Pebble coloured trousers with a blue blazer and a blue blouseBack to restyling again. I hate that as I am not good at shopping from my wardrobe, but I cannot keep buying new things. I combined the pebble coloured trousers with a blue blazer and a blue blouse. You get two for one in this post.

I like both combinations; with the jacket it looks more ‘corporate’ and with the blouse it is more a casual daytime outfit. You have seen the blazer before in this post with a pair of cream trousers. The top and shoes are black because black and blue are good together (nowadays haha).

Below: This navy blue is not the worst colour on me but also not the best, so I added the green brooch.

Pebble coloured trousers with a blue blazer and a blue blouse

Below: Isn’t that door behind me magnificent?

Beautiful door in Haarlem

Below: Close-up of the brooch.

Green brooch

Below: Another pretty house. I love the way they created that little patch of greenery at the front of the house.


Below: Walking towards that house, you can see the back of the heels I am wearing, the usual EIJK heel. I have worn them before in this post.

Pebble coloured trousers with a blue blazer and a blue blouse

Below: Loes. Tadah…


Below: A method which is often used in the Netherlands to prevent people from looking into your house, is placing a piece of stained glass behind your window. Mostly done in old houses.


Below: A wall like this is begging to be used as background.


Below: We photographed the outfit with the blue blouse in another area.
These trousers have a bit of a handicap…they pleat and sag at the crotch when you sit down.

Pebble coloured trousers with a blue blazer and a blue blouse

Below: See the difference when I am standing up?

Pebble coloured trousers with a blue blazer and a blue blouse

Below: The house I am standing in front of.


Below: We took this photo multiple times as I had to rearrange the belly area with all the strange pleats the trousers were creating. The yellow suede slingbacks are Marks & Spencer, from the days before Brexit. I like the unusual heel.
The bag is Dries van Noten (bought in the sale a couple of years ago) and the yellow chain necklace is ancient.

Pebble coloured trousers with a blue blazer and a blue blouse

Below: Demonstrating the slit in the trouser legs. You have seen these trousers before in this post and this post.

Pebble coloured trousers with a blue blazer and a blue blouse

Below: The house I am standing in front of above. Big house.


Below: It is a street with pretty houses.


What happened in my life this week

Not much really. I got a cold again and kept a low profile. I checked for Covid, but fortunately it was just a normal cold. One of my nieces and her daughter was visiting mum so I didn’t go. Lucky coincidence with that cold of mine. After all I don’t want to infect anybody in the nursing home. Fragile people.

Some of our Wedgwood crockery was getting a bit battered and we lost the lid of our sugar bowl, so we decided to buy a few additions. Ron spotted an address through the Dutch equivalent of e-Bay, called Marktplaats, where they sold several things we needed for a low price. We have been thinking of replacing the tableware all together but a whole new set of good quality crockery is really expensive. We want stuff that doesn’t immediately chip when you hit your kitchen counter with it.

The lady selling the Wedgwood lives in the same village as my friend Marja. Excellent opportunity to pop round for a coffee at her place.

Below: Marja and me. Another one of my terrible selfies.

Marja and me

Below: I was wearing this outfit, which is nearly the same as in the original post (which I like better). The boots I wore before with this jumper in a monochrome outfit.

Jeans with cream jumper

The weather is suddenly incredibly soft and warm. Ron decided to fill up our pond and…his alarm didn’t go off. Which meant that the water kept pouring from 7 p.m. in the evening until 8 a.m. the next morning. Our neighbours rang the doorbell at 8 a.m. asking if there was something wrong with a pump as their shed was flooded. The water came 20 cm high. Oh dear, dear.
Ron helped clearing the stuff from their shed into the garden (thank god for warm weather) and luckily they didn’t have anything standing on the floor other than a pair of shoes. Very unlike our shed… We bought them a bunch of flowers and profusely apologised. Our insurance covers this and we will wait for their claim. The water in their shed went down quickly but I bet it leaves a nasty smell. To be continued.

Below: I wore last week’s outfit with a different bag and added different earrings to meet Misja (blog MisjaB) for a coffee at the Spaarne canal. Forgot to take a photo of the two of us.

Outfit wide leg jeans with wide white shirt

Below: Marcella came over for a coffee. She had been working fulltime these past three weeks with no time for a visit. She looked good. Dog Watson photobombed.

Marcella, me and Watson

Did a few errands for mum. For instance, I had to buy her new undershirts as we forgot to pack hers in the move. Browsing in the lingerie shop for the undershirts, I looked round for fancy bras and found a pretty one in black with matching hipster briefs. Why? You may ask, as I have already bought two sets two weeks ago. Well, I had shown Ron one of my new bras with matching briefs, asked him whether he liked it and without sarcasm or irony, he asked me whether it was the same one as my mum’s. I will admit that mum’s bras are pretty nice but you don’t want to be compared to your mum by your lover, do you? OK, I will admit they are more sensible than seductive.
He approved of the black set.

Ordered a new phone “for senior citizens”, for mum as her old mobile phone had died. I sent it back as the battery didn’t upload and ordered a new one. Which I also sent back because of the same problem. As the third one arrived, it gave me the same problem. The helpdesk asked me some more questions and it turned out I was a bit stupid. The manual said I first had to upload the battery for 4 hours and every time it stopped doing that after two minutes. With the helpdesk at hand, it turned out that the battery was already full when the phone arrives at your home. I didn’t see that as the display was totally black, no information. Turned out I had to “switch it on”, by clicking the button with a red phone icon on it. (Doesn’t sound logical, does it?) My mum’s old phone was the same one, but an older model. You only had to open it and it was on. Pffff…I felt such a digital moron.

Good news. I had my second check-up after the cancer operation in March and again the result was good. No new cancer in sight. Let’s hope it stays that way.


No Fear of Fashion


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