Samsoe wide leg jeans and a white shirtIntroducing two new items, my Samsoe wide leg jeans with a white shirt. The jeans come with a story, which I will tell you later on. The white shirt is from a shop in Haarlem which I love (LAB Women’s Clothing). The owner is a good stylist and she never “sells” me anything for the sake of it. If it doesn’t look good on me, she advises not to buy it. And when I was contemplating this white shirt, she sent me home to check the white shirts in my wardrobe first. Did I really need a new white shirt? The answer was yes. Shapes change and I didn’t have anything like this. Only one came close. I gave away a couple of white shirts which were outdated or too tight.
I love it when I can trust a shop owner. It is rare.

Below: Loes was my photographer and we decided to go just outside the centre where there are beautiful big trees on one side of the canal. It was a hazy day which is actually quite good for taking photos.


Below: I got a phone call from a shop, telling me that a pair of blue boots had arrived for me to try on. (I didn’t buy them, they weren’t right for me.) Serious business, serious face.

Samsoe wide leg jeans and a white shirt

Below: Cute detail, the shirt not only buttons at the front, it also buttons at the back.

Samsoe wide leg jeans and a white shirt

Below: View of the other side of the canal with road work going on. Nearly every street has builders, either for the road or one of the houses. So many renovations going on.


Below: The bag is the pale slate Demellier bag (link to original post). I wanted to keep the outfit a bit classy.

Samsoe wide leg jeans and a white shirt

Below: The gold necklace and bracelet are the other classy items.

Samsoe wide leg jeans and a white shirt

Below: Loes, my photographer in a pretty pink outfit.


Below: I adore trees like this. What a magnificent sight.


Below: Terrific as background for blonde hair. I was laughing at a man who shouted that I was looking good.

Samsoe wide leg jeans and a white shirt

Below: Just before we left, we saw this lady “transporting” a bunch of children. Must be from a day care centre.


Below: On repeat the photo of Loes with her beautiful jewellery. We were having cappuccino at our own neighbourhood restaurant.


What happened in my life this week

Saturday I visited mum and bought two more bras for her on my way. She changed size and I want her to always look good. Bought two bras for myself as well. The woman in the shop is so knowledgeable and has such a great stock.

We played two rounds of Rummikub and again she won both times. Then we took the wheelchair and headed outside as it was a beautiful day. Because we had such a good time, here is another photo of mum eating an ice cream. You don’t have to go entirely without her LOL.


Sunday morning was a morning when it drizzled as we went to the beach with friends and their dog. Just our luck. Below: a selfie of Lisette and me, Ron and Erik behind us. Erik and Lisette were a little cross with themselves for leaving their raincoats in the car.

At the beach in the rain

Below: After walking the dogs we decided to dry off inside the restaurant. Sure enough, after we ordered, the sun came out. Typical.

At the beach with friends

Most of the week consisted of fitness, physiotherapy and a lot of administrative work both on the phone and in writing.

I did do another photo shoot with Loes on the one day it didn’t rain this week, the Wednesday. That was a nice afternoon.

Most of the times I was dressed in casual jeans. Like the outfit below. Old boyfriend jeans, comfy jumper, wide jacket and very comfortable trainers. Sometimes I wonder why I buy clothes when my life is so casual most of the times. (Link to original post with the jacket.)

Casual jeans outfit

Visited my pelvic floor physiotherapist this week to discuss the progress. She is pleased, it is going really well but I insisted I want to continue until I don’t even lose a drop in a month. She monitors the progress and then tweaks the exercises a little which can make all the difference. Some women need to tighten up their muscles, I need to relax them.

Friday our friends Georg and Marla came to dinner and Ron cooked Spanish chicken.


No Fear of Fashion


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