Wide leg jeans and MadurodamAnother take on my wide leg jeans. You saw this wrap top before with my pebble coloured trousers (this post). I didn’t like the wrap top on those trousers and thought they were much better on these wide leg jeans. Alas…the photos you are about to see, suggests that the ensemble was a good idea, but there were so many photos showing a belly or the silly wrap strings at the back. Not nice, so I won’t wear this outfit again.

But…thinking it was the bomb, Marjolein and I headed to the theme park with miniature towns called Madurodam for a photo shoot.

Below: Many famous old Dutch buildings, castles and mansions are replicated as miniatures. You can see the scale of the miniatures from the people in the background.


Below: This for instance, is Palace Het Loo in Apeldoorn, with its gardens. I did a post on sightseeing in Apeldoorn and visited this palace in 2016 (scroll down to the bottom of the post).


Below: I loved this. You could operate the fire hoses on the bottom left while a fire started in the middle of the boat. At the right, fire boats were rushing in to help.


Below: Another funny gig was this. You put 20 cents in the box on the left (or use your bank card) and out of a ‘garage’ comes this truck with a mini Mars bar for you to pick from the back. Great for children but we loved it too.

How to get a Mars bar in Madurodam

Below: Near the ‘tulip fields’ were these giant tulips as a contrast.

Wide leg jeans and Madurodam

Below: The famous cheese market in Alkmaar. The men in white are cheese carriers.


Below: Time to show Marjolein and her gorgeous outfit.


Below: Binnenhof The Hague where the government resides. You can see the golden coach with the king arriving. I did a photo shoot here in this post.


Below: The Dom tower of Utrecht.


Below: The notes all have a colour, corresponding with the wooden sticks of the console, so anyone can play the songs. When you play them, you will hear the carillon in the Dom tower (above) playing the song. Fantastic feature.


Below: It was lunchtime and we headed to the Panorama Café, which we didn’t like very much. French fries and such. But the other restaurant was hosting a private party of 550 (!!) people, so not available to us.

Wide leg jeans and Madurodam

Below: I tried to show the shoes, but I bet you can see them better in the photo above. They have been in my wardrobe for years and hardly ever worn. They don’t look great on my flat feet when I am wearing skinnies. With these wide trousers they are perfect. They are from Italy and made from the softest leather.

Wide leg jeans and Madurodam

Below: Marjolein posing in front of the covered shopping gallery called “De Passage” in the Hague.


Below: You might think this is Amsterdam, but it is Utrecht. They are very similar with their canals and old buildings. (Note the figure of a guy proposing on the bridge.)


We thoroughly enjoyed the day.

Below: Let me show you one photo of the ones that horrified me. Bad posture, stupid hair and those silly wrap strings, exposed at the back. I know, I judge myself too harshly, but I know what I can look like, so I won’t settle for less.

Bad posture and bad top

What happened in my life this week

Ron and I visited mum together. As I hadn’t been the week before, there were quite a few things to do. I tried to get her new mobile phone up and running, only to find out mum doesn’t know the pin code of her SIM card haha. After 5 trials, we needed the PUK code which of course mum didn’t know either. She might have kept it in her drawer in her previous home, but that is gone now. Fortunately I have an honest face and I got the girl at the provider’s shop to give me mum’s PUK code. Everything is fine now and mum can use it again.

On Monday it was warm and sunny. Below: Ron and I took dog Watson to the beach for a good run and had lunch on the beach terrace. The relaxed couple LOL.

At the beach in October

I am doing a second photography course. On Tuesday we shot macro photos. Below one of my homework photos. I don’t mind the classes in the evening but we have to be on location a couple of times, this Sunday at 6 a.m. Oh my word. That means I have to get up half past 4 to be ready to leave at half past five. Yuck.

Flower up close

Below: One of my outfits this week. (Link to original post.)

Outfit blue blazer and cream trousers

Ron surprised me with a big chunk of nougat as I woke up feeling down that day. He wanted to cheer me up and he knows I love nougat. He is such a sweet man.


I also received another parrot joke from him.
Below: The text that accompanied this photo was: “Yes, yes, all of a sudden it is Animal Day”.
He refers to a cartoon he gave me years ago where a woman is saying this to her dog in a silly voice. So me. And it was the 4th of October.

Parrot on Animal Day

Below: The next thing he did was creating this scene…haha. Apparently the parrot had an upset stomach from all those peanuts.

Parrot with upset stomach

We both got our Covid repeat vaccination and in a fortnight we’ll get the one for the flu. Now I have to drag my poor old mother to one of these vaccination centres as it cannot be done in the nursing home.

In the meantime my physiotherapist has to treat me weekly and my health insurance only refunds a certain amount so that is going to cost me money.

Nothing exciting happened this week. I painted over some damage on the bumper of my car. That happened when I hit a girl on a ‘fat bike’. A fat bike is a very fast electric bike and it has big fat tires. She appeared out of nowhere as these bikes are so fast. I hit the brakes and stopped in time but she nearly fell off her bike because of the impact. I wanted to help her and tried to get out of my car. That wasn’t a good idea as the car started driving again as soon as I lifted my foot of the brake. I hit her gently and she was flabbergasted. She shouted “Why do you stop in time only to start driving again??”. The answer is, because I always forget this feature of my automatic car. Stupid. The pedals of her bike damaged my bumper. Having that spray painted will cost me too much so I ordered one of these car paint things and at least it is a lot less noticeable now. Below: the outfit I wore on Thursday when I went for a drink with my friend and neighbour Monique. (Link to original post.) Very comfy suit.

Green suit

Till next week.


No Fear of Fashion


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