Kermit green jacket with flared jeansTemperatures are fluctuating which led me to create this Kermit green jacket with flared jeans outfit. It is a tried and tested concept as I have combined the jacket and jeans before with white and black (see this post). This new styling with the yellow/lime top, the scarf (thank you again Misja for the scarf tip; so useful), the yellow slingbacks and the tote, works better I think.

Loes was my photographer and the location was Hofje Willem van Heythuyzen. A ‘hofje‘ is a garden or a courtyard with almshouses. I have shown you a couple of them before and you will see another one in the near future. It was meant for poor people, usually single women or widows with little means.

Below: Loes the photographer, caught in a rainbow flare. A lucky shot.

Loes the photographer

I will have to kill a lot of darlings as we took so many beautiful photos of this ‘hofje‘.

Below: The view from the road. They have built a horrible block of flats behind it, but I photoshopped it out of sight. There are more really beautiful old houses in this area which now have a view of a dirty great big block of flats a few metres from their garden. I cannot understand why the city council gave permission for that.

Hofje Willem van Heythuyzen

Below: The plaque above the entrance door with the benefactor’s name in old Dutch. (One might be doing good, but one wants eternal recognition for that in return. LOL)

Entrance door Hofje Willem van Heythuyzen

Below: This beautiful house is next to the ‘hofje‘, at the entrance of an adjacent park.

Hofje Willem van Heythuyzen

Below: Back to the ‘hofje‘. Straight as you walk through the little corridor into the courtyard/garden you are overwhelmed with the beauty of it, the flowers, the way the residents maintain it.
See the little gate behind the chair…?

Hofje Willem van Heythuyzen

Below: That little gate led to this part where there are only two houses.

Hofje Willem van Heythuyzen

Below: There were a lot of clouds (which is good for a photo shoot), but this photo in bright sunlight turned out quite well too.

Kermit green jacket with flared jeans

Below: Just beautiful.

Hofje Willem van Heythuyzen

Below: Close-up of the sun dial on the wall.

Sun dial

Below: An old water pump.

Hofje Willem van Heythuyzen

Below: The rest of the garden is luscious.

Kermit green jacket with flared jeans

Now, let’s talk outfit details.

Below: The scarf around my waist stayed secure with a brooch. I had pulled the scarf through the loops of the jeans (brand Paige) but when you secure it with a brooch, you have to unclasp it if you want to go to the toilet… After my toilet visit, I tied the scarf around the trousers and not through the loops and put the brooch back on. It seemed to stay put. The soft yellow/lime top is by lovely, sustainable brand Bellamy Gallery. I have it in fuchsia, green, cream and this colour. Love these tops.

Scarf on Kermit green jacket with flared jeans

Below: Yellow suede slingbacks from Marks & Spencer. I wish they still had shops in the Netherlands. I bought these in Newcastle when I visited Nikki of Midlifechic a couple of years ago (see this post).

yellow suede slingbacks

Below: And finally the tote. Another bag I snatched from the racks seconds before paying at the Max Mara outlet in Turin. The brand is Marina Rinaldi. It is beautiful leather.

Blue, yellow and white Marina Rinaldi bag

Below: Gold plated earrings with green glass by Lara Design.

Golden earrings with green glass Lara Design

A very successful photo shoot as far as Loes and I are concerned. So off to the nearby restaurant.

Below: Across the road in another park is this little restaurant with terrace called ‘Theehuis de Haarlemmerhout‘. Loes is checking her phone (on the right). We had coffee outside but went inside for lunch when raindrops started falling.

Restaurant Theehuis De Haarlemmerhout

Below: The view from the restaurant. With deer in the park.

View from the restaurant

What a fantastic morning. I love photo shoots with my friends.

What happened in my life this week

Saturday I picked up mum from the hospital where she had a great old time. Nice bed, very good food, little snacks in between. Just the coffee was a bit too strong. I found her on the ward, chatting away to her roommate, a woman, only slightly younger than she was. I think, if she had the choice, she would have preferred staying another night. Years ago (about 30?) my mum and dad were in a road accident. While my father was at home with a broken leg, mum was in the hospital with a broken jaw. They patched her up and she could have gone home a day earlier than she actually did (she killed herself laughing there), leaving my father very much in a huff haha.

Sunday I did some shopping in town (just make-up stuff and such) and had a chat with Karlijn of kpa.haarlem. Nothing special to report; just blogging.

Only when I called mum, she said that her left foot was swollen and hurt like hell. She could hardly walk on it. That of course, worried us a lot. Fortunately Monday the surgeon told her that it probably was caused by the veins in her foot where blood was suddenly rushing through again. The veins had to adjust and the pain should be gone within a week. Gradually during the week, the pain got less but returned again.

Monday I did some bookkeeping work for Ron, some blogging, exercising, nothing to write about. Ron bought a bottle of Baileys for me and I was quickly emptying that bottle, until I was on the scale. Ouch… I have to stay off that bottle.
Baileys is so nice. I don’t drink any other alcohol, just coffee liqueurs, a little bit of champagne and some cocktails. Usually not more than one glass a month. But put a bottle of coffee liqueur in the fridge and I’ll keep coming for more.

Tuesday I paid a visit to the seamstress. I asked her to make a pattern from my best green jumper, so I can copy it in other fabrics. And I asked her to take up the hem of the kimono as it is really too long. Delicate work which she can handle very well. I stayed for a couple of hours, chatting and drinking coffee. Our relationship must be at least 25 years old.

In the afternoon I had a busy WhatsApp conversation with my BVA friends. We are going to Spain together next Wednesday for a week and the waiting time at Schiphol Airport is ludicrous. Lots of people had to wait in a queue for 5 to 6 hours…aaaghhh. Even still missed their plane. We can be at the airport 3 hours in advance and that is the utmost, because of Marianne. As she has Multiple Sclerosis, she needs help in the morning and cannot leave the house before ten a.m.
In the evening I had a Facetime chat with Susan of Une femme d’un certain âge. Always nice.

Wednesday I did the photo shoot of this week’s post with Loes and she set my mind at ease by showing me charts that indicated there wouldn’t be too much chaos at Schiphol on our departure date. No idea how they can predict that but I am hanging on to this straw.
Ron wasn’t home for dinner (he was at work) so I ate french fries and a croquette for dinner. When the cat’s away, the mice are gonna play.

Thursday was a nice day with Helena in Amsterdam. We met at lunchtime and it was beautiful weather. Of course I took the opportunity to shoot photos for the blog. When opportunity knocks… Helena quite likes taking photos, so I was in luck.
I came up with an outfit that involved sandals as the pedicure has put nail polish on my toe nails that morning and they still needed to dry.
Below: This is Helena in what we call a ‘brown café‘.


Had to call mum and the hospital a couple of times that afternoon as mum’s foot was playing up again plus her leg was feeling stiff. The surgeon said she had to put an elastic compression on her leg. I got her one via the pharmacy. But the second advice was to move more and she wasn’t listening to that advice which got me really angry. Poor woman, 93 years old and a daughter shouting at you.

Friday morning Marcella and I created another video and uploaded it to Instagram and Facebook. We are getting better at this. After she left I got on my bike to the hairdresser.
In the afternoon I laid in the sun in the garden but flies and bees kept pestering me by landing on my body. Probably the sweet scent of the hair products attracted them. I gave up after an hour. It was not relaxing.

So, very little photos in the section ‘What happened in my life this week’ as most outfits need to be featured first as main subject in a blog post of their own.
I have prepared a blog post in advance for the Sunday that I am on holiday. How about that.

Here is the weekly video. I made the effort again this week. Click on the photo.

New flat shoes


No Fear of Fashion


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