Green patterned vestLast week I felt a bit better, at least during the day, and I drove to The Hague for a photo shoot featuring my green patterned vest with Marjolein. She had chosen the Rosarium in Westbroek Park as our destination. Both Marjolein and I don’t know a great deal about plants and flowers, or should I say we know nothing haha. Are the roses blooming at the end of May? The answer clearly was NO. Fortunately there were rhododendrons blooming in various colours, so we still had nice backgrounds.

Below: Aren’t those flowers lovely?

Green patterned vest

Below: A little close-up of the flowers.


Below: I wanted to show how well my bag matched with the orange flowers and ended up with a silly photo.

Green patterned vest

Below: There were geese in the park, making a lot of noise.

Geese in the park

Below: I tried talking to them, making ‘gak, gak, gak’ noises until Marjolein said: “I think I have enough butt photos now”.

Green patterned vest

Below: Taken from the front. The geese didn’t like me or I was talking in the wrong language.

Green patterned vest

Below: Off they went. Like ducks in a row (hahaha). Those rhododendron bushes are so beautiful.

Geese in the park

Below: Westbroek park in The Hague is a large park by Dutch standards. We are a very small country, so our parks aren’t really that big, nothing compared to parks in other countries.


Below: Me trying to look frolicsome haha. The white wide trousers are from my own wardrobe since 2020; the white boots are also from a couple of years ago (actually a friend of mine bought them for me in the sale and ended up giving them to me as a present). The orange bag you have seen before as well (first time on the blog in this post with a green dress and the second time with olive coloured trousers).

Green patterned vest

Below: Statues in a pond. I think it is Ulysses, strapped to the mast of the ship as not to be seduced by the Sirens.

Statues in the park

Below: Statue of puss in boots.

Statues in the park

Below: Now surprise, surprise, Marjolein has the same vest as I have but in blue. I asked her to put it on, so you could see the vest styled in different ways. We bought them together; Marjolein found the vest and I copied it (what’s new?).

Marjolein with blue vest

Below: Close-up of Marjolein’s pretty little bag by Essentiel Antwerp.

Bag Marjolein

Below: And her turquoise snakeskin boots. Very beautiful.

Boots Marjolein

Below: I tried to take a close-up of her earring but the photo is rather vague. Sorry girls. We think it looks a bit like a turtle.

Earring Marjolein

Below: Close-up of my paperclip earrings by Lara Design.

Green patterned vest and paperclip earrings by Lara Design

Below: After the photo shoot we went back into The Hague for a coffee and a bit of shopping. Here we are, we call this photo “The terrible twins” haha.

Green patterned vest

What happened in my life this week

I didn’t venture out last weekend as I was still feeling very poorly. Every time I stuck my nose out of the door for say 15 minutes, I coughed my lungs out. My brother visited mum during the weekend, so I haven’t got a photo of her.

On Monday I called the doctor and asked what to think of this cold. Her assistant told me it is a particularly mean virus that lingers on and on, especially in your lungs. I am not contagious anymore but the nights are still hell. She was kind enough to give me another batch of codeine as I spend quite some time downstairs on the couch during the night. I don’t want to keep Ron from sleeping with my coughing. When I take codeine and sleep on two pillows I stand a chance of falling asleep.

Anyway, I am going outdoors now as I am soooo tired of being ill and staying at home. I had loads of errands to run as well.

Below: Sometimes I try to cheer myself up with a nice outfit. This red suit with black and white tigers is a favourite. I feel all glamourous in it. It first appeared on the blog in this post, the first photo shoot with Kitty.

Red suit with tigers

Below: Marcella paid me a visit, looking all tanned and summery, wearing a cute new blouse.


Below: This is my friend Selma. At the end of the week, when I felt a bit better (during the day), we went out shopping together. We do that ever so well haha. She bought this jacket and I bought a pair of jeans.


Below: This is what I was wearing that day. Thanks to mum’s gift, I am now into pearls. I call this look “pile on the pearls”. I am wearing both my mum’s pearls (with the round gold ball) as my own pearls after which her necklace was created (with the gold pendant). The long string of pearls is from my wealthier days.

Outfit cream trousers and blue jumper with pearls


No Fear of Fashion


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