White trousers and shirt with a green jacketDue to our Paris trip and my week in Covid isolation I was short of photos for the blog. And my regular photographers Loes and Kitty were both unavailable on short term. So, Ron to the rescue.

A blog article on You Look Fab inspired me to combine the white trousers and shirt with the green jacket. Or should I say, I just copied it haha. The article showed different ways to style a white shirt.
You Look Fab is a really good website with lots of tips and inspiration and a very committed community of women. I am proud to say there are two Dutch ladies at the helm: Angie and Inge.

Below: I admit I like it better with the shirt as far open as in this picture, but one has to know one’s limitations LOL.

White trousers and shirt with a green jacket

Ron suggested a particular park and said I should bring different shoes to get to places where my normal shoes would get damaged. But…I changed my outfit from what I had in mind at first to these white trousers that need higher heels. I have no ‘doesn’t-matter-if-they-get-dirty’-high heels.

As soon as he directed me towards some trees in the distance, my mood went down. I had to trod through sand, bushes and grass while a branch swept against my face. I said some things I cannot repeat. Which of course got Ron cross. An argument followed.
What is it with people that they lose politeness and just let go when they are with loved ones? Because they feel safe? I would never do this with somebody else (well…apart from friends I know well, poor sods). Anyway, I repented and next time I will speak firmly to myself, not to start moping and groaning when we go out for a photo shoot.

Below: I arrived at the designated spot and yes, it is a good photo. A bit too sunny so the green of my jacket turned a little brown/beige in the photo. The jacket is second-hand Ralph Lauren from a vintage shop in Leiden, called Lionheart Vintage Boutique. (I am linking her Instagram account, just for the Dutch or for tourists who happen to be in Leiden.) The white trousers are Essentiel Antwerp, the boots Unisa and the shirt Piazza Sempione. I had the front of the shirt sewn tight so there is no gaping. Who needs buttons when you can put it on over your head?

White trousers and shirt with a green jacket

Below: Feeble excuse for a pose.

White trousers and shirt with a green jacket

Below: This pose is not much better, but the light through the trees is lovely.

White trousers and shirt with a green jacket

Below: Close-up of the orange earrings by Lara Design. (Are you getting tired of hearing that the earrings are by Lara Design? I do say it a lot, don’t I?)

Orange earrings by Lara Design

Below: Checking the camera as it suddenly went to a different screen and I didn’t know which button to push. I have to look through the bottom of my contact lenses to be able to see up close, which means I am squinting.

Checking the photos

Below: I got the camera going again (sheer luck) and Watson photobombed. Ron said: “What an odd photo; it looks as if the dog is peeing in your tote.”

White trousers and shirt with a green jacket

Below: I liked this photo as well. See his tongue sticking out? I bet he wanted to lick my face which he is not allowed.

White trousers and shirt with a green jacket

Below: Then Ron asked me to stand on the very edge near the lake. Hazardous with old knees and high heels, but I made it (after refusing at first). I walked very slowly and carefully. It does make for a cool picture.

White trousers and shirt with a green jacket

Below: Very near to me in my tricky spot, Watson was splashing around in the water. I was lucky; he didn’t jump up to me.

Dig Dr Watson

What happened in my life this week

Saturday was my birthday, which I didn’t celebrate, but I did visit mum as she needed help with the wound on her heel. I brought her a little footstool from our house as she was advised to keep her foot elevated to avoid putting pressure on her foot. I also had to fix a foam ankle ring which she wears at night to prevent her heel touching the mattress. It kept slipping off etc. so I fixed it.

Below: On the right my leg trying out the ankle ring and on the left my mum resting her legs on the footstool.

ankle ring

Below: I took a photo of mum again. She just had her hair cut.


Sunday I did some sunbathing in the garden. Only for an hour in the late afternoon.

Monday it was Ron’s birthday. We ‘celebrated’ it by going to the beach in the morning. In the afternoon I had a photo shoot with Kitty in the tulip fields and as we drove back a lady smashed my left side mirror (below) while passing on a small bridge (I had right of way). Hassle, papers, insurance, phone calls etc.

Broken side mirror

Tuesday: Went straight to the garage in the early morning to have my side mirror repaired, after which I could drive to mum and take her to the hospital for a check-up of the wound.

Wednesday: The plumber came and fixed a lot of things. I left him to himself for an hour to go to the pedicure and in the afternoon my hair was cut and dyed by the hairdresser. Busy day.

Thursday The doctor’s assistant cleaned my ears. I rushed home as Marcella came round to create a few videos for her earrings promotion.
In the afternoon I visited the pelvic floor therapist and told her we weren’t there yet. She assured me I was doing the right things and it would all be OK in about a month.

Friday Karlijn of kpa.haarlem invited me for a cappuccino and a cake as a belated birthday celebration. Fortunately for her there were so many clients that it took an hour before we could sit down to that. It was a lovely gesture.
Below: This is what I was wearing on Friday.

outfit Friday

In the evening we had friends for drinks and dinner, which was lively and lovely. I had bought paella at a very good catering company with tapas as starter. Ron was busy with work that day and had no time to cook. Before you suggest this…letting me cook is a very bad idea.

And here is the weekly video, created with zero inspiration (sorry dear readers).

The T-shirt I am wearing in the video you have seen before in this post with my jeans dress.


No Fear of Fashion


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