Susan and I on a bridge in AmsterdamA different post this week than usual as I was pretty ill. No opportunity to do an outfit photo shoot. It probably started with a virus three weeks ago and I thought it had gone so ventured out again, only to pick up another virus. Or, the one that I already had, got worse. I coughed all week as if I were going to die the next morning. Went to the doctor and she checked it is a virus and not pneumonia or so. Got codeine to help stop coughing. That helped a bit. Not going out and not talking helped even more. Needless to say I am pretty peeved.

So no great outfit photos this time. Instead here is a report on my day in Amsterdam with Susan, a loyal Canadian reader of my blog (see photo above).

It was a gorgeous sunny Sunday and although I didn’t feel too well, I met Susan and her husband Brian anyway. I mean, it is not as if they will come to Amsterdam again next week.
I ‘know’ Susan from emails we have sent each other for quite a while and luckily she is as lovely as I thought she would be. Always a gamble of course when you meet someone in real life for the first time. A bit like a blind date.

Below: Brian and Susan on a typical Amsterdam terrace where they bought me lunch. Very sweet. A fortnight before coming to the Netherlands they had visited Malaga, which is why they already have a tan.

Brian and Susan on a terrace in Amsterdam

Below: After lunch we strolled through the streets of Amsterdam. Restaurant Herengracht has a small terrace on the pavement outside their building.

Street in Amsterdam

Below: And they also have a larger terrace across the street. This photo only shows part of the terrace because to the right, the beautiful buildings were covered with a hideous bright green screen for renovation purposes.
Sunshine, canal, trees, good food and drinks. It doesn’t get much better.

Terrace in Amsterdam

Below: The trees on the canals have their green leaves again. It makes such a difference to the atmosphere.

Canal in Amsterdam in May

Below: I took a picture of Susan and Brian with typical Amsterdam stairs in the background. Susan broke her back a year ago and it is still limiting her. But it doesn’t stop her from going out and doing things. She uses a stroller for balance which I left out of the photos haha. I admire her zest. Her cardigan is a beauty by Joseph Ribkoff and a recent birthday gift from her husband.

Brian and Susan on stairs in Amsterdam

Below: I remembered this building with the ornament of a climbing cat. Lovely with all those flowers. The building itself is beautiful as well with its round tower and round doors.

House in Amsterdam with cat

Below: The Felix Meritis building, built in 1776 for the new society called Felix Meritis for Music, Drawing, Physics, Commerce and Literature in the modern neo-classical style. Now “Felix Meritis is an independent international meeting place and serves as director of the European public debate, cultural processes and international projects and exchanges.” 

Felix Meritis building in Amsterdam

Below: Although it is no longer what it used to be, the ‘Knopenwinkel’ (button shop) is still worth visiting. Half the shop is now a gallery for paintings but the other half is still a really good button shop with the rarest buttons. Susan bought a few and Brian whispered to me: “She has so many buttons now, she could open up her own button shop.” LOL

Button shop

Below: We had lovely tea/coffee with sweets at Chocolaterie Patisserie and Tearoom Pompadour. Brian and Susan shared a tiramisu. He already had the extra spoon, but the dessert is on Susan’s table… Just kidding, he had his fair share. I had a chocolate truffle with my cappuccino.

Brian and Susan at Pompadour Amsterdam

Below: One of the last buildings to show you, is this church.

Church in Amsterdam

Below: Two amazing trees in the church courtyard.

Church in Amsterdam

Surprise…here are two photos of the outfit I wore meeting Susan in Amsterdam, which Ron took this weekend in our garden. I felt a bit better but couldn’t venture out yet.

Below: The lime duster is a treasure which you have seen a couple of times before. Great shape and colour for me (link to 2016 outfit post with blue shirt and colourful bangles).

Lime duster coat

Below: The AMA trainers are the same as you saw last week. The checked top by Essentiel is a gift from my friend Peggy (link to 2021 outfit post with different trainers). I forgot to include the bag which is in the photo at the top of the post. It is from Mads Nørgaard and bought at kpa.haarlem last year; light as a feather.
Funny how the green earrings seem to be the same green as in my trainers.

Lime duster coat

What happened in my life this week

Mum and I ventured out to buy new slippers for her and succeeded. I was surprised the temperature was much lower in her village than in Haarlem. And the wind was fierce. It might be that my cold got worse there.

Below: Mum, actually smiling. She gave me her pearl necklace with matching earrings. I have a similar necklace, bought at a vintage market.
There is a funny story about the necklace. Years ago, beginning of the century (does this sound ancient? yes it does) I wore my pearl necklace to a family gathering. My mum was admiring it and my sister-in-law enthusiastically called out “Let’s buy something like this for your mum, for her birthday!” I tried to signal her to abort that thought, but it was too late.
You see, buying a second-hand pearl necklace at a vintage market doesn’t cost you much. But going to a proper jeweller, showing him that second-hand necklace and asking “Do you have something similar or can you make it?” is something quite different. Different as in price range. It was bloody expensive. Luckily for us, my father paid most of it (50%?) and we, her children and children in-law, paid the rest.

Mum all smiling

Mum says she cannot manage the fiddling with the lock anymore, nor with putting in earrings. Her eyesight isn’t good and her fingers got stiff. Rather than leaving it in a drawer, she prefers me to have it.
I checked with my brother and sister-in-law whether they were OK with this and as I suspected, they are. No problem.

Below: That Monday I wore the necklace and the earrings with this outfit and I think it added elegance to the outfit. (Link to original post with this outfit, only with yellow slingbacks instead of golden boots.)

Outfit jeans, blazer and boots

I went to the film The Book Club Chapter 2 with my friend and neighbour Monique. The film was amusing and we did enjoy ourselves but we agreed with the critics that the writers could have done a much better job for these brilliant actresses. Some scenes and lines made me cringe. And the obvious sponsoring by an airline and by the Italian Tourist Board didn’t amuse me either. Nevertheless, it was nice. I would rate it 7.5 (out of 10). But the woman sitting next to me rated it 9.5. Perhaps it depends on your level of expectations?

Below: After the film, we went for a drink in a typical Dutch ‘brown café’. The temperature had dropped further, the wind increased and I was feeling worse by the minute.

With Monique

Below: This is me the next day, feeling totally miserable. Couldn’t bring myself to get dressed or put make-up on. This is the naked truth, dears. This is what I look like with no make-up, not having brushed my hair and feeling ill. I walked around like this for two days. Poor Ron.

Being ill

Below: Then on Thursday I felt sorry for Ron and got dressed again, put my make-up on and earrings in. However, the cough was still there. Really horrible during the night, and milder during the day. You wouldn’t know I was ill if you saw me like this, would you? LOL (Link to original outfit post with different jeans and silver high heels.)

Jeans with cream jumper

Below: An update on the garden. The pond is now finished, the plants are in the pond as well as in the garden. All we need now is rain and sunshine for everything to grow. No problem in this country.
Cat Sophie is mesmerised by the little fish we now have in the pond. She is also fond of the little salamanders who are clearly visible in this water with (too) small plants. I wonder whether she has eaten a couple as I could only spot one salamander this week. They are usually moving around the edge which is of course too easy for Sophie.

Garden the 18th of May 2023

Luckily I am now feeling a lot better. Next week I will make up for this week.


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