Blue monochrome outfit with an orange scarfWhen you’ve found a trick, you can keep reworking it multiple ways, right? My white monochrome outfit with a colourful scarf was quite successful on the blog, although I still don’t know why. Recreating this styling combination, here is my blue monochrome outfit with an orange scarf, all from my own wardrobe. It is actually not a favourite of mine as the skirt enhances my tummy. Not something I like. Of course I deleted all the photos where my tummy was really visible and I am only showing you the flattering ones. Welcome to fake country LOL.

I chose an area in Haarlem where I photographed another outfit in January 2021, an outfit which happened to be blue and orange outfit as well. Talk about coincidence. That time the trees had no leaves as it was winter.
Loes was my photographer. We left early as rain was predicted around 11 a.m.

Below: The first thing we saw after parking the car was this bench. “Here you go”, Loes said.

Blue monochrome outfit with an orange scarf

Below: There are beautiful houses in this part of town. I love the way they let all the greenery grow. It is so much work to maintain.

Blue monochrome outfit with an orange scarf

Below: Loes with a gorgeous colourful shirt. Her neutral toned trousers drew the focus to the shirt.


Below: Beautiful little park.

Park in Haarlem

Park in Haarlem

Below: We used this magnificent front door as a background.

Blue monochrome outfit with an orange scarf

Below: And the door opening of the house next to it. The company that uses the premises had the door open, which we saw as a photo opportunity.

Blue monochrome outfit with an orange scarf

Below: Gates are also photo opportunities. By this time the owner of the company came to check us out. What were we doing there? I explained and all was well.

Blue monochrome outfit with an orange scarf

For more beautiful buildings, click the link to the old blog post, with photos of this area in winter.

Below: Close-up of the pearl with yellow gold bracelet. A vintage find and in perfect condition. The pearl necklace you have seen before, a gift from my mum.

Pearl bracelet

Below: Gold ring with pearls, a gift from my friend Marianne. It isn’t easy photographing a ring on old hands but I think I did well.

Pearl ring

Rather a short main story this week. You have to take it as it comes dear readers.

What happened in my life this week

Many lunches and cappuccinos with friends.

Cappuccinos and tea with Marcella (below):

Cappuccino time with Marcella

Below: Lunch and some shopping with my old boss Tanja. Lovely woman. It started to get a bit windy on the terrace so we moved into the cafe.

Tanja and me on a Wednesday

Below: And a day with Helena who was kind enough to take photos for next week’s blog post. Our date was postponed twice (by me) and on this day mum had to go to the ear doctor. Ron took mum instead of me, so I could have my day with my friend. He is such a sweetheart.


Below: I love to have many fresh flowers in our house. These white roses are a week old, so they will be replaced, but they were dead cheap (€6 for 30 roses) and lasted a week. August is the month to buy roses.
Although my mum’s birthday is in August, my dad used to buy her chrysanthemums…”because they last such a long time…”. My dad was more practical than romantic haha.

White roses

Below: I also bought these cute flowers, €5.50 for 30. We Dutch love to get a lot for little LOL.
I had the three vases in different places in the living room but later decided that it was nicer to put them together as a group.

Cute little white flowers

Ron and I had a lot of administrative business to tackle which I won’t go into any further, but it was worrying and stressful. Not everything is solved yet, but we are getting there. Kept us busy all week.

We both have also been going through our wardrobe and put a lot in the give-away pile. Room for new stuff.


No Fear of Fashion


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