Python print bootsThe concept behind this photoshoot was good: let’s go to the garden behind the Ripperda kazerne (kazerne = barracks) and shoot an outfit with these python print boots. In reality, not such a good idea. The garden wasn’t very nice (it is winter… duh) and the barracks were too impressive to use as background.

Below: The Ripperda kazerne (barracks). Very impressive but I would be the size of a match if I were in this picture. The barracks have been converted into apartments. Must be very nice.

Ripperda kazerne Haarlem

Below: A closer look. I would have loved to stand in front of that red door with my (fake) blonde hair but oh my, the wind was blowing fiercely. It would not have been a photo I’d use.

Ripperda Kazerne (barracks)

We looked for some shelter and found it between two more modern apartment blocks. Husband Ron took the photos with a camera that wasn’t willing to work that day, just as it had been playing up when Loes took the photos of last week. In the past this could lead to a domestic squabble but lately we can suppress our displeasure. Ron has adopted Loes’ strategy: “just take a lot of photos, there are bound to be a few good ones amongst them”. A very good strategy heh heh.

Below: Wearing the same faux fur coat as I did last week. Normally I don’t like a coat to be shorter than the skirt or dress, unless it is a really short one that ends at the waist. I know I am old-fashioned in this, most women don’t care a bit and neither does fashion. Some things from your childhood are very hard to shake and this is one of them. But fur coats were always allowed to be shorter.

Black faux fur coat

Below: Close-up of the python boots. As you can see, there is green in them. I should wear them more often and perhaps more prominently, like over trousers. I will browse around Pinterest to get some ideas.

Python print boots

Below: When you walked through the covered corridor to the gate on the other side, you had a view of some more old buildings belonging to the barracks. Trying to take a photo against the light was rather challenging. In this photo though you can see the real colour of the jacket. It is green. Not grey, not charcoal, not black but green.

Python print boots

Below: The brooch I am wearing in the above photo is dark green. Got it from the Max Mara outlet in Turin. I wear it often on my white dress.

Green brooch

Below: Of course I used the opportunity to sit on a bench. I may get a reputation this way: “That blogger who always insists on sitting on a bench”. By this time I was feeling really, really cold and we packed it in.

Python print boots

Below: Close-up of the brown necklace I am wearing in the above photo. It’s a very old one.

long brown necklace

Below: Before I forget, there was a tiny band playing on the grass in front of the barracks. The occasion was a lady who had become 50 or celebrated her 50th anniversary (if they married young). Perhaps she is a band member? Because of Covid, the band had to stay at a distance. Nice of them to organise a serenade.

band collage

Today’s outfit is not one of my best outfits, I think. It does look rather like the outfit in this post (same skirt, same python print boots, different top). Still, I have reused things I already have in my wardrobe and created a different look. Something which I want to do more and more.

What happened in my life this week

Isn’t it wonderful that I still have things to tell in this section? I am amazed myself as life is pretty boring and dull.

Of course we had Saturday the 26th of December, traditionally the “second Christmas Day” in the Netherlands. Also a day to visit relatives. But mum had my brother and sister-in-law visiting her on the 25th of December and wanted a day of rest before we came. So we visited her on the Sunday, bringing food. My sister-in-law had made mum a lovely Christmas package which we admired. Ron had sent her a Christmas bouquet the week before and chocolate as well. Her grandchildren phoned and Skyped so she was in the picture at Christmas.
I wore my new polka dot blouse and skirt, therefore no photos yet until I can do a proper photo shoot. As the fabric is thin, even transparent, I am dreading the day I have to stand in the cold for that.

On Monday my stepdaughter (Ron’s daughter) had her birthday, so of course we visited with a present. Always rather difficult I think, when you have your birthday around such prominent public holidays. Still, it can be worse, you could be born on Christmas Day. Who would come to your birthday party then?

On the Friday before, I had told her that if she ever saw clothes on me that she liked, she should tell me and I would put a red dot on it with her name. (For those who don’t know this: at an art exhibition, the seller puts a red dot on the price tag next to the object, i.e. a painting to indicate that the object is sold.)

She got all enthusiastic, went to my Outfit Gallery and sent me quite a few items that she liked haha. I told her that the new things might take a while but I was able to give her a couple of things anyway. Amongst others, the top in the photo below. I wore it to her birthday for the last time, as a sort of fare-well (I am weird, I know). Replaced it with another jumper and left it with her. (Link to original post.)

big polka dot top

As sitting all day starts to hurt my behind (I have a very bony behind), I decided to join Ron and Watson for their walk on a day when the temperatures were agreeable, the sun was out and there was no wind. I was so ecstatic that I drank a cappuccino and ate a brownie at a stand on the parking lot as we returned to the car. Both are a sin. The brownie because my scales told me that it was time to dismiss all sweets and such. The cappuccino because I am testing whether I get my migraine from coffee. And I have the distinct impression I do. Anyway, it was a perfect cappuccino and a wonderful brownie. Worth to sin for.

Below: Wore this outfit the day I joined Ron and Watson, but of course I changed boots and put on a warm parka. (Link to original post.)

khaki jumper from ME+EM

Wednesday was a busy day. Yep, having busy days as well. Of course my fitness and cycling came first. Then I picked up Sylvia (40+Style) with my car as it rained a lot and we drove to Misja’s house (MisjaB) for a coffee and a chat. Or in my case, lots of water and a chat.

Below: I wore my cream jumper with buttons. And boyfriend jeans again. I wanted to be comfortable and wear my parka with hood against the rain. My boyfriend jeans with a jumper is the obvious choice when these are the requirements. (Link to original post.)

Cream jumper with buttons

Below: Misja, looking fantastic again with her Marni shoes (and the rest). She always inspires me. Misja is wearing new (pink) glasses.


Below: Sylvia. She will only be here for another week after which she will return to the warmer climate of Portugal.


Below: Me. We all sat at the appropriate distance.

At Misja's

New Year’s Eve was just plain boring. Due to Covid safety, we didn’t visit our friends Georg and Marla, with whom we always spend this evening. Georg did however fry oliebollen (deep-fried doughnuts), a Dutch treat on New Year’s Eve. Marla texted me “Want some?” Oh yes we did. Ron picked up a couple of them and by the end of the evening they were all eaten.

Below: Georg frying oliebollen the traditional way.

Georg frying oliebollen

By 23.15 we were in bed but couldn’t get to sleep until 12.45 because of the fireworks. Fireworks were forbidden this year as the government didn’t want to burden the hospital staff even further with blown-off hands, damaged faces and lost eyesight. Although not everybody obeyed, there were only 1/10th of the injuries compared to last year. I say, we keep this ban. Pets and children will be better off as well. Alternatively, we could have one big gathering (after Covid) with really pretty fireworks.

Below: On New Year’s Day I dressed to the nines, wanting to start the year in the right, fashionable way. Red and pink earrings, red and pink bag, red belt, black turtleneck and black palazzo trousers plus boots with pointy toes and high heels.

Outfit the 1st of January

Sylvia was uncluttering her house and she had three stacks of books for me. Books about style, fashion and about poses and photography. I know what I will be doing the coming months.

Wishing you all a very happy and healthy 2021.


No Fear of Fashion

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