Green and white striped jumperAlthough my style is really all over the place and not something specific like bohemian, I think you could say that jeans with a smart top is my signature style. In this post you’ll see the jeans with a green and white striped jumper. Perhaps the white is off-white, I don’t know. I bought it when I was shopping with Tanja, my former boss, a couple of weeks ago. I love stripes (most women do, I think) and the fresh green shade made me pick it up.

The day these photos were taken I was with my Shopping Saturday friends, Sabine and Anke, who decided to come to Haarlem. We’d like to get together more often than we actually do as we have so much fun, but there are other things in our lives that need attention too LOL.
Let me reacquaint you with them.

Below: Anke with great sunglasses.


Below: Sabine. Both women have beautiful hair which I envy them for.


Below: My sunglasses are from the seventies. My friend Arine gave them to me; they were her mother’s.
We joked about the geraniums on the restaurant tables. There is a saying in the Netherlands for old people who do absolutely nothing: “they sit behind the geraniums” (in the window sill). As I am recently retired…you get it.

Green and white striped jumper

Below: The terrace where we had lunch is on a street with this beautiful church.

white church

Below: In the narrow street which is only for cyclists, this wedding bus passed, followed by a Volkswagen van with the bride and groom. The street leads up to the big market square where the townhall is. London transport in the Netherlands.

wedding bus

Sabine started photographing me and my outfit.

Below: With my hairdressers in the background. They house in a lovely old building.
I was proud having used 4 colours in this outfit: green, white, jeans blue and fuchsia. Much nicer than for instance just 2 colours. (Sylvia of 40PlusStyle taught me this.)

Green and white striped jumper

Of course I took head-to-toe shots of them as well.

Below: Anke. Casual with an edge.


Below: Sabine, always the one with daring (colour) combinations. The gorgeous blouse is by Isabel Marant.

Sabine with beautiful blouse

Below: Photobomb!

Anke and Sabine

Below: We asked a waiter to take a photo of the three of us. Who needs to sit up straight? Right…me.

Green and white striped jumper and the Shopping Saturday girls

Below: Then the shopping started. Sabine with a polka dot blouse.

Sabine in polka dot top

Below: I am trying on a jeans jacket, against my better judgement. I have tried jeans jackets so many times and neither the shape nor the colour is right for me. You can see it in my posture I am not liking it.

me trying on a jeans jacket

We were in Zeilstraat and stopped at kpa.haarlem. Of course we did, as this is one of my favourite shops. The girls bought a lot there. Apparently they hadn’t shopped for a while.

Below: Sabine tried on this pink jumper (sweater) and although she liked it, it didn’t come home with her.

Sabine in pink jumper

Below: We were all smitten by Anke in this dress, but she told us she already had something similar or was that it wasn’t her style

Anke in cream maxi dress

Below: Now we’re talking. This fuchsia jumpsuit is great on Anke.

Anke in fuchsia jumpsuit

Below: And this jeans dress as well. She bought one size bigger so it would close across the chest. She also used this dress as jacket over the fuchsia jumpsuit.

Anke in jeans dress

Below: This cream combination was the bomb as far as we were concerned. Especially the long tunic blouse is so good.

Anke in cream blouse and cream skirt

Below: What a cute blouse on Sabine. Of course it came home with her. Such a beauty.

Sabine in light blue blouse

Below: I tried on this skirt, but it was too tight in the waist. I did what we always do when we are not sure of something we want to try; just drop your trousers and if you think the item is worth it, you can take off your shoes and trousers. As I had published quite a few photos of Sabine in this position, she said “Now I got you; you will publish this photo!”

Green and white striped jumper

Below: A sitting pose opportunity. The little girl’s mum is sitting on the other side of me.

Green and white striped jumper

Below: The earrings are by Lara Design. (Here is the link to those fuchsia earrings but with a tortoise button. If you prefer another button, just send an email and she will fix it for you.)

Green and white striped jumper and pink earrings

As usual we had a great afternoon.

What happened in my life this week

Very little I am afraid. Really nothing to show you.

Saturday with the Shopping Saturday girls was fine as you can see above.

Sunday I had a birthday party of a close friend and I went all out. High heels, dress, clutch…the works. I just cannot show anything as the dress will be featured in next week’s post. So it would be a spoiler. The food at the party was out of this world.

Monday my friend Marjolein came to our house as the weather forecast wasn’t too good. We were going to create new combinations with items already in my wardrobe. Something I don’t like doing and which is nicer to do with the two of us.
As she arrived the weather was perfect for a photo shoot. A bit cloudy, warm and no rain so we did the shoot anyway and I chose the dress I wore to the party on Sunday.

Tuesday I drove to my mum with my weekend bag to stay the night. We had to get up at 6 a.m. the next morning to get to the hospital in time for her angioplasty surgery. I made my bed, took everything out of my bag and then I needed to phone the hospital to check about the anaesthesia. “Hold the line, there are 11 people waiting…”
Long story short: it took me one and a half hour on the phone only to find out the surgery had been rescheduled to Friday at noon. They just forgot to inform the patient. AAagghh. The receptionist told me that ‘surgery planning‘ had postponed the surgery that morning and had informed her about it. She assumed that ‘surgery planning‘ had informed my mother and ‘surgery planning‘ assumed that the reception would do this. As I have said so often at work, Assumption is the mother of all fuck-ups. And I drove home again.

It meant I had nothing in my agenda (anymore) on Wednesday and Thursday as I cancelled my dates and reserved those days for mum. Now I had to cancel my date for Saturday too as I had to pick up mum from hospital.
A very quiet week, which is nice too. I have chats with neighbours, with people in town and I can do a lot of work at home, so I am not bored. It is just that I haven’t got anything to show to you or talk about.

I started to look at new combinations with items in my wardrobe and I came up with a few good ones (very proud of myself). Then, behind the clothes, I found a large envelope with photos of me in 1989 or so. The photographer at the advertising agency where I worked at the time wanted to photograph a model instead of chairs and lamps (his usual subjects). He took these photos in his studio. I am showing you all seven photos while crying “WHY DIDN’T I KNOW AT THE TIME HOW BLOODY GOOD I LOOKED??”

Below: I didn’t know his camera could zoom in so close or I would have buttoned up a bit more.

me in 1989 or so

Below: Head to toe, weighing 59 kilos, bra size a lovely B75.

me in 1989 or so

Below: Close-up. The photographer showed me polaroid photos before taking the definite shot. I was much further away in those polaroids, not as sexy as this.

me in 1989 or so

Below: Apparently I was not supposed to smile. (Those lips… that skin…)

me in 1989 or so

Below: Oh look, a little smile. My love for big earrings started early.

me in 1989 or so

Below: I was really tanned at the time, but not orange as this photo shows. I did have brown hair, styled like Peggy of Married with children.
A wore a lot of jewellery and although matching, it was before I knew that it can be too much; all items are competing for attention. I know Iris Apfel thinks differently on this subject. Her motto is “More is more and less is a bore.”

me in 1989 or so

Below: Perhaps the background made me look so orange.

me in 1989 or so

Friday was a good news day. I took mum to hospital and the angioplasty surgery went very well. Succeeded. I can pick her up from hospital Saturday morning.

No video this week. I had no inspiration.


No Fear of Fashion


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