blog anniversary). But really, it is more blood, sweat and tears than knowing what I do. Especially proportions, which is so important, is a blind spot in my head. Combining different textures to add interest is only theory for me; no idea how to do that. I spend many styling afternoons with a heap of clothes, shoes and accessories on my bed and the feeling of despair at the end of the exercise. I am much better at buying clothes with a stylist in the shop, who makes sure I combine the right items. Not sustainable and at the moment also impossible as I need to recoup a lot of money into my saving account, after spending too much.

Today I combined the oversized men’s blazer with the wide cream trousers. The latter I bought with this blazer in mind, but I first showed it on the blog with a fitted top.
I wanted a simple, streamlined look, so opted for a loose fitted cream top. It is cream in reality but it comes up white in the photos.
As I put it on, I thought it was rather boring and I wanted to add some interest. The beaded belt did the trick and goes well with the golden/green earrings. The Wandler bag is chic and neutral. Black boots with the right heel height. Wide trousers are very tricky to style when it comes to heel height.

Let’s get to the photos. They were taken by my friend and former colleague Arian. She is a marketing manager and a very smart cookie. Turned out to be a good photographer as well.
Below: Arian.


We met at Utrecht Central station and walked into town together.

Below: First stop was restaurant Joseph for coffee. Quirky interior.
As we had lots to catch up on, we stayed there for quite a while.

Jozef restaurant

Below: First photo spot was the garden of an old building, providing a great background.

Wide cream trousers with an oversized blazer

Below: We crossed the inner courtyard and saw this mural.

Wide cream trousers with an oversized blazer

Below: Arian took photos of the mural from two sides.

Mural in Utrecht

Mural in Utrecht

Below: We proceeded through Utrecht, yet another old town. Of course, bicycles everywhere. They are becoming a plague.

Buildings in Utrecht

Below: I love street artists. They make me happy.

Street artists

Below: We found another secluded garden with old ornaments in the wall.
A photo with my long black coat. I am laughing at people who entered the garden and saw Arian in action with the camera. They didn’t dare come between Arian and me.

Wide cream trousers with an oversized blazer

Below: We spotted a bench and as it was still a bit wet from the rain, I put my coat on it before sitting down.

Wide cream trousers with an oversized blazer

Below: This is an example of a photo that usually doesn’t make the blog. I don’t think I need to explain why. At least it shows the earrings by Lara Design quite well. The golden branch and green glass button go with the beaded belt.

Green earrings by Lara Design

Below: Onwards…past pretty buildings. I think this is the Academy building.

Building in Utrecht

Below: No idea what this is, but it looks like part of the Dom church.

Building in Utrecht

Below: Part of the impressive Dom church in Utrecht. I can only show you this renovated part as the big tower is still being done. It was quite dirty. Here is a link to Dom church in Google pictures.

part of Dom church in Utrecht

Below: We had lunch at restaurant Ruby Rose. Not only do they have delicious food, their ambiance is a real cornucopia.

Bar of restaurant Ruby Rose in Utrecht

Below: We both chose this ‘sandwich’ and it tasted as delicious as it looks.

Lunch at Ruby Rose

Below: Here we are, after lunch. The cheerful waitress offered to take our photo.

Arian and me

Below: This photo of Arian shows you the elaborate walls.

Arian at the restaurant Ruby Rose

It was one of these days that gets an A+.

What happened in my life this week

It was rather a quiet week with two days of having the new sunshades installed. Getting the workmen coffee, answering their questions and so on. I was wrong in thinking that I could Facetime with my friend Anja while they were doing their thing. That wasn’t possible, they needed my attention so I only spoke to her for half an hour. Which is better than not at all.

On Saturday I rushed through town shopping for all sorts of things and it was so unbelievably busy. Then I remembered that the Sint Nicolaas celebration is on the 5th of December. That means presents and funny surprise wrappings and poets. It is like Santa Claus but more fun. Everybody was shopping for presents and searching for big white boxes (for the surprise wrappings. They can be very big sometimes. Often with a tiny present in them.)

Mum hadn’t tried the new jumpers I had ordered for her as she wanted to try them on when I was there. For a second opinion. She was wearing jeans and I said: “Ah, you are wearing jeans because you thought I would probably too?” But no, she wore jeans because she remembered me saying that any jumper or top looks good with jeans… I found that very endearing. She tried on 7 jumpers and kept 4. Not bad.

Below: This is mum in a modern outfit. The black and white striped polo neck peeked out under the green jumper. I thought the layering looked quite good on her and it is something entirely different from everything she’s got. Even though she is not smiling in the photo, mum liked it as well. If not, it would have gone back of course.


I tried to create new outfits for myself with things from my wardrobe and as I explained at the top of this post, that does not bring me joy. On the bright side, I did manage to come up with two outfits that are half decent.

A great day was the day spent with Marjolein at Rotterdam, visiting Depot Boijmans Van Beuningen. Depot Boijmans Van Beuningen is the first art storage facility in the world that offers access to a museum’s complete collection. The Depot has a different dynamic to that of a museum: there are no exhibitions, but you can wander through the building, surrounded by 151,000 artworks, alone or with a guide, and get behind-the-scenes glimpses of – among other things – conservation and restoration. It was Marjolein’s idea to use it as background for a photo shoot. You will see the result next week; loads of photos.

Below: Marjolein and me in the circle. We photographed ourselves in the ceiling mirror of the Depot restaurant.

Marjolein and me in the ceiling mirror

After postponing our appointment once, Marita and I saw each other again for coffee. A very enjoyable couple of hours.
Below: Marita and me. Marita was dressed in a brown leather pencil skirt with a grey/green jumper (sweater) and brown boots. So sorry I didn’t take a head-to-toe photo. It was late and already getting dark when we said goodbye.

Marita and me

Below: Meeting Marita I had put on the same outfit with the wide cream trousers. I wanted a photo where you could see the belt a bit better. You also see that the trousers crease a lot. The photo was taken by one of the girls at my hairdressers who are next-door to the coffee restaurant. While I was waiting for Marita, I left a bag and coat in the restaurant to secure our table as it was very busy and popped next-door.

Wide cream trousers with an oversized blazer

Friday evening Ron and I had dinner at restaurant Coster 52 in Haarlem (below) and that was really good. It is called ‘eetcafé’, literally translated: ‘eat café’. It means a simple restaurant with simple food. We didn’t expect much and were pleasantly surprised by the quality of the food.

Restaurant Coster 52 Haarlem

Below: I was finally able to take a good picture of our townhall, without too many people or too much sunshine.

Haarlem townhall


No Fear of Fashion


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