green jumper with flared jeans and trainersLooking at the photo above I cannot help thinking the jeans should have been ironed. Something which was an absolute no-no in the seventies haha. Times are changing. I bought the green jumper while wearing these flared jeans and immediately liked the look. The jeans are high-waisted and I wasn’t sure that the ‘French tuck’ would work with that, but it does when the jumper is long enough.

Originally I wore my basketball trainers with the jeans (see styling session in the bedroom below). But the dark blue wash of the jeans stained my laces and the leather of the trainers blue. It took me quite a bit of work to clean that but I still like the outfit better with those basketball trainers.

Green jumper with flared jeans

Anyway, meanwhile in Utrecht…as that was the town Anke, Sabine and I were in. Another get-together of the Shopping Saturday group.

Below: Utrecht has many canals and a lot of the canals have these wide quays where restaurants and bars are situated. A charming atmosphere.


Below: Sabine took photos on one of those quays and told me to sit on this lion. Anke was afraid it wasn’t secured to the ground and I might fall in the water. She is making sure I am safe.

green jumper with flared jeans and trainers

Below: Anke, now knowing that the lions are safe to sit on or rest your foot on. LOL


Below: Sabine, hip and happening as always.


Below: Sabine directed me on to a tree stump. And this, my lovely readers, is how an old woman with a bad knee gets onto such a low thing. Very carefully and very focused, tongue hanging out of my mouth.

green jumper with flared jeans and trainers

Below: Being very happy I made it, but still holding on for dear life to this water thing. When you are young and you see this, you must think “pathetic”. Well kids, that’s growing old for you. You’ll get there too, if you’re lucky.

green jumper with flared jeans and trainers

Below: Sabine thought I could do circus tricks. “Now stand on one leg”. OK, as long as I can still hold on to something.

green jumper with flared jeans and trainers

You can see the trainers I had on instead of the basketball trainers. They are nice but to me they are too sporty for the look.

Below: We were killing ourselves laughing, even though it was really cold. I look like a hyena.

green jumper with flared jeans and trainers

Below: What a pretty building behind me across the water.


Below: We started our day in this charming little coffee place called ‘t Koffieboontje (The little coffee bean). Indoors of course. Outdoors was just for the photo.

green jumper with flared jeans and trainers

Soon we hit the shops.

Below: Sabine was wearing a cute yellow cardigan. She bought the pink blouse.


Below: Anke trying on sturdy shoes (the one on her right foot). Her brown dress really looked good on her. Styled well with the cowboy boots.


Below: Girls goofing. Anke bought the shoes and 2 pairs of socks.

Anke and Sabine

Below: Outside again. Above the door it says ‘Het hertenhuis‘ (The deer house).

green jumper with flared jeans and trainers

Below: Close-up of the golden deer above the door.


Below: Let’s move on.


Below: Here are some photos of beautiful buildings along a canal in the centre of town.



Below: Restaurant called ‘Winkel van Sinkel‘ (Shop of Mr. Sinkel). It refers to a rhyme which cannot be translated. The history of this building is a really good read. I learned that the four caryatids, supporting the building, were colloquially referred to as the “British harlots”. You’ll find out why if you read the history. I only found out myself when I started to research the building for you.


Below: This is how the Winkel van Sinkel looked like in the old days (classier in my opinion).

Winkel van Sinkel

Below: Our lunch restaurant Ubica.

Utrecht restaurant Ubica

Below: Two photos of the interior of the restaurant Ubica. Nice place, good food. Still in Christmas atmosphere.

Utrecht restaurant Ubica

Utrecht restaurant Ubica

Below: After lunch we continued shopping. I bought a silver coloured pleated skirt and a great big jumper which you will see next week. For now I will only show you my leg LOL.

My leg

Below: Sabine tried on these white sunglasses, which were a bit too wide for her. She bought the jeans she’s holding.

Sabine trying on sunglasses

Below: Anke tried the white sunglasses on too and they suited her better. Sabine tried pink ones.

Anke trying on sunglasses

Below: We passed the magnificent building of the former post office (built in 1924) which is now a grand library. Worth a visit.

Utrecht former post office hall

Utrecht former post office detail

Below: In the window they had this doll house, or better said, mouse house. I recognised it immediately and checked with the staff. Indeed, part of the mouse house was on loan from the Amsterdam library (for more photos and the whole 11 stories mouse house see this post; you have to scroll down).

Mouse dollhouse

Below: Close-up of a detail. Too cute.

Mouse dollhouse

And with this our Shopping Saturday ended and we headed back to the train station. Another excellent day.

What happened in my life this week

I had a joyful morning with my friend Yvonne. We share the same kind of humour and she is quick with her humour, just like Ron. So we roared with laughter. There aren’t many things better than laughing out loud with a friend. Below: Yvonne and me, drinking hot chocolate as it was pretty cold. I waived the whipped cream as I have to lose a little bit of weight. Not much as I always keep that margin tiny.

Yvonne and me

Ron accompanied me visiting mum. She loves him and so did my father. We had a jolly afternoon. I pinned the trouser legs of her new PJ’s as they were far too long. They will be shortened. Ron took the photo of us below. Mum is wearing one of her new jumpers. Most of the time while being photographed she failed to smile. Ron said “Wait, I know how to put a smile on her face….” and waved a banknote in front of her face. That was of course nonsense but it did make her laugh. He always makes her laugh.
(Link to original post with my outfit. In that post I also combined the trousers with another blazer.)

Mum and me

My dental hygienist was very pleased with me and gave me compliments on how I brushed my teeth. I had been worried the night before about how to get to her as icy rain was forecast with slippery roads. As usual, it wasn’t half that bad. We even had sunshine in the afternoon. Our neighbour Ina from across the road came for tea in the afternoon. I forgot to take her photo.

I had a drink with Misja and we decided to pay a visit to a new vintage shop in Haarlem, called Vintage No. 5. We already knew them from their shop in Alkmaar.

Below: Here we are in the shop. Misja’s short coat is to die for.

Misja and me

Being the person I am, I came home with boots and a quirky trouser suit. Ron sent an email to my mum with a photo of the bag and wrote:

“Again, Greetje goes into town only for 1 cup of coffee…. and then comes home when it is really dark. With a big bag containing new shoes, new trousers, new jumper.
Why don’t you say something about that? As she doesn’t listen to me.
Oh…why do I bother, I am asking the wrong person. I just threw out 18 boxes that delivered your new clothes….”

You get that everything is highly exaggerated, and it made my mum laugh.

See you next week.


No Fear of Fashion


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