Max Mara cherry print dress with white trousersNever do I pay attention on how to hold my bag when a photo is being taken. Look at the photo above. With the back towards you. Never mind, plenty of photos to come where I am holding it the right way.
The Max Mara cherry print dress is a beauty in my eyes and I don’t wear it enough. When I bought it last year, I convinced myself that I could wear it as a dress and feel comfortable. Which I did in this post. Alas, I do think it is too short at the front for my taste. And I would only wear it as a dress if I can add dainty, high heeled shoes with it. And the latter hurt my feet, knee and back.

Below: The solution, of course, is to wear it with trousers and trainers. Only, I bought the darned thing to show off my legs, which are my best feature. Still, I think it is a nice garment, even with trousers. The brand of the trainers is AMA, season 2020 or so.

Max Mara cherry print dress with white trousers

Below: I chose a posh area of The Hague to do the photo shoot as I knew there were a lot of pretty buildings here. This is the ‘Groot Hertoginnelaan’ (translated: Grand Dutchess Lane).

House in The Hague

Below: I particularly like these ones. I would call this ‘elaborate’.

House in The Hague

Below: The houses had a little park in their midst. (Yes, the dress has pockets.)

Max Mara cherry print dress with white trousers

Below: Marjolein was my photographer. She had on a really nice outfit herself. She always dresses so well, bless her.


Below: She found this shirt in a thrift shop and immediately thought of her pink trousers. I love the combination. By the way, Marjolein is very much a cat lover.

Close-up of Marjolein's shirt

Below: Close-up of bag, trousers and shoes. Great styling.

Close-up of shoes, bag and trousers Marjolein

Below: And let’s not forget her earrings.

Earring Marjolein

Below: I tried wearing the dress open like a jacket. Not bad, but I prefer it buttoned up.

Max Mara cherry print dress with white trousers

Below: Because I still crave high heels, I brought along a pair. I am wearing them in the first photo of this post and below. They are about 15 years old and made with eel skin. They are far more comfortable than they look.

Max Mara cherry print dress with white trousers

Below: OK, this photo is one too many. Indulge me.

Max Mara cherry print dress with white trousers

Below: 4 more magnificent buildings. If you are not into them, scroll further down.

House in The Hague

House in The Hague

House in The Hague

House in The Hague

Below: When I was putting the outfit together, I liked this combination best, with my All Stars trainers but my trousers weren’t fastened, so the legs seemed longer than they actually were.
Perhaps I can find some second-hand white trousers with a straight leg and this length. I like it cuffed like this.

Max Mara cherry print dress with white trousers

What happened in my life this week

I picked up the pearl necklace my mum gave me, from the jewellers. They had repaired it beautifully and I am wearing it now as much as I can to stretch it a bit as it is strung rather tightly (a necessity). On my way back I found myself a new bra at department store The Bijenkorf (=bee hive). The strangest thing was however, that after wearing it one day, it felt too tight and I had red marks on my body. It is the same size as I always have. This happened to me once before so I knew I had to buy a little extension piece for the back. Still, it is a weird thing.

Of course I visited mum again and beat her 2 to 1 with Rummikub.

I took Kitty for a coffee with cake as a present for her birthday a couple of weeks ago. She has a new way of taking selfies with an iPhone. She put the phone against her bag in the middle of the street, camera at the bottom, put the timer on 10 seconds and GO.

Below: This is the result. Not the most flattering photo of me, but who cares. This was already the fourth shot. Every time Kitty had the camera set, a car would be driving into the street. We just let the people wait until we had taken the photo LOL. (Link to original post with this green dress.)

Kitty and me

We had a handyman coming in to fix the curtain rails at the front of the living room. A couple of grips had come undone in the middle and the rails were sagging. Ron had fixed it before but clearly there was something wrong which we didn’t know about. I was glad I called in professional help. He knew exactly what the trouble was and fixed it. Yay. These little things really bug me.

I had a day with mum, taking her to the eye doctor and after that straight through to the hearing aid professional. Mum’s hearing aids were bugging her. Turned out that a lovely woman who cleaned the soft bits of the aids, swoped left for right haha. Also mum’s left ear is partly blocked so I made an appointment with the ear doctor next week.
We then had a lovely time on a terrace, having coffee and watching the world go by. There was still time left for some shopping. (She can still walk but not long distances, so we used a wheelchair.) Let there be a good bra shop! We immediately went in and mum now has a good fitting bra. As she dropped quite some weight (don’t worry, we are monitoring it), her bra size changed considerably and I didn’t want her use her two-sizes-too-big ones any longer. It was a shop with old-fashioned service and a vast stock. Where do you find them these days? All in all, a very fruitful and enjoyable day.

Thursday the weather changed to more rain and a bit lower in temperatures but it was still lovely. You just have to plan around the showers. Which Loes and I did on Thursday morning. We started bright and early to do a photo shoot before the rain started. And some coffee and cake afterwards.
You must think by now, that this is the only thing I do all week, drink coffee and eat cake. Well…you are not far off LOL.
Thursday was the day my mum turned 95. I had arranged cake for the entire nursing home (sounds more expensive than it was). And they all had coffee and cake in the morning together. Early afternoon mum’s hairdresser picked her up and they (and some other ladies at the hairdresser’s) had cake and coffee. They gave her a lovely white orchid as a birthday present.
Below: Mum coming back from the hairdresser. (Now and then I will post photos of mum, just not every week.)

Mum on her birthday

We arranged to have lunch with mum on the Friday (she hates missing her hairdresser’s appointment haha). Below you see sister and brother next to each other and our spouses on the other side. And of course the birthday girl.

Mum's 95th birthday

See you next week.


No Fear of Fashion


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