Silver pleated skirt with big jumperWhen I was shopping with my Shopping Saturday friends (last week’s post) I tried on this silver skirt. The shop assistant fetched the big jumper, telling me they used this combination for their advertisement earlier that season. Which means the outfit was styled by a professional. The jumper is 68% mohair, 11% wool which is hell for me as it itches, especially mohair. Nevertheless, I tried it on and to my astonishment it wasn’t bad at all. A bit itchy around the neck and chest but not much. I was so in love with the jumper and especially in combination with the silver skirt, that I threw caution to the wind and bought it.

I am wearing the jumper with a thin summer top underneath that sits very high on my neck and I have a strange thing on which is basically only sleeves. And I don’t have an itch problem. Yay.

One very cold day a couple of weeks ago I went on a photo shoot with my friend Marjolein. She said: “It is far too cold to do a photo shoot outside. Let’s go to the Mall in Leidschendam”.  (Try and pronounce that, you lovely readers from abroad LOL). Leidschendam is a small town, adjacent to The Hague.
I agreed because it was indeed freezing and there are big windows everywhere (= natural light) at the mall.

Below: We started with lunch and the restaurant had a conservatory, nearly all glass. I said: “And there was light” and we began.
As black and white are not the best colours near my face, I added yellow earrings with a silver button; Lara Design of course.

Silver pleated skirt with big jumper

Below: Marjolein, the purple lover. There is a bit of purple in her jumper.


Below: Marjolein’s earrings.

Marjolein's earrings

Below: Upstairs the Christmas lights were still up. Across the balustrade you could see yourself. The pillar was made from a shiny material which worked like a mirror.
Somehow, I always seem to be leaning on one leg. The pleated skirt exaggerates that.

Silver pleated skirt with big jumper

Below: In hindsight I didn’t like the gap between the boots and the skirt.

Silver pleated skirt with big jumper

Below: I wore black tights with silver polka dots but I still don’t like the gap.

Tights with silver polka dots

Below: A photo from my bedroom, while I was trying out footwear for this combination. The burgundy boots I am wearing, have a higher shaft and the burgundy earrings bookend the outfit. The burgundy colour is probably hard to see, but you’ll take my word for it, right? (If not, you can see the burgundy better in this post.) I will wear the skirt and jumper with the burgundy boots from now on.

Silver pleated skirt with burgundy boots

Below: Marjolein and me in the ‘mirror’ across from the balustrade. Funny effect.

Marjolein and I

Below: We went down a floor and found an ice cream parlour. With all that pink, it was as if we had arrived in Barbie land.

Silver pleated skirt with big jumper

Below: Showing my wool A-line skirt by Wolford (second-hand find) which I was wearing underneath the paper-thin silver skirt. I am no fool.

Silver pleated skirt with big jumper

The skirt will be great for winter with this trick and great for spring with another light-weight skirt underneath it. It will also work for summer without an extra skirt but always with a slip as it opens wide easily. My revealing days are over, although, I was never very revealing. Having said that…I used to wear tops in my thirties, which were reasonably decent, only I had the habit of folding my arms underneath my (much smaller) breasts while leaning with my elbows on the table. It worked like a push-up bra, only I never noticed. It wasn’t until I saw that a guy, sitting across from me, was looking at my chest instead of at my face. (“Oy…up here!” LOL) From that day on I wore tops with a higher neckline.

Below: The Christmas decoration at the ice cream parlour.

Decoration at the ice cream parlour

I had just taken the above photo when two security men came asking whether I had permission to take photos. Of course I didn’t and I explained that I was only having pictures taken of me and if he so wanted, I would delete the photo of the ice cream parlour decoration. The girl behind the counter saw the photo and said: “I don’t mind at all.” The security guys then agreed and left.

Below: We had a nice chat with the ice cream parlour girl. She pointed at their booth as background for a photo. Really, it was Barbie land.

Silver pleated skirt with big jumper

No beautiful buildings this time. Only two photos of the mall.

Below: It is a big and bright mall, very modern.

The Mall

Below: I like this ceiling feature. Very Star Trek.

Roof in The Mall

Ron associated the silver skirt with space as well. When he first saw it, he yelled “PIGS IN SPACE”, after that episode in the Muppet Show. He is still no fan of the skirt.

What happened in my life this week

I saw Lia, my friend from when I was 17. Always such a pleasure. She took photos of my outfit for next week’s blog post. Not many as it was cold again. We hurried into a restaurant.

Below: Lovely Lia. She can still crouch down. It’s been a long time since I could do that.


And I had a jolly time with Eefje, catching up as we hadn’t seen each other for quite some time. We arranged to meet at Le Petit Café as it is nice there.

Below: Eefje and I (or is it ‘me’?). She hates being photographed.

Eefje and I

See you next week.


No Fear of Fashion


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