Neon yellow top with cognac coloured trousersWhen I wear this outfit and walk into a room, people definitely notice me haha. I am never afraid to stand out or draw attention. Not because I am arrogant or conceited, just confident. Probably because there are very few people who are unpleasant towards me. No idea why that is but I am very thankful for it. I like bright colours and if I think I look good, what can go wrong?

This neon yellow top is the same as the neon pink top I wore in this post. Obviously it is from the same shop, Vintage No5 in Alkmaar, although not vintage but new.

Loes was my photographer and I chose a spot in Haarlem I had used before, wearing another bright combination.

Below: Loes, my photographer of the day.


Below: In this neighbourhood a former hospital was converted into apartments for elderly people with a lot of money. It is expensive but they do have a good cook, big rooms and harp concerts. Obviously not meant for me. The home got new owners I think as it has changed name and is now part of a chain. Yes dear readers, even old folks homes can be part of a chain.

Johannes de Deo Residence Haarlem

Below: The top of the entrance and the ornament at the top.

Johannes de Deo Residence Haarlem

Below: Close-up of the ornament. Presumably Johannes de Deo (John of God) as this was the name of the building when it was still a hospital.

Johannes de Deo Residence Haarlem

Below: What a lovely building to use as background.

Neon yellow top with cognac coloured trousers

Below: We walked around the neighbourhood where modern houses were built. Look at that cat on the left bench. Sheer bliss.

Cat on a bench

Below: What a lovely vista. Those two modern houses seem to frame the old church. I wonder whether the architect created this deliberately.

Church Heilig Hart

Below: We walked to the church and passed a low wall with trees behind it. Walking like an Egyptian here. I seem to have found my balance again, as I didn’t feel scared anymore, like I did last year.

Neon yellow top with cognac coloured trousers

Below: The back of the church called Heilig Hart (Holy Heart). The church has been converted. They left the outside completely as it was and erected a new building on the inside, creating 67 (small) apartments. Most of them are one room apartments. Read more about this conversion and the rental apartments here.

Church Heilig Hart

Below: The front of the church. I pinched this photo from the internet and it was taken by Jane.

Heilig Hart or Holy Heart church

Below: There is a very nice park nearby.

Park Haarlem

Below: Loes took this photo of my back and I think from this angle, the top looks a bit silly. In reality it is more flattering than it seems.

Neon yellow top with cognac coloured trousers

Below: Now this is a better shot. I deliberately chose this bag as not to be perfectly colour co-ordinated.
When I published the post featuring my grey trousers, one reader commented that she thought it was so chic that the shade of my shoes was used sparingly to good effect instead of being too matchy matchy. I agreed and resisted wearing my blue belt with today’s outfit as well.

Neon yellow top with cognac coloured trousers

Below: Details.

Neon yellow top with cognac coloured trousers

Below: The belt. This is the Loewe belt which you saw in black in this post with my zig-zag skirt. It is the same belt as it is reversible. Two for the price of one.

Neon yellow top with cognac coloured trousers

Below: Loes couldn’t resist taking this shot after I pointed out that there was an orange/red heart in the pink flower. Lovely shot.

Purple flowers with orange heart

Below: As usual the afternoon ended with coffee at a café. Well, tea for Loes. Looking at this photo I remembered from my pink neon top that I have to use fashion tape to stop the collar from flopping.

Loes and me

Jolly nice shoot.

What happened in my life this week

Visited mum on Saturday this week instead of Sunday as my SIL’s birthday was on Sunday. Totally forgot to take a photo of her.

My SIL’s birthday on Sunday was like an embrace, ever so nice. It is good to see the whole family again. We used to see each other more often than these days.

Below: Next to me is my nephew’s wife and the one on the right is my niece. My brother and SIL have three children and they all have children so it was more crowded than you’d think seeing this photo. I love them all very much.

At SIL's birthday

Monday I saw the dentist and he is going to replace one of my fillings in a fortnight, yuck. I told him that I prefer seeing him every half year and then him telling me that everything is fine. Which for many years, has been the case. Never mind, what needs to be done, needs to be done.

In the afternoon the physiotherapist treated me again and relieved me from a painful neck and got rid of the last knots in my calves’ muscles. Nothing to report on the rest of the day.

Tuesday was lovely. Kitty and I started with a photo shoot at 9 a.m. It went ever so well, which means you get to see many photos again next Sunday. Too hard to choose. As standard procedure we had coffee as you can see below. Honestly, my days are filled with friends and coffee in cafés. You don’t hear me complaining.

Kitty and me

Late afternoon Ron and I walked dog Watson at the seaside and fetched delicious Indonesian food for dinner. Neither of us feel like cooking after being to the beach. Below: me with beach hair and a pimple on my nose.

Beach hair and a pimple on the nose

Wednesday I played hooky from fitness. Bad, bad girl. I need the fitness to maintain my body functioning well. Just not this day. I think it is because I wanted to rebel against being obligated to do anything. Had enough to do around the house and with blogging.

In the afternoon I met Helga for coffee (whahaha…again). See below.

Helga and me

Below: I was wearing white jeans and sneakers with my green wide shirt that Wednesday. (See original post for shirt.) Because a pastel colour near my face doesn’t do me any favours, I used my colourful earrings by Lara Design to brighten things up. The addition of the red patent leather tote is a stroke of luck. I read that patent leather and bright colours are very trendy and this one is in my wardrobe for years.

pastel green shirt with white jeans

Below: As you cannot see the earrings very well in the photos, here is a close-up. Remember them?

Multi colour earring by Lara Design

In the evening we celebrated Georg and Marla’s 50th wedding anniversary. They married young (and not because they had to; get your mind out of the gutter). It was a very joyful evening.

Thursday was a lazy day. Just washed my hair and did odd bits around the house like fixing the fastening of the curtain rail. (Not just a pretty face, you know.)

Below: Ron came home from Amsterdam with this photo of a shop selling nothing but rubber ducks haha.

Shop with rubber ducks

Friday I met my friend Aafke. After a chatty afternoon with some shopping (I fell hard for an expensive bag), we had a delicious dinner. Needless to say that both weight and finances are going in the wrong direction.

Below: Bad selfie of Aafke and me. She is such a wonderful woman.

Aafke and me

That was the week.
Little dilemma. The other day I visited a new to me blog of a woman featuring clothes, like I do. I noticed that she had the same smile in every photo which struck me as rather fake. Of course I immediately realized I do the same. I want to change that but am scared. My resting face is rather droopy; makes me look like a sourpuss. Not something that makes you happy. Perhaps I have to experiment with different expressions with Kitty.


No Fear of Fashion


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