Wide black skirt with pale yellow jumperWindy photo shoot with a combination of items from my wardrobe. The wide black skirt and pale yellow jumper were the result of trying which skirt would create a flattering silhouette with the short jumper. As I had worn the jumper with black trousers, I took the easy route and chose black for the skirt as well. Luckily, I have a few black skirts. Not all of them gave the right proportions, but this one does.

The colour of the boots was another area of attention. If I chose black boots, the outfit was out of proportion and cream boots didn’t go well with the pale yellow. No problem though, I still have these fabulous snake print boots. They add interest because of the pattern and the colour is light enough to keep the proportions right. (Link to previous posts with these boots, here and in this post you can see the hint of green in the boots.)

Below: Loes and I started in this sheltered area with a lot of green.

Adriaan Stoop Bath apartments Overveen

Below: Can you see that the jumper is pale yellow and not white?

Wide black skirt with pale yellow jumper

Below: The little black bag goes well with this outfit, I think. It is the Chloé Marcie mini crossbody bag, a bag I love to bits.

Wide black skirt with pale yellow jumper

Below: We walked to the front of the building we had chosen for the photo shoot. This used to be a swimming pool, paid for by Adriaan Stoop. Wikipedia only gives you the story of his career which was impressive, but after he made his fortune, he decided to give something back to the community and among other things, he built a school and this swimming pool for everybody to use.

Adriaan Stoop Bath apartments Overveen

Below: This is the complex as seen from above. In 2003 this swimming pool was converted into very luxurious apartments.

Adriaan Stoopplein Overveen from above

We took a little peek inside the building. We pushed the front door and it was open!
Were we allowed to go inside? I have no idea, but with photography I hold to the view that it is better to ask forgiveness afterwards than permission beforehand.

Below: What an entrance… ever so chic.

Adriaan Stoop Bath apartments Overveen

Below: As you can see in the photo above, there was a plant arrangement in the left corner.

Adriaan Stoop Bath apartments Overveen

Below: In the entrance hall we found this little tile on the wall. It is a swimming certificate from 1960. So cute.

Adriaan Stoop Bath apartments Overveen

Below: Moving further into the building, we saw the big staircases. That is a WOW for me.

Adriaan Stoop Bath apartments Overveen

Below: Three photos which hung on the walls, showing what the swimming pool was like in the old days. They are very grainy, probably because a photo was taken of a photo and again, taken of a photo.

Adriaan Stoop Bath apartments Overveen

Adriaan Stoop Bath apartments Overveen

Adriaan Stoop Bath apartments Overveen

I loved it.

We went back outside and Loes took some more shots while I was hiding from the wind.

Below: Not bad, not bad. The first photo of this post is the best shot (and for that reason at the top of the post).

Wide black skirt with pale yellow jumper

Below: Ah…the wind even found me in this sheltered corner.

Wide black skirt with pale yellow jumper

Below: A nice shot of the green earrings by Lara Design.

Green earrings by Lara Design

Below: The front of the building in summer.

Adriaan Stoopplein Overveen

Below: At home Loes was checking the photos she took. I have to be more careful taking her photo. This one doesn’t do her justice, I think.


What happened in my life this week

Ron and I took my mother to the hearing aid shop again. She is experiencing trouble with her new hearing aid. So sad. We are trying to figure out what is going wrong but it is difficult. I didn’t take her photo as she was wearing the same jumper as on Christmas day.

Again, my blog experienced trouble with the email program. The email wasn’t sent this week as scheduled. So I employed the same lady again who helped me the last time and she is looking into it. In the meantime I could send it straight away instead of scheduling it.

Below: Ron and I had a lovely New Year’s day, letting Watson run at the beach. It was glorious weather although very windy. I hadn’t done my hair or make-up yet, so it was the perfect timing to join Ron. Nothing could be messed up. The beach restaurant was really busy; we weren’t the only ones with this idea of a beach walk. I had a very nice hot chocolate.

New Year's Day at the beach

Below: This is the result after I had done my hair and make-up and got properly dressed. Unfortunately, Ron’s iPad didn’t take a sharp photo. (Link to original post which shows the outfit much better.)

1st day of the year outfit

My appointment on Monday with the plastic surgeon who did my eyelids, was cancelled as she was ill. It is now rescheduled for two weeks later. I really want to ask her a lot of questions. Although I am pretty pleased with my eyelids, I am also a bit disappointed as I expected a better result. Let’s wait what she has to say about it.

I saw Marijke and Marianne one afternoon and in ten minutes Marijke took some blog photos of my outfit. I always put my friends to work, especially when it is not raining.

Below: Marijke on the left and Marianne on the right. It is extremely hard to take a photo of Marijke. Her face is always moving and she tends to pull faces. Oh well, as long as you can see that they had fun.

Marijke and Marianne

Marcella came round for a cappuccino but I forgot to take a photo. She is well.

I met a former colleague of mine, Madelon. We had lunch near where she lives (in the east of the country) and it was lovely to catch up. We had such a terrific working relationship and could laugh so much with each other. The lunch lasted 4 hours. So much to catch up on.

Below: Madelon and me. She reserved a table at a restaurant which used to be a bank office (see the little vaults behind us?). As we had worked together in the communication department of a large bank, this choice of restaurant was very befitting. My hair looks yellow underneath a lamp. Madelon’s hair looked lovely; she suddenly developed wavy hair. Wouldn’t mind that happening to me too.
Link to original post with snake print boots. I really like the jumper but the collar is sooo itchy. I have to come up with a solution.

Madelon and me

Loes and I had another photo shoot on Friday and it was lovely weather. Hurray.
In the afternoon my friend Anke (of the Shopping Saturday girls) dropped by. Forgot to take a photo. She (and her husband and kids) are going to move house in the summer and their new house is 10 minutes cycling from our house.

Had another conversation about the Wi-Fi (still not solved), tried to switch to another provider which has installed optical fibre (glass fibre) in our street, but they are not fully operational yet with that service. Also phoned the hospital for my mother who was still not seeing well after the injection of last Tuesday. The eye doctor wanted to see her before the weekend. As I live rather far away, I couldn’t get her there in time, but luckily her hairdresser was so kind to drive her to the appointment. That woman deserves a place in heaven.
So loads of long telephone conversations and holding the line for a long time. Not funny. Oh well, sometimes these things happen. Next week everything will hopefully be solved.


No Fear of Fashion


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