elegant dress in blue and yellowWhat do you think? Is this blue and yellow dress a bit too elegant for me? Or perhaps for my lifestyle? It is by Herzen’s Angelegenheit and I bought it heavily reduced at Lab Women’s Clothing. Initially I wanted to wear it with my black Vic Matié sneakers (with the ruffle, see this post). But when I tried it at home, it didn’t work. The dress was too wide to wear with bulky sneakers; at least to my taste. So I looked at all my high heels and opted for an entirely different colour. It means having 4 colours in one outfit (something I strive for) and it is not so predictable. These green Marks & Spencer shoes are pretty comfortable; I might actually wear this dress haha. All joking aside, I do think it is an elegant dress that suits me.

What’s fake in this post?

I have a confession to make. After I had seen the photos again of the younger me, at the age of 35 (at the end of this post), I couldn’t bear looking at all the black spots on my legs which I got from sunbathing. My own fault, I know. I decided to have them removed this winter (how vain) and I am getting ahead on that by removing all those spots from my legs in Photoshop. Only one photo escaped from my editing rage because I thought the spots weren’t that visible. You may hunt for that one LOL.

My friend Marjolein offered to come to my house and we were going to create different outfits with what is already in my wardrobe. We didn’t think we could do the planned photo shoot as the weather forecast was pretty grim. She turned up at my house bringing perfect weather. We dashed outside with the camera and went ahead with the shoot. She is such a considerate and helpful friend.

Below: Marjolein imitates a strong man.


Below: With flowers in the background.

elegant dress in blue and yellow

Below: This is a very nice neighbourhood. The (rent) houses are under protection of the city because of its architecture.

elegant dress in blue and yellow

Below: The houses have a very distinct look. The city council makes sure all the hedges are trimmed the same way. Looks like it’s due again.

nice houses

Below: Marjolein wanted to take this shot with a lot of green fronded street in the background. Of course at that moment a man and woman started to chat right in the middle of the pavement, ‘parking’ a bike next to them. As I have experienced that most people are willing to do what you ask them to, if you ask them nicely and it is within their power, I went up to them and explained. They immediately moved. Kind people.

elegant dress in blue and yellow

Below: Wearing gold plated earrings by Lara Design. Very simple ones, just a little bar, as I thought the dress was ‘busy’ enough. The brooch is from the Max Mara outlet in Turin and weighty enough to keep the dress down at the front.

Gold plated earrings by Lara Design

Below: I really like this photo, leaning against the fence of someone’s house.

elegant dress in blue and yellow

Below: Marjolein found a great way of showing off the Dries van Noten bag. On the arm of an angel.

Dries van Noten bag blue and gold

Below: Then the goofing around started. Marjolein at the little playground in the area.


Below: Just showing off that I can lift my leg this high while wearing high heels. Is this elegant? Is this charming? I think not LOL.

elegant dress in blue and yellow

Below: And neither is this.

elegant dress in blue and yellow

Below: At one of the local flower shops. This is a lot more elegant.

elegant dress in blue and yellow

Below: This cat however, trumps me in beauty.

pretty cat

That’s it, folks.

What happened in my life this week

Saturday I met Marita (below) for coffee and as usual, I asked the waitress to take our photo. We intended to have our legs in the picture as well, but the waitress preferred the ceiling (not in the photo anymore). Well, taking creative photos is not in her job description and the cappuccino was very good.

Marita and me

Sunday Ron and I visited mum. We did all sorts of little chores like renewing the runners on the curtain rail of her glass curtains upstairs, to name an odd one. She is now moving around a bit more and she said that the pain in her foot was a little less than the day before. Fingers crossed. Every morning and evening someone comes in to put on or take off her elastic compression stocking. Ron suggested to have dinner with mum and he made a really nice salad with cold turkey and baked potatoes. Mum loved it.

Monday I started with the preparations for my holiday to Spain as I am a planner. I am not a person who just throws a couple of random things in a suitcase the night before leaving (horror to me). Making little lists what not to forget etc. It would drive some people crazy but gives me peace of mind.

The rest of the week you have to miss as I am too busy with the holiday. And no video either. Don’t complain as you have your outfit post.


No Fear of Fashion





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