Green jumperTogether with last week’s outfit, Loes photographed my jeans with a green jumper and white necklace at a place called Museum of the Mind. Museum of the Mind (in Dutch called Dolhuys) is situated in a unique medieval building: the former leper-, plague and madhouse.

Below: This is a tiny bit of the complex.


We were in a little secluded garden at the front of the museum, the former courtyard. There were ‘tables’ with photographs by Laurence Aëgerter. The exhibition is called Healing Plants for Hurt Landscapes.
Below: This is one of the photos, called Digitalis ambigua, Normandy, France

Laurence Aëgerter, Digitalis ambigua

Below: More information about the exhibition. I get the connection because the museum is all about the mind.

Explanation of the Healing Plants exhibition

Below: Looking at the photo.
By the way…I think I finally have a nice butt in trousers with these wide leg ones. Or should you not blow your own trumpet LOL?

Green jumper

Below: Another photo, called Cannabis sativa.

Laurence Aëgerter, Cannabis sativa

Below: We only took three photos of this outfit, as I had originally planned to include them in last week’s post. This is my best jumper, because of the length, shape, neckline and colour. I even had my seamstress create a pattern of it. I just don’t dare sew up a top with this pattern.

Green jumper

Below: The necklace. The stones are a bit damaged as I have had this necklace for many years now. Bought it in one of those covered arcades in Paris.

White necklace

Below: Of course Loes is wearing the same as last week as she did not schlepp another outfit with her. But it is a different photo.


Below: Driving back, we saw beautiful houses and photographed two of them.



What happened in my life this week

Mostly blog problems. I used to have a great woman minding the technical side of my blog, but she was involved in a major car accident and although she tried, she is not able to do the work anymore. So I had to find a new tech person. Not easy and certainly if you cannot afford to pay what they are actually worth.

Luck is on my side. One of my former colleagues at the internet department, knew a trustworthy (and very skilled) person who was willing to do the work. And of course, in the process of transferring, there are bound to be things going wrong. Luckily my “old” tech lady could help me when my blog stopped doing everything and the new guy (it is a guy now) was able to implement the stuff he needed to. I won’t go into detail as I will only bore you. But let’s say, they were ominous days and I am very pleased everything is fine now.

Below: I decided to give away all my high heels. My friend Sabine is the same size and we tend to share the same taste in shoes. She came round on the Sunday and chose 3 or 4 pairs. As I don’t know anybody else my size, I will give the rest to charity. My heart bleeds, but there is no way I am going to be able to walk in them again. OK, I did put 4 pairs back. For a sitting down night.

High heeled shoes and boots

We had coffee with cake at Ron’s brother, who was celebrating his 73rd birthday.
Below: I was wearing this. I was so pleased I finally had something to dress up for. (Link to original post.) Temperatures have dropped to 10 degrees Celsius, so for me, it is winter.

Bright outfit with bright pink blazer and purple blue trousers

Of course mum needed attention in the hospital too. Luckily she recovered from her severe pneumonia and on Thursday Ron and I could take her back to the nursing home. She is perky again although still feeling quite tired.

Helga and I enjoyed a delicious meal at restaurant Metzo. Just before we left, we asked to have our photo taken. It was dark, there were lights behind us, so it totally failed haha. But the look on our faces below, however grainy, clearly demonstrates the fun time we had.

Helga and me


No Fear of Fashion


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