Flared jeans with a yellow topAt the moment it is boiling hot in the Netherlands but on the day Helena took these photos for the blog, it was exactly the right temperature, not too hot, not too cold, bright sunshine.

I didn’t have any summer outfits left as I am already focused on autumn and winter. Which makes sense if you think of all the rain we’ve had in August. The outfit I did have lined up, were these flared jeans with a yellow top. The colour of the top is at least sunny and summery, the jeans are more autumnal. The jeans are new and by Vanessa Bruno. I bought them in May at Studio LM in Haarlem. (Useless information for anybody not living in the Netherlands.)

Below: The cake shop behind me (Huize Van Wely) is excellent.
I think the jeans look ever so good when I stand, but they ride up when I sit down. It will probably bother me less in winter, when I can wear boots. This short length is good as I needed jeans to wear with flat shoes. I have another pair of flared jeans (8 years old) which require higher heels.

Flared jeans with a yellow top

Below: These ever so comfortable shoes by EIJK Amsterdam have been in my wardrobe for years. I didn’t wear them much as I didn’t like them with skinny jeans. With wide or flared trousers they are the bee’s knees. Hmmm…they could do with a bit of shoe polish.

Flat black shoes by EIJK Amsterdam

Now over to my photographer Helena.

Below: A head-to-toe shot of Helena as we were in a shop where she wanted to try on a coat she had seen.
The outfit she is wearing below is what she was wearing that day.

Helena in her cream suit

Below: Here she is in the winter coat she is considering.

Helena trying on a winter coat, worn open

Below: With the coat closed. I took these photos so she could see what it looked like on her. A photo gives you a different perspective than a view in the mirror.

Helena trying on a winter coat, worn buttoned up

Below: We were on the big market square of Haarlem with the town hall in front of us. It is partly hidden by the big terrace on the square.

Haarlem, around the market square

Below: A closer look at the tower of the town hall. I love it when they put white flowers in the windowsills.

Haarlem, around the market square

Below: On the other side of the town hall we decided to take another outfit photo. I know from another shoot that holding a ‘prop’ makes quite a difference. The photo will be far more relaxed. I was looking for one, but there was no ‘prop’ so I grabbed the arm of a man standing around and asked whether he wanted to be in the photo with me haha. He didn’t mind at all. So here I am with a total stranger. Love it.

Flared jeans with a yellow top

Note: props are physical elements added to a setting with the subject (me in this case) for stylistic or emotional effect.

We wandered behind the town hall where I have had a great photo shoot with Kitty, featuring my cream trousers with houndstooth blazer. If you want to see more, click the link.
Below: Ron never allows me to hold on to something when he takes photos. Helena doesn’t mind. She took another photo with me holding the sundial, but Ron said I looked like a drunk in that photo.

Flared jeans with a yellow top

Below: The earrings I chose with this outfit are burgundy/brown and they are by Lara Design. Belt is by Loewe.

Earrings Lara Design

Below: We walked across the marketplace with another big terrace. As the name says, the market is held here on a Saturday and it is a pretty good one, lots of great food.

Haarlem, around the market square

Below: Our church called Saint Bavo. It was really quiet that day.

Haarlem, around the market square

Below: The back of the church. Well, one side of it, as it is a big church. At the foot of the church there are a few small shops.

Haarlem, around the market square

Below: It was time for some cappuccino. The terrace of Metzo had enough shade for us. Metzo is a good restaurant for coffee, drinks, lunch and dinner.

Terrace of Metzo

Below: After we sat down and had ordered our coffee, we saw the sign outside another restaurant across the small street, called Pieck. The sign said “Our garden at the back is open“. Rats…that might have been really nice. Oh well, some other time.

Terrace of Pieck

Below: Portrait of Helena. We were comfortably seated here.

Portrait of Helena

And that was the end of the day for us. It was great seeing her again.

What happened in my life this week

We had a street party and the weather co-operated again. We have organised this annual street party for many years now and only once it rained. And that became a giggly event underneath a big parasol.
About 30 to 40 people attended. As usual there was so much delicious food. Ron also made four different dishes. And he didn’t present them on plates or in bowls, but in very long and large courgettes, which he scooped out first. Why didn’t I take a photo?

Below: I am the one in the blue and white striped shirt, killing myself laughing. For privacy reasons I pixelated my neighbours’ faces.

Street party

Sunday I visited mum and took her around the village in a wheelchair. We had an ice cream on the village square and coffee on a nice terrace overlooking the harbour. Lovely day.

Monday and Wednesday Ron and I went to the beach. Dog Watson loves to run through the water. And I love the iced coffee (prepared with cream). Grainy selfie below.

At the beach

Below: The continuing story of the parrot. Ron sent me this photo with the text:
You don’t think I am staying indoors with this gorgeous weather, now do you?”

Parrot on holiday

Below: He brought his friend Watson along.


Thursday I geared myself up to do some fitness. Gosh, I hate it, but it is so necessary. It is a good thing that I am so disciplined. Visited the physiotherapist for my knee and the rest of the leg. Also very necessary. I did a lot of chores and continued to do so on Friday morning.

Friday morning I ran late visiting the dental hygienist. I really must use my glasses when I open my agenda. She was proud of the way I brush my teeth, only I have a bit of nastiness bottom left. Not to my fault, but something is eating away my jaw. Monday I will see the dentist and consult him what to do. I fear horrible operations, costing a lot of money. I am insured for dental cost, but it is limited.
In the afternoon the hairdresser (a new lady this time) cut my hair and she did a good job. It was one and a half week overdue and it really showed.

Busy weekend ahead. Wishing you all a lovely week.


No Fear of Fashion


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