Pearl earrings Lara DesignIt was a stroke of luck that the Paris post was published last week as this outfit and the one of two weeks ago were created with the same pair of cream trousers and boots. Although this time with a blouse and a blazer, the accompanying colour choice is again navy blue. It shows how you can wear the same clothes while creating a totally different vibe by changing one or two items. But posting them successively, might have been boring.

The delightful set of earrings above is from Lara Design (link to the earrings). They are called Paris. I should have taken them with me last week. LOL

Below: The entire outfit. The blouse being longer than the blazer is a deliberate styling choice. You either like it or you don’t. I am standing in front of a newly opened shop, hence the balloons.
The blouse is Ganni (see original post).

Navy blue blazer with cream trousers

Loes took the photos and before we got started we had cappuccino at Vascobelo.

Below: Sitting in front of Vascobelo. The bag is Demellier London (see original post).

Navy blue blazer with cream trousers

Below: Tucking one side of the blouse into the trousers is another option. I should have done it better than in the photo below. More gradually. I changed footwear.

Navy blue blazer with cream trousers

Below: In the restaurant I took a photo of Loes.


Below: Then I said: “Give me a smile!” Ahhh…sweet.


Below: We proceeded to the market where they sell a lot of flowers. Behind the stalls you see part of the town hall of Haarlem, recently renovated.

Town Hall of Haarlem

Below: Colourful flowers in the background are always nice. Throwing in a couple of green plastic bags too 🙈😱. I thought plastic bags were banned in the Netherlands.
No idea what I was on about, but  I do like my blue suede high heeled pumps so much more than flat shoes or boots. Alas, it doesn’t match my lifestyle any longer.

Navy blue blazer with cream trousers

Below: The Saint Bavo Church in the background is a good shot.

Saint Bavo church of Haarlem

The blazer is new and I bought it at LAB Women’s Clothing just as my navy blue jumper in the post of two weeks ago. I so like that shop.

Below: Daphne, the owner of LAB Women’s Clothing. Like most women she is not keen on being photographed haha. But she was a good sport and let me publish this one.

Below: Loes and I had lunch at Metzo in the Warmoesstraat. Lovely restaurant, lovely food.

Restaurant Metzo

Restaurant Metzo

As we were finished and walked out, the sun had reached Metzo’s terrace and it was nice to eat outside. We were just a bit too early for that.

Below: Next-door to Metzo is this magnificent building. The door leads to the almshouse courtyard Den Groenen Thuijn. If you ever want to visit the courtyard, here is some information.

Entrance almshouse courtyard Den Groenen Thuijn

The building and garden were open until 12 o’clock and it was way past that. We didn’t know about opening hours and were just admiring the building when the door opened and a sweet old lady invited us in. We were very pleased with the opportunity to see more.

Below: Behind the front door, a corridor leading to the garden/courtyard.

almshouse main building Den Groenen Thuijn

Below: I took a peek up the stairs.

almshouse main building Den Groenen Thuijn

Below: And there was the garden, a tranquil heaven. Sitting in the sun was a lady who lives there and who informed us about the opening hours. When we mentioned that we were invited by this nice lady, she told us that the lady didn’t have all her marbles. We never noticed. So we took a few quick photos and swiftly went on our way.

almshouse courtyard Den Groenen Thuijn

Below: It must be nice to live there.

almshouse courtyard Den Groenen Thuijn

Below: On our way out we saw the rules and regulations (sorry they are in old Dutch). It turned out you had to pay quite a large sum of money to be allowed to live there. And when you died, everything you still owned, went to the foundation who ran it and you were not at liberty to spend much of the wealth you possessed when you entered. And there were fines on all sorts of things. Hmmm. doesn’t sound like charity to me.

Regulations almshouse

Below: As we headed home, we passed kpa.haarlem where I bought the cream trousers by Just. We tried to take a photo of Karlijn, the owner, but more than her back was not allowed that day haha. She said she didn’t feel well and that she had a bad hair day. We have to respect that.

Navy blue blazer with cream trousers

Perhaps it is a good idea not to wear high heels anymore. If I look at the photo above, I see I do bend my knees a lot. Or was that because Karlijn is more petite and standing on flat sneakers?

Below: At first I wore the jacket with my striped jumper and flared jeans but somehow it felt old-fashioned. Is that because I was around the first time flared jeans were “in”? Also my tummy was showing a bit as I didn’t tuck in the jumper. Something was off.
(I blurred the background…experimenting here.)

Navy blue blazer with white flared jeans

What happened in my life this week

Not much. Covid had me down for a couple of days but wasn’t affecting me too badly. So apart from reading, sleeping etc. there isn’t much to tell. Did a lot of phoning on behalf of my mother. Even though we have a good health care system, you have to keep yourself on your toes.

Tuesday I was fed up with dressing gowns, PJ’s, jeans and T-shirts and I got fully dressed. Nobody was home and of course nobody could visit, so this is clear proof that I dress for myself. (Dress by 2nd day.)

Black linen dress

Wednesday Ron was still Covid negative so he took my mother to her hospital appointment. We had my brother lined up as well, just in case Ron tested positive all of a sudden. Luckily my brother’s help wasn’t necessary, as he lives 2 hours’ drive away from mum. To Dutch standards that is very far.

As there isn’t that much to say about my life this week, I am giving you a couple of photos I should have posted but forgot.

Below: A magnolia in full bloom. Grand.


Below: My friend Misja (blog MisjaB) who took the “Haarlem promotion tour video” in this post. Of course I should have included the photos I took of her when I showed the video. Forgot (I am so self-centred…)! Doesn’t she look smashing?

Misja B at the quay

Below: Close-up of her bag and jewellery.

Close-up Misja's jewellery

Below: I saw this on Instagram and laughed my head off.Silly cat

Thursday at the end of the day, Ron gave me this lovely bunch of flowers, saying: “That is for your birthday tomorrow”.
I replied: “Thank you darling, but that is the day after, on Saturday the 16th”. Haha. He is very romantic and attentive, quite the opposite of me. I am neither of these. I told him he’d have done better waiting until Tuesday as the flowers would be much cheaper after Easter than before. I am sooo my father’s daughter. He used to give my mum chrysanthemums for her birthday, …”as they lasted so long”. A very practical man he was.

Birthday flowers Ron

Below: My little Easter corner.

Easter corner

Below: Marianne sent me this gorgeous bunch of flowers for my birthday. Our house looks terrific.

Birthday flowers Marianne

Below: The weekly video. I remembered to take it in landscape format, so just click the play button.


No Fear of Fashion


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