Gold and black jacketLoes photographed one of my Christmas outfits, this gold and black jacket from Lolly’s Laundry. I bought it second-hand with the original price tag still on it. Listening to my friend Marjolein’s suggestion, I altered the high neckline into a small V.

I didn’t find it easy to style this jacket. It is rather big and wide; frumpiness is just around the corner, especially because I combined it with a pair of classic trousers and pumps. Not so sure that this is a good outfit, but it gives me plenty of room for the Christmas meal, which is a big plus.

On one of my cycle trips, I discovered three majestic town houses within a 100 metre distance of each other. They make very nice backgrounds, only the sun was really out that day. Difficult to take decent photos under such circumstances. Almost as difficult as with too little light.

Below: This is the entrance of one of the houses. Must have been a wealthy family who had this built. I think it is now inhabited by students or so as I saw a sheet as curtain behind one of the windows.

gold and black jacket

Below: As I stood in front of the big door, two cars with female drivers past my way. Both opened their window and complimented me haha. Also, a gentleman who passed on a bike, gave me directions: “You have to step out of the shadow, otherwise your photo will be too dark.” I love it when people get involved in our photo shoot and start commenting. Luckily Loes likes this as well; Ron doesn’t.

gold and black jacket

Below: I sit on nearly anything, like wet steps, in order to change poses.

gold and black jacket

Below: Around the corner was a similar house with more shadow. As we moved location, I had put on my coat again. This faux fur one was hidden at the back of a storage closet. I was going to give it to charity two years ago but couldn’t bring myself to. It is such a handy coat with big sleeves. Most of my coats have narrow sleeves and the sleeves of some jackets are too big for that. I am so glad I held on to the coat, although Ron thinks it is very old-fashioned. I told him it has made a come-cack haha.
Loes managed to take my photo without including the great big white truck that was parked on the pavement. Well done Loes.

Below: In front of the third town house. I bet the same architect built them all.

gold and black jacket

Below: Close-up of the necklace and the fabric. The camera was very unwillingly that day. There must have been something wrong with the camera settings as most of the photos were blurry. I am responsible for the camera setting but I didn’t want to check too often as we tried to be as Covid-safe as possible. Pity.
So, if you think you have to go to an optician because your vision is getting blurry…you don’t need to go.
I included this photo especially for Josep-Maria, a Catalán friend who was the first person to find my blog and comment in July 2012. I hold him in my heart most dearly.

Gold and black jacket

Below: Loes. Photo taken in our garden. I like her shoes with this dress. You don’t see it that well in this picture but there is a yellow line around her shoes, matching the yellow stripe on the side of her dress.


Below: On Christmas day I wore the jacket open with a camisole underneath it. I turned the sleeves up but inside the sleeves to avoid showing the lining. It was all right but I am not keeping it as I don’t feel fabulous in it.

gold and black jacket

I wonder whether many people will bother reading this blog post in the Christmas weekend.

What happened in my life this week

Husband Ron stepped up to get me some blog photos in stock as it was rather pleasant weather last weekend. We went out on Saturday and also “shot” two outfits on Sunday. Yay. So nice. If the weather is bad in the next few weeks, I don’t have to worry. If the weather is nice, I will ask Loes to do another shoot. The more photos, the merrier I am.

My friend Helga came to visit on Monday. She stayed a couple of hours and brought cakes (yay again). Forgot to take a photo of her which is a shame as she looked really nice with a black jumper, black and white checked cigarette trousers and black high heels. She took my tip at heart to wear high heels indoors too and not just slippers. Your feet get too comfortable if you wear slippers all the time. Your muscles will ache if you try high heels after a long period of wearing slippers. I know Helga loves high heels. Another tip I gave her which she uses is standing on one leg when you brush your teeth, alternating the leg. That way you can keep your balance a lot longer as you age.

Below: I wore this dress that Monday. Link to original post. That horrible white line above the table is LED lighting. When we bought the lamp there were still fluorescent lamps with soft light available. I have to check whether you can get softer lit fluorescent lamps now as well.

Outfit Monday floral winter dress

Below: My Christmas arrangement for the dining table, or as I call it, my Christmas ‘cake’. You can see it on the table in the photo above.

Christmas table piece

A man came to look at our parquet floor. He is coming back to establish whether we can have it sanded one more time or whether we need a new floor.

Below: Relaxed home look. Black sweater, boyfriend jeans and bronze boots (see the real colour of these boots in the original post). The earrings are white, ochre and black, by Lara Design. You can see a close-up of them in this post.

Outfit Tuesday boyfriend jeans with black jumper

Spent 4 hours creating new outfits with things from my wardrobe, based on new tan boots I bought. Everybody always thinks I like that but in fact I hate it. All those clothes that need to be hung back etc. Pfff what a lot of work. It was rewarding though. I came up with quite a few fun outfits.

Picked up vitamins from my friend Yvonne and stayed an hour for a chat. Wore one of my newly created outfits which is still a secret for you.

Facetimed with Susan from Une femme d’un certain âge. Always so nice.

Thursday was a day with changing passwords for Ron and getting his Apple ID changed to an email address he still actually has (…). Emotionally exhausting work.

Below: I was well dressed that day. The boots (high heeled) and the jumper (sweater) are brown, not black. Link to original post.

Cream pleated skirt

We spent the first Christmas day with Ron’s daughter and her husband. No cooking for me. Yay. In the Netherlands we celebrate 2 Christmas days, the 25th and the 26th, both bank holidays.

Below: Although at a distance we still had a lovely Christmas day with Nicky and Randolf.

Christmas 2020

See you in the New Year. Hope you will have a lovely New Year’s Eve.


No Fear of Fashion

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