Psychedelic shirtRight…I bet you went “Whoa!” when you opened this post and saw the rather psychedelic shirt I am wearing LOL. I bought it in Paris in that little shop Addicted which sells stuff made by young designers. It means unique and friendly prices. As a young designer cannot afford luxury fabrics, this shirt is polyester and not silk. Most of you will go “Oh no, never”. Funnily, it doesn’t bother me at all and I don’t sweat in it either. I hardly sweat anyway.

My friend Marjolein offered to do a photo shoot while we roamed the streets of the beautiful city of Utrecht. We met at the central station where there is a huge shopping mal. The mall was supposed to be our destination as it is indoors (no wind) and very light but the weather was so nice and Utrecht is such a cute city that we swiftly made our way to the centre of town.

Below: Marjolein having a sandwich for lunch.

Marjolein eating a sandwich

Below: She took this shot of me while we were having lunch. The design of the shirt brings me back to the seventies when I was young (in the last photo of this outfit you can see the Ban the Bomb sign better and the little flowers).
I wore long blue earrings which are not too flashy as the shirt is flashy enough.

Psychedelic shirt

Below: Utrecht is a city with many canals, like Amsterdam. From the long quay with many shops, there are several stairs going down to the canal which runs through the centre of Utrecht.

Psychedelic shirt

Below: Down below, across from where I stood on the stairs, are terraces.


Below: I was admiring Marjolein’s gift, the multi-coloured chain for my sunglasses; ever so handy.
The puffer bag is by Mads Nørgaard. Karlijn of kpa Haarlem was selling these for some time and it grew on me. When she only had this blue one left, I suddenly liked it. It is very lightweight with short and long handles.

Psychedelic shirt

Below: Marjolein spotted this bench and of course I went for the sitting pose. On the bench next to us were two young girls (age 16 or so). I said out loud to Marjolein “I bet these girls think to themselves Why on earth would you want to photograph THAT?” They heard that and I am laughing because they burst out giggling which I took as a confirmation of what I had said. Ah…youth…so wasted on the young.

Psychedelic shirt

Below: I took this photo of Marjolein on the same bench. I loved her outfit (perhaps even more than the one I had on).


Below: Water sport on the canal.

After we did some shopping we had a terrific cappuccino with a praline. It is really hard to maintain my weight at a decent level. I sort of manage because we eat very little at dinner.
I bought a necklace but took it back the next day (in Haarlem) and got a refund. It was a nice necklace but I really didn’t need another one.

Below: Here you have a good view of the shirt with the Ban the Bomb sign. It is as if I have put those flowers on the right myself for the shoot.

Psychedelic shirt

Below: Another canal, again with terraces.


Below: This is the kind of square we are always looking for on holiday in Italy or France. And what do you know? Right here, in my own country.


What happened in my life this week

Busy, busy, busy. Saturday I joined Ron walking the dog at the beach in the morning. It was the first time I wore my shorts from kpa.haarlem (below, with wind-blown hair). I really like them because they disguise my small hips and no bum. I only had a good pair like these once before when I was 29. There were a couple of pairs of bermudas in between these two shorts but I hate bermudas as they make me look like a man.
Watson accidently wounded my big toe with his claws, hence the bandage.

Shorts in the dunes

Below: I styled them a bit better the next day. I have Misja (of MisjaB) to thank for the scarf as belt trick. It looks much better on me than an actual belt.

Shorts a bit more chic

Below: Saturday evening we went back to the beach for a meal in the sunshine. The waitress had to take the photo with the sun shining straight into the camera.

Ron and me at the beach

Below: This is the photo of the outfit, made just before we left.

Blue midi skirt with portrait bag

You will have noticed the little portrait bag I am carrying. There is a different portrait on either side and they were painted by Bella, the Citizens Rosebud. She sells her art through her Etsy shop Bloomtown Vintage, although I got this one directly from her as we are friends.
Below the two sides of the bag.

portrait bag other side

portrait bag one side

My friend Marcella put rings on either side so I can attach a long strap and use it as a crossbody bag. Like with my black linen dress (below). (Link to original post of this dress.) I think it looks so cool.

Black dress with portrait bag

Sunday I saw my mum and for your sake, took a photo of her again (below). Mum’s operation is scheduled next Wednesday at 8 a.m. I will sleep over on Tuesday so there is less chance of traffic jams. We still have to be on the road at 6.45. Poor mum, she usually doesn’t get up before 10.


Monday was a quiet day thank God.

Tuesday our friend Arine came to visit. She lives in the south of the country and recently took early retirement. We thoroughly enjoyed the day with chatting, a visit to the beach and some shopping in Haarlem. Arine got some lovely items. Below Arine and I just after lunch.

Arine and me at the beach

As the weather was cloudy that morning, I didn’t think we would make it to the beach which was our initial plan and I was dressed for the city. Then the clouds disappeared and we had lunch there. It is only a short drive from our house.

Below: My city outfit but with sandals as the toe is still healing. (Link to original post.)

Green suit

Wednesday I did some administration for Ron and had a meeting with his bookkeeper but there was enough time left to lie in the sun that afternoon.

Thursday began with a visit to the pelvic floor therapist. It is getting better, we are nearly there. She gave me some useful tips.
After that visit I drove to my friend Lia and we had a great afternoon, as always.
Below: A very strange photo of Lia but that is because there was a lot going on in the background and I had to “cut” her out. My photoshop skills are very limited so it took me half an hour and this is the weird result. She seems to be floating when she was just sitting on a chair haha.

Lia waving

Below: Lia and me after lunch. Buddies since we were 17. (Link to original outfit post.)

Lia and me

Friday was a quiet day as my date with a friend got cancelled for a sad reason on her part. I did a whole lot of things though.
In town I met Spiros, the barista who served me delicious cappuccinos at my work a couple of years ago. He is now working in a restaurant in Haarlem. “Come in” he said, “and have a cappuccino”. We had a nice chat. As I was leaving I spotted the vintage bag and vintage jewellery shop that used to be in another street (see below). Now she is located at Schagchelstraat 32 (don’t even try to pronounce that haha). I had lost track of this lovely shop.

Vintage bags and vintage jewellery

I will say goodbye with a photo of my dark red peonies below.

dark red peonies

Below the weekly video, this time of our garden. One correction: I say “hortensia”, meaning “hydrangea”.


No Fear of Fashion


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