White monochrome outfit with a colourful scarfDear readers, you nearly had to do without a new post this week. That would have been the first time in 10 years. The weather was so unpredictable (mainly rain) that I couldn’t go out to do a photo shoot. On top of that, my photographers weren’t available on the days that I was.

Luckily Marcella came to tea on the Saturday. I put on this monochrome white outfit with a colourful scarf and hoped that a) the rain would stop and b) she would be so kind to take a few photos. As you can see, it was yes to both.

Below: Marcella had just been to the hairdresser and her hair looked lovely. I forgot to tell her to take her scrunchie out when I photographed her outside. Shame.


So there isn’t a lot of variation in the photos and there are no pretty buildings. But at least you get to see a new blog post with a ‘new’ outfit.

The wide white trousers, the white top and the white boots aren’t new. You have seen them in this blog post with my green vest. The orange bag you have seen a few times as well. That was a good purchase. Recently I found a belt in the sale, in exactly the same colour. You will see it soon.

Now we come to the scarf. If it looks familiar, it is because it is the same fabric as my orange and cream kaftan dress. When I bought the dress, the shop owner suggested to use the scarf as a belt on the dress. I tried that in the shop but didn’t like it. As I was wearing this same white monochrome outfit that day, it was easy to see the effect of the scarf on its own. I love the pattern of the fabric and it made me decide to buy the dress and the scarf but wear them separately.

It is such easy styling. You take a monochrome outfit in whatever colour suits you best and add an amazing scarf. And you’re done.

Below: I am leaning against a tree, something that Ron hates. Me trying to hold on to something because I don’t know what to do with my hands. He always refuses to take my picture when I do that. Marcella didn’t mind.

White monochrome outfit with a colourful scarf

Below: I tried two other poses near the tree. This is my ‘I am a bit shy’ pose.

White monochrome outfit with a colourful scarf

Below: This pose is called ‘Look at me, my arm creates an angle’.

White monochrome outfit with a colourful scarf

As I said, very little variation. My trusted ‘sitting on a bench’ pose was off limits as it had been raining and the benches were soaking wet.

Below: For variation here is a head-to-toe photo of Marcella.


Below: A close-up with brown Lara Design earrings. There are brown branches in the scarf.

Brown earrings by Lara Design

Below: This is a photo which I don’t like. I have included it anyway to show you the difference in hair. My hair in the photo above is the way that I like it. My hair in the photo below is how it, unfortunately, usually is.
Which is why I always say “Never trust a photo, it is only a moment in time and doesn’t necessarily tells the truth”.

Brown earrings by Lara Design

That’s it for this week’s outfit.

What happened in my life this week

Apart from visiting mum nothing much happened in the weekend. Mum and I played Rummikub and as we started the last, decisive game, I said “This is going to be a very short game as I got 5 Joker tiles to begin with”.
I put my first set of 30 points on the table but didn’t want to put everything down at once. It then was mum’s turn and she said “I didn’t do so badly myself”, laid down all her tiles and won the game. That was indeed a very short game but with a totally different outcome than I’d expected. We had a really good laugh.

Below: I wore this to mum. Layering for hot and chilly weather, trainers for easy walking. You have seen this long jacket a couple of times before. In this post, in this one (scroll down) and in this one (with a sleeveless dress – scroll down).

Long yellow silver jacket

Monday and Tuesday were quiet days. Monday I took out a lot of tops from my wardrobe to style with my new trousers (3 pairs of jeans and the pebble coloured trousers). Not my hobby. (Does this surprise you or did you already know?) Nevertheless I was quite pleased with the result. And I found three pairs of summer shoes which I hardly ever wore as I didn’t like them with my skinnies. But they look very good with wide trousers. You won’t be seeing many dresses in the near future, I am afraid.

Below: Remember the parrot from last week’s post? Tuesday morning I found this on the breakfast table. Ron has a very good sense of humour.

Parrot in the frying pan

Wednesday I visited mum again as she wanted me to have access to her bank account. Her writing is getting worse and I am afraid that one day the bank won’t accept her signature anymore. My brother totally agrees. After the paperwork was done, we went out for a coffee with cake.

Thursday I met Janna of @Timelessstyle.nl (on Instagram) and we caught up with each other during lunch in Amsterdam and had a little photo shoot.
Below: A photo from her Instagram account.

Janna of @Timelessstyle.nl on Instagram

As she went on her way, I brought my pearl necklace (the one that I got from mum) to the jewellers (Lyppens) to have them strung again as I broke it. They are ‘my’ jewellers for 40 years now and I love them. I kept my eyes deliberately shut while I was waiting. Such a dangerous place, so much temptation.

Although I didn’t really do much walking that day, my left leg hurt like hell during the night. I couldn’t get to sleep because of the pain. Stupid knee. I am going to consult an orthopaedist to see what he or she can do to ease that pain. Perhaps an injection with hyaluronic acid? We’ll see.

Friday my physiotherapist treated my leg and in the afternoon I met Marita for cappuccino (below). It is lovely weather again in the Netherlands (hurray). The blue tunic I am wearing with white jeans is in fact a Kenzo dress. But too short at the front for my taste. Here is a link to the Kenzo dress worn as a dress and a link to the Kenzo dress worn over blue jeans.

Marita and me

I am really going to enjoy the lovely weather.


No Fear of Fashion


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