Arty print trousers styled twiceBefore summer comes to an end, I chartered Loes to photograph these arty print trousers which I scored while shopping with my friend Marjolein. It was when I wore the blue patent leather shoes for the first time. Even though it isn’t quite the same blue as in the trousers, it is near enough for me.

Loes only had limited time as she had to take her cat to the vet (we are both cat lovers). We therefore didn’t go too far so we could make the most of the time we had. I knew a pretty pond with trees in a posh area and we agreed it would do fine as background.

Below: Loes with her new-to-her jacket which she scored in a second-hand shop on our previous photo shoot. It is such a cute and unusual jacket, beautifully combined with the green trousers.


Below: I hadn’t counted on the shoes sinking into the grass, darn.

Arty print trousers with brown shirt

Below: Trying to lift my feet above the grass. Not really succeeding.

Arty print trousers with brown shirt

Below: Better walk to that cute stone bridge. The chocolate brown fitted shirt is about 30 years old. It is not the same brown as in the trousers, which I thought was good. I liked what I saw in the mirror and didn’t ask myself more questions.

Arty print trousers with brown shirt

Below: Talking to a duck here.

Arty print trousers with brown shirt

Below: The stone bridge from the other side. The green in the middle and bottom left is duckweed on water.

stone bridge

You might have noticed my bag. It is new and the brand is Wandler. I wanted a Wandler bag for ages but they are pricey. Can I blame Aafke, who showed me the shop in Amersfoort where they sold me this bag? Or do I only have myself to blame (don’t bother commenting on that; I know the answer).

Below: The front.

Wandler bag

Below: The back. Depending on the light, it changes colour. I cannot put a name on the colour. Again, I thought it matched perfectly with the outfit, even though the colour isn’t in the outfit.

Wandler bag

Below: The pile of pearls.


We decided to move a bit further down the road.

Below: Beautiful house in this posh area.

pretty house

Below: I changed tops and jewellery and added a blue belt.
I wore the same top and shoes (see this post) when I bought these trousers. That made it very easy to decide whether I wanted them.

Arty print trousers with cream top

We turned the corner to get a new background and took numerous photographs which weren’t sharp enough. I noticed it took quite a while before the shutter clicked. It slowly dawned on me what was wrong. The camera was set on S for shutter and that obviously didn’t work so I put it back on half automatic. After that not all photos were good, but they were a lot better.
Although I am such an amateur that I don’t know why it took the shutter so long to close, I am proud that I knew where to look.

Below: A few photos of these series made it to the blog.
You can just see the blue belt.

Arty print trousers with cream top

Below: Nice, but the background should have been blurry. I will find out what to do with the camera before Loes and I do another photo shoot.
I am wearing the bag with the long strap in these photos. You can also wear it cross-body, but Loes said it wasn’t nice with this outfit. I listen to her.

Arty print trousers with cream top

Below: The back of this old Max Mara top is worthwhile photographing. It has darts at the front. Just like in the old days, when they tailored clothes to fit you properly, even if you were big chested. Nowadays all tops and dresses are for small sized boobs.

Arty print trousers with cream top

Below: Ohh…beautiful cat.

pretty cat

Below: One last outfit photo of me.

Arty print trousers with cream top

Below: The necklace with the dolphin.

Brown necklace

Below: The back of Loes’ jacket.


What happened in my life this week

Saturday I met Marita in town for a coffee and a cake. We have a new coffee restaurant in town and they have the most delicious cakes. My weight is becoming a “problem”.

Below: A very harsh iPhone selfie of Marita and me that really shows my wrinkles. But also my new earrings by Lara Design. They come with different colour buttons and I chose red.

Marita and me

Sunday Ron and I both visited my mum. Ron had to hang up things in the kitchen and such, while I photographed mum in the garden (below), wearing different shoes for the first time in a year.

mum in the garden

Below: I wore my thick linen dress with Bella’s cute bag from Etsy, a small accessory only useful for keeping my phone in. Red earrings with a pink button, also Lara Design.

outfit with black linen dress

Monday the physiotherapist checked whether I had practiced my fitness exercises in the right manner. And yes I did. The only thing I have to improve on, is taking it at a slower pace.
In the afternoon Loes and I had the photo shoot for this blog post.

Tuesday was filled with household chores and blogging. At the end of the day I went to Amsterdam to have dinner with Neiske. Excellent restaurant (Morgan and Mees), excellent food and service. And of course excellent company; see Neiske and me below. (Link to original post with this outfit.)

Neiske and me

Wednesday I saw Maurits, who has been my friend for 36 years. We can laugh together until we cry. The same humour, the same taste and both very fond of clothes. What a match we would have been, if it wasn’t for the tiny detail that he is gay haha. He is now married to Marcel and they are a terrific match as well.

Below: Maurits lounging in his garden.

Below: I was wearing this outfit, which made Maurits change his shorts for a pair of off-white jeans to fit in. That’s my boy. (Link to original post.)

Grey trousers with black jumper and green accessories

Thursday was a day in The Hague with Jacqueline, who is coach by profession and a very good one. She offered me a session with “Family constellations”. I have always been curious about that phenomenon so I said yes, but it wasn’t too successful. The things we did touch were absolutely spot on but I have no issues, no burning questions and I have already done a lot of self-searching in the past. There wasn’t much to go by for her. Nevertheless, the day was great.
Below: I wore this. (Link to original post.)

Friday I had to do a bit of work for Ron: street interviews with strangers while a colleague of Ron held the camera and microphone. Tsss…one out of seven people wanted to cooperate which means a lot of rejection.
As it rained we decided to go to a shopping mall. Luckily for us there were dry spells in between the rain as we were warned off by a security guard of the mall. We needed a licence to film. Pffff…too much hassle.

In the afternoon I chose a new frame for my reading glasses at the optician and phoned the shop who gave us an insanely high quote for new sun blinds. Prices in general have gone up a lot this year and these things were double the price. What to do? We are going to deliberate.


No Fear of Fashion


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