Teal and cream outfitYou may think I am on holiday in a Mediterranean country but it is only a wall painting behind me. My friend Jacqueline took the photos of this teal and cream outfit and did very well. Only…I had forgotten to change one camera setting back to automatic (ISO for the ones who know these things). I am taking a photography course and we are experimenting with all sorts of settings and I thought I had changed everything back to what I want for blog photos. I did not. The ISO was set at 12,800 and it should have been 100. Even if you don’t know what that means, you know that this much difference is bad. It meant the photos weren’t sharp. Tough, but I am using them anyway.

Below: Jacqueline and me in the restaurant where we had lunch and where we took photos in their courtyard. She is a darned good coach and I am not saying that because she is my friend. She gets raving reviews and works for universities as well. Aside from that she is a darling.

Teal and cream outfit and Jacqueline

Below: My orange bag is the third colour in this outfit. Two colours are usually boring, although not always.

Teal and cream outfit

Below: Wearing my gold-plated paperclip earrings by Lara Design. She also sells similar clip earrings. The jumper is from kpa.haarlem. Great shop.

Teal and cream outfit

Below: This is how I could also wear it. It is a bit less interesting but still.
(My apologies for the mess in the room. Usually I clear everything away before I take a photo haha. This one was just for my memory, not be used on the blog.)

Teal and cream outfit

Below: This custom-made coat is perfect for autumn when you aren’t wearing bulky clothes yet but do need warmth when you go out. See how well the pattern matches at the seams? (Link to the original post with this coat.)

Long brownish black coat

Below: The coat is fully lined and my friend Katrien (the designer of this coat) made me a matching scarf from the lining fabric.

Long brownish black coat

Below: A couple of days later I wore the same outfit but switched the jumper for my houndstooth blazer. Pattern mixing! Something I rarely do, but these colours were so similar.

Teal and cream outfit

Below: I was meeting Marita for a coffee in town and I saw one of my neighbours passing the restaurant. As this neighbour is a professional photographer, I asked him to take a few photos with my camera. He was kind enough to do so while grumbling I needed to buy a decent camera haha. No thank you, this one was expensive enough. (My hair was as flat as a pancake.)

Teal and cream outfit

Below: I adore these Toral boots with the lower heel. I have them in burgundy as well. My high heels may be gone, but on these heels I can walk easily.

Knee-high cream boots

Below: No idea why these people are strangely dressed. Halloween perhaps? They were in front of the restaurant and I couldn’t resist taking a photo.

Dressed-up people

Below: My friend Marita. She bought the trousers at kpa.haarlem as she is a fan of that shop as well. One day we might turn up wearing the same thing LOL. Her men’s blazer is from a second-hand store called Paragons. I think she looks cool.


What happened in my life this week

On Saturday I had coffee with Marita (photos above) whom I hadn’t seen for quite a while. It was raining cats and dogs that day, so we cut our get-together short to profit from a few dry minutes and go home without getting soaked.
In the evening Ron and I were invited for dinner by our friends and neighbours Froukje and Petro. I was sitting in this beautiful design chair which turned out to be a bad idea. When I got up, my knee hurt like hell and I let out a cry. Sitting on a straight chair is better for me. Another thing learned. (Dinner was delicious by the way.)

Teal and cream outfit

Photography course

On Sunday the photography course which I am attending, took place at Avifauna, a park with special birds and mammals. A lot of them are behind fences, but there is one area, the Madagascar area, where you can see African birds very close, for example the cranes and guinea fowl. I loved the fluffy ring-tailed lemurs, red-bellied lemurs and red ruffed lemurs. I took three photos of ring-tailed lemurs and when I saw them, I could hear them talk and gossip. So I created a little cartoon with the 3 photos. See below.

Lemur monkey with a bird

Lemur monkey with a bird

Lemur monkeys with birds

I am not a good photographer. I don’t have the eye nor the passion. But I still like the course very much and was proud of the photos I took. But that is a hereditary thing. My father was always very proud of work he had done (for instance putting in a new ceiling or painting a wall) and everybody had to hear about it. My brother and I are exactly the same haha. Very proud of our accomplishments. Not the finest trait.

I won’t bore you with the 32 photos I thought were brilliant (…) but I will show you a few.

Below: Another lemur, taken while he was jumping from one branch to another. Animals on the move are hard to capture.

Jumping lemur

Below: Two other lemurs. Aren’t they cute?


There were a lot of birds too and I did take a few nice photos, but they are not as good as the lemur ones.

Below: Two typically Dutch landscapes. I took those on my way home, stopping at a lay-by, mainly because the clouds were so good.

Dutch landscape

Dutch landscape

Below: Marcella stopped by and she was wearing new earrings.


Below: On Tuesday Marjolein and I did a photoshoot at a mall as it was raining again! It has been such a wet week. Here she is, dressed in her favourite colour, purple, looking splendid.


Below: It is autumn in the garden as well. Ron put a net over the pond, mainly to stop leaves falling in the water, but we hope it will also stop herons eating the fish in winter. Sophie, our cat (at the edge of the pond) always drinks from the pond, so she isn’t pleased with the net.

Cat Sophie at the pond

On Thursday I went to the film with Monique: Past lives. It is a ‘quiet’ film about human emotions and they were portrayed very well.

Friday I had coffee and lunch with Kitty (below).


After lunch I rushed to my mum in the nursing home. She is doing well, although she is still tired. It was a relief for her to have her hair done. That was really necessary. I bet it helps to make her feel better.


No Fear of Fashion


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