Purple blue cropped trousers with bright pink blazerLet’s talk spring. It was on my mind when I created outfits around my purple blue cropped trousers. Bright colours, bright mood, foul weather. It was cold and rainy so Loes and I headed to restaurant De Dakkas in Haarlem, which is built like a greenhouse on top of a car park. It meant we didn’t have to travel far from the car through the rain and wind. Indoors there was no wind, lots of light and there was a mirror. Ideal situation. The coffee machine was on the blink that morning but the hot chocolate tasted very good.

Below: As you may have seen a couple of posts ago, this is the view from the restaurant when the weather is good. You can overlook the whole town.

De Dakkas

Below: Not being so fortunate with the weather, this was our view.

View from restaurant De Dakkas

Below: I wanted to go down the outside stairs to get a better view, but the rain made the deck so slippery, that I didn’t risk it.

View from restaurant De Dakkas

Below: This restaurant has seen a lot of photo shoots and I can see why. You get great backgrounds.

Bright pink blazer

Below: See?

Purple blue cropped trousers with bright pink blazer

Below: A bit the same as above but a good shot. I like to turn my collar up although it may be old-fashioned. I was also wearing a small silver belt, but you can only see that in the first photo of this post.

Purple blue cropped trousers with bright pink blazer

Below: A shot with my reading glasses. You haven’t seen much of them so far.
The heel of these boots is a terrific find of the designer (Jolanda of EIJK Amsterdam). They have a bit of height, look elegant and they feel like flat shoes. The heel height is 6 cm (2.36”) with an optical illusion. It looks like a stiletto heel from the back while the side gives you the idea of an edgy half wedge, a longer supporting heel.

Purple blue cropped trousers with bright pink blazer

Below: I also took my black and white blazer with me and high heeled pumps to combine with the purple blue trousers. Another combination which I really like.

Purple blue cropped trousers with black and white blazer

Below: The pearl earring set Paris by Lara Design.

Pearl earrings by Lara Design

Below: Again, no idea what happened but apparently I thought it was funny.

Purple blue cropped trousers with black and white blazer

And I totally forgot to take a photo of Loes. I can be such a self-centred bitch.

Below: When I got home I changed into jeans and created the third outfit. I equally like this. The big silver belt is by Essentiel Antwerp.

Bright pink blazer with jeans

The pink jacket I bought ages ago at kpa.haarlem and you have seen it before in this post and in this post.

What happened in my life this week

Little, very little happened in my life. About the most boring week of my life.

I saw the doctor and she was quite pleased. My blood pressure is back to 120/80 (perfect) and the saturation (=oxygen in my blood) is 97 (also perfect). She said it was due to my good condition before the operation that I am healing quickly but, she said, I did “take off a coat” (Dutch expression, literally translated). Due to lack of appetite (and the operation?) I lost two and a half kilos, which really shows in my face. Have to eat a lot of cakes to gain back that weight. (By the way, did you know you should also have clean teeth with no infections before getting operated?)

I am feeling a little better every day and am now walking outside to exercise (very little…step by step). Beginning of this week I got to Kitty’s house and rang her doorbell. She showed me a gorgeous background for a shoot (below) but that will have to wait. Apparently there is a second bloom at the end of April. I am sure I will be up and running by that time.

Blossom in spring

On top of the flowers I received last week, I got even more. One of my ex-colleagues brought me tulips from her and another colleague. I was flabbergasted. My retirement started three years ago and I didn’t keep in touch. So sweet. Another ex-colleague Whatsapped me and wanted to come over to cuddle right away. My friend Froukje brought a vase with flowers from her and her husband and popped 4 (FOUR!) expensive glossy fashion magazines through the letterbox. Another friend Monique slipped a box with skin care products through the same letterbox. Get-well cards from friends and more tulips from neighbours. And then so many comments with good wishes from my readers. It makes me very humble and shy but also very happy, even though it is completely unnecessary.

Thursday the catheter was removed (thank God! I hated that contraption). Then my bladder got a chemo ‘bath’; just to make sure if a malignant cell got lose and wanted to settle in my bladder, they kill it before it grows. If this is all TMI (too much information), please let me know in the comments. Although I sincerely hope this is the last medical update. Next Thursday I will hear the result of the tumour staging. Hopefully they got everything out during the operation and further treatment isn’t necessary. Light a candle for me if you will.


Marcella of Lara Design dropped by for a coffee. She wore a new set of pearl earrings. In her left earlobe she is also wearing a little cuff and something that is called an ear crawler.

Pearl earrings set Lara Design

The doorbell rang and my next-door neighbours handed me a beautiful bouquet of flowers. They had waited with the flowers so I would have a fresh bunch when the others wilt. That is something I would do too.

Below: I was dressed properly again, instead of walking around in a wide pair of jogging trousers (size too big) and an oversized jumper. You wouldn’t think I had just had major surgery. But it is fake dears and I regretted the waistband in the evening. If I am walking outside for 20 minutes I am thrilled to be back home again. Zero energy. Of course I don’t worry about it. It will come back again. Till then, fake it till you make it.

Me on a Friday

Below: Cosy selfie of Marcella and me.

Marcella and me

See you next week.


No Fear of Fashion


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