Man repeller jeans and stripesThese man repeller jeans by MAC turn out to be just as good as my G-Star Raw boyfriend jeans. Apparently, I like baggy trousers and bow legs. I can wear them with nearly any top.

For my visit to Lia, I chose to wear them with a black merino wool top. Nearly all my tops have a boat neck as it suits me best, even though it is rather draughty at the neck. My friend Misja (MisjaB) taught me how to use stripes and I am putting her lessons into practice. Stripy top and stripy belt.

Below: We were near an old mill in the village of Maassluis, called De Hoop (The Hope), built in 1690. It got damaged in 1970 and was rebuilt.
The green bag is quite old and a souvenir from a visit to Rome (with Lia).

Man repeller jeans and stripes

Below: Nice picture of the mill from the other side. You can see Lia in her white puffer coat on the bottom right. She felt it was too cold to take her coat off for a photo. Smart woman.

mill in Maassluis

Below: Close-up of the mill top.

Detail of mill in Maassluis

Below: Lia, you already saw her last week.


Below: Fresh haircut which has to settle. The green earrings are by Lara Design.

Green earrings by Lara Design

Below: We went to the centre of the village in search of some nice backgrounds.

Man repeller jeans and stripes

Below: Trying out some new poses. I look really happy here.

Man repeller jeans and stripes

Below: I never miss a bench opportunity.

Man repeller jeans and stripes

Below: The background of the photo above is an old dock. There is a home for sailors on the right (the white building that says ‘Te huis voor zeelieden‘). It is now a hotel for workers from abroad.


By this time I was really cold and could only say “Lunch, restaurant, warmth”. We found a nice place and put the camera in the bag. Sorry dear readers, no more old buildings.

A little warning. The outfits are going to be black or black and white for a few weeks. No idea what has come over me. Hang in there, colour will follow.

What happened in my life this week

I have been violently sick last Saturday. And it was a day with my BVA friends, which is always so lovely. I started feeling poorly around 2 o’clock as we were going out to shop. In every shop I sat down and never looked at the clothes. By half past three I threw up in a public toilet and that was it, I went home. It wasn’t the end but I will save you more gory details. If I wasn’t sick, I slept. For nearly one and a half days. The doctor says it is a virus which is going round. Well, it’s one way to lose that bit of extra weight. I was sad that our day together was spoiled like that.

Below: Marjolein. We had an enjoyable afternoon together on Tuesday, taking photos for the blog and chatting away.


Below: Ron took this photo of Watson at the beach during the golden hour. It looks as if he is staring philosophically into the distance but I bet he just spotted a bird. Not many philosophical thoughts go through his mind I think, but who knows.
Ron’s favourite beach restaurant went up in flames a few months ago and burnt down to the ground. For the time-being he has to get coffee at another place. Hopefully the restaurant will be rebuilt by April.

Watson near the sea at the end of the afternoon

Mum and I went to the hospital for her regular eye and ear treatment. It went smoothly and we also had time for her to try on three pairs of grey trousers. Two of them are keepers, so I pinned them to have them shortened as she is a tiny lady. It will take a week before they are ready.

Went on another photo shoot, this time with Loes. We decided to go to the area where we were last time when it started to rain and we had to change our plans. It was a bright and sunny day and we got nice photos (with a colourful outfit this time). For coffee and tea we frequented the same place as last time, hiding from the rain, as it is such a delicious place (In den gevulde broodmand / In the filled breadbasket).

Below: Loes with a new jumper. I wanted to stroke it. Her earrings are so delicate and pretty.


I also saw Marcella, whom I visited at the shop where she works. We both have little time to see each other.

Below: Marcella in her new coat, a bargain in the sale. It looks gorgeous on her. I blurred the background for privacy reasons (it is not her shop).

Marcella in her new coat

Which concludes the week. Strange weather, one day it is sunny, the next it rains or drizzles. Temperatures around 8 degrees Celsius and a vicious wind. But spring is around the corner (see below).



No Fear of Fashion


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