Angela Caputi padlock necklaceSometimes I am just not that clever. I bought this Angela Caputi padlock necklace after a long search and never actually tried it in person. When it arrived, I wore it with a simple white top and thought it was brilliant. Much later (too late to return it), I found it difficult to combine with different outfits. It is not as versatile as I thought it might be.

There is a lot of chunkiness going on around my throat, really high up, drawing the eye to my wrinkly neck. The wrinkly neck isn’t the worst thing for me, it is more about proportions. I yet have to find the right top to be able to wear this gorgeous necklace. What was clever though, was to also order simple earrings in the same material and the colour red as the padlocks. I need colour near my face.

Below: Close-up of the Angela Caputi padlock necklace with matching (clip) earrings, bought at Antioch Sieraden in Maastricht (great service).

Angela Caputi padlock necklace

I still think it is a gorgeous necklace and a real conversation starter. I tried it with this cream summer dress and decided to bookend it with equally chunky sandals. Probably a good move but I am still a woman who prefers more elegant shoes. Sigh.
(You have seen the dress before in this post, with high heeled espadrilles and a dainty necklace.)

Anyway, I wore this to Sabine’s 50th birthday celebration. Her husband organised a birthday lunch with family and close friends as a surprise. Anke and I were among those lucky ones.

Below: The lunch was at restaurant Slangevegt, a former country estate, built in 1700 and now a restaurant with delicious food and a great ambiance.

Slangevegt country estate, now restaurant.

Below: Part of our group, just before the starters were served. How picturesque is this?

Sabine's birthday lunch at Slangevegt

Below: Anke on the left and birthday girl Sabine on the right.

Anke and Sabine

Below: Sabine’s husband created a WhatsApp group for her friends and I organised a little whip-round for a present. These are the earrings we gave her. They go ever so well with that gorgeous dress. She looks radiant.

Sabine with her birthday earrings

Below: Dessert with candles to blow out. Not many women get to look this good at 50.

Sabine with cake and candles

Below: Views from the terrace.



Below: I wasn’t feeling very pretty. I thought the dress gave me a fat stomach, my hair had given up on me and the shoes, as I said, are not really what I like with a dress. Please don’t comment that I shouldn’t complain because I look lovely. I know everything is relative. At least I am smiling.

Angela Caputi padlock necklace

Below: I took a head-to-toe shot of Anke. Can you believe she found those gorgeous sandals in a charity shop?


Below: Anke was kind enough to take my blog photos and of course I wanted one sitting down.

Angela Caputi padlock necklace

It was so nice to celebrate Sabine’s birthday like this.

What happened in my life this week

Saw mum on Saturday. As it was too hot to go outside so we stayed in and she beat me at Rummikub, three times out of three.

The dentist

Fortunately the dentist had good news. He took a photo of the pivot tooth and its surroundings and compared it to the photos of two years ago and four years ago. Nothing has changed, so I need not worry. He did advise me though to use a particular floss for the back of the molar. Keeping it clean to prevent an infection is the best I can do to make sure it isn’t getting any worse. I am happy.

As my dentist isn’t too far from Marianne’s house, I popped over to see her.
Below: Marianne, looking good as always.


Below: I was wearing this that day. It wasn’t until two days later that I realised I wore another green top with these trousers. Oh well, who cares.

Wide linen trousers and a green top

Loes took outfit photos for next Sunday’s post. It was a bright day, although a bit foggy. Ideal weather for photography.

Below: Loes with a beautiful set of necklace and bracelet.


Jolanda, the designer behind EIJK shoes and boots, asked me to do a Zoom meeting with her as she was researching her target market, what the customer is looking for. That was fun.

I met Janneke for a cappuccino. We were supposed to go to the beach and have iced coffee but the machine had broken down. Darn. Luckily Ron and I walked dog Watson at the beach the afternoon before and found out about it. (Although I was very disappointed, not getting an iced coffee after doing all the walking.)

Below: A still from a video Janneke’s son secretly recorded. (Link to original post with this outfit.)

Janneke and me

Another pleasant coffee date was with Fennemiek whom I had not seen for at least three or four years. A lot had happened in our lives in that period, so we had some catching up to do. Fennemiek is ever so intelligent and a real feminist without being pushy about it. And of course a very pleasant person.

Below: Fennemiek, comfortably sitting in her roof top garden.


Below: I had to photograph the top of the church which you see behind Fennemiek in the photo above. What a view.

View over Amsterdam

Below: And the other side of her roof top garden.

Roof garden

Below: I was wearing my sleeveless suit. Ron warned me that I really did not look good in it haha. I must admit that I hadn’t buttoned up the vest and I was wearing house slippers when he said that. (Link to original post with this outfit.)

soft green sleeveless suit

Which concludes this week.


No Fear of Fashion


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