Wide leg jeans with an oversized orange blazerAgain these wide leg jeans, this time with an oversized orange blazer. Big on big. Next week you’ll see these jeans again, even though I might lose readers when my content gets so boring. On the other hand, you’ll get to see a lot of possibilities which might inspire you. (I used to work in advertising and I learned how to explain away any bent proposition haha.)

Loes and I chose a little square with a fountain to photograph this outfit.

Below: There aren’t many fountains in Haarlem. This was a treat, even if it is a small one.


Below: The sleeves of the top are showing on purpose. I like the repeat.

Wide leg jeans with an oversized orange blazer

Below: The neighbourhood has pretty houses and I adore the trees in this street.


Below: The bicycles were all centred at the beginning of the street and not in front of every house, as you often see. It so spoils the look of a house. But if you cannot reach your garden other than going through the house, you’ll have to leave it outside or put it in the hallway which is usually not too big.


Below: These men asked to be in a photo with me and I thought “why not”. The cans of beer at half past 10 in the morning should have given me the answer “better not”. The man in the beige jacket nearly choked me with his arm. They didn’t look like bums and they were very friendly but beer at half past 10 in the morning? Oh well, different culture? (They weren’t Dutch.)

Wide leg jeans with an oversized orange blazer

Below: We moved to another spot. I have to say that, although the blazer is indeed really orange, it isn’t as bright as on the photos. I forgot to set the camera on RAW instead of JPG, which I must use for my photo course.
For those who don’t know what I am talking about, it means, with JPG I cannot edit the photos, like the colours, the depth etc. All these decisions are automatically made by the JPG setting and I don’t always agree with the automatic choices. The blazer is by Samsøe & Samsøe and I bought it at kpa.haarlem. I had my eye on it for half a year and when it hit the sale, I could no longer resist it.

Wide leg jeans with an oversized orange blazer

Below: The back of the oversized blazer. I just had my hair cut and it is still settling.

Wide leg jeans with an oversized orange blazer

Below: Loes was dressed in a trendy long jacket. Brown is very much the colour this autumn.


Below: Such a delicate carving of the support stones.


What happened in my life this week

It wasn’t a fun week. Mum caught severe pneumonia and was whisked into hospital. She is doing all right now and hopefully she will go back to the nursing home soon.

You can understand that a phone call in the middle of the night with the question whether I could accompany my mother in the ambulance, was a bit of a shock. I couldn’t accompany her because by the time I would have reached the hospital, she would have been in bed and asleep. That is the problem when you live over an hour’s drive away.

Of course it meant I didn’t sleep a wink that night nor the next night. I brought her clothes, glasses etc., informed lots of people and rang the hospital several times. Stressful but worse for poor mum.
They do take good care of her in the hospital and I am very grateful to the nurse in the nursing home who was so committed that she checked my mum at night and called the ambulance when her fever hit 40 degrees.

Anyway, so far so good.

Monday, after driving to and from the hospital, I just about made it in time for my hairdresser’s appointment. It was a close call. And adding insult to injury, a metal piece of my retainer came lose and stabbed my tongue all the time. The orthodontist fixed it a day later by putting a bit of glue on it. Simple fix which took 5 minutes. My tongue was sore by that time, I even managed to injure my lip.

Went to the zoo with Ron, stepdaughter and her husband.

Ron took the parrot with him. He was a big hit with children who came up to Ron and asked: “Sir, can you take a photo of me with the bird?” LOL.

Below: Parrot meeting penguin.

Parrot in the zoo meets penguin

Below: On a day that the weather was good, I wore my Big Bird jacket. (Link to original post.) I still love it.

Outfit Big bird jacket

If you notice some peculiar use of the English language, it is because my English editor is on holiday.

I had a problem with my blog as I couldn’t access my dashboard with which I create new posts. Just in time (Sunday afternoon), my tech lady knew how to fix it. That was a close one.


No Fear of Fashion

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