Cream Sportmax dress with cream bootsWhat do you do when the dress is too short to your liking and not your best colour? You use tricks. In the case of my cream Sportmax dress, I used black leggings and knee high boots to conceal the shortness of the dress by distracting the eye with other items. Furthermore I added red earrings for colour near my face and a red bag to bring it all together.

It is an old dress and I find it hard to come up with a new way of wearing it. After all, it is a dress, what can you change? Add a jumper? That is going to look very odd with this style. And it wouldn’t solve the length of the dress, or rather the lack of it. In the past I have used skinny trousers with the dress and this time I dared to use leggings, although not my favourite item of clothing.

A funny thing happened when I messaged Karlijn of kpa.haarlem asking whether she sold faux leather leggings to wear instead of the cotton leggings. I thought it would add a bit of zing. She replied “I wouldn’t do that if I were you. Together with the cream boots, it might make the outfit look common”. LOL
That is probably true as there is a common streak running through my character. Something I have always known and once in a while it rears its head. Often with my choice of cars. I have had beautiful cars but also a few which were more suitable for a bragging 19 year old boy.

Anyway…over to the outfit.

Loes was my photographer and we started in the old centre so we could show you nice buildings. But as soon as we had parked the car and set the camera, it started to rain. We decided to have a coffee first and wait out the sun.

Below: This cute little place is a bakery and a place that serves tea, coffee, chocolate whatever you want. It is called ‘In den gevulde broodmand’ (In the filled breadbasket). The pastry is excellent and the cappuccino as well. We waited and waited and it never stopped raining.

Cream Sportmax dress with cream boots

Below: We gave up and resorted to a restaurant on the top floor of the parking garage called Dakkas. (See this post to read and see more about it.) At least we were indoors so no wind and no rain.

Cream Sportmax dress with cream boots

As we entered the restaurant it was quite busy. Taking photos would be really disturbing for the guests, so I went to see whether the back room was less crowded. It was, only the restaurant managers were having a meeting there. Bummer. They kindly asked how they could help and I explained our predicament. “No problem”, they said, “there is enough space in this room for you to take photos without disturbing us”. Isn’t that nice?

Below: I do hope my loud laughter didn’t disturb them either.

Cream Sportmax dress with cream boots

Below: The sun was already casting a golden glow on me.

Cream Sportmax dress with cream boots

Below: Close-up of the red earrings by Lara Design. (For you Josep-Maria.)

Red earrings by Lara Design

Below: Loes in a new outfit. Love how the colour of the trousers match the shirt.


Below: Sure enough, as we were done, the rain stopped. We took the photo below and the first one at the top of the post, outside where the colours are truer to life.

Cream Sportmax dress with cream boots

If you are interested in the other ways I styled this dress, click here and here.

What happened in my life this week

Temperatures have dropped severely this week to around and below zero degrees Celsius. Still, after doing my fitness exercises I even jumped on my bike for a “health ride”. Before I do that, I have this debate in my head…the lazy side of me says “It is too cold to ride a bike…” and then my better side says “Excuses, excuses…it is too hot, too cold, it is raining…if we accept these excuses, you’ll never ride your bike and that is your cardio training. Now GET ON THAT BIKE!” My self-discipline is tough.

With Anke and Sabine I did another Shopping Saturday, this time in Utrecht. Oh boy, there I was, standing in the freezing cold with no coat on to get outfit photos for the blog. It was brass monkey’s weather (anybody familiar with this English expression?) but we did get a few decent ones.
Below: Anke and Sabine.

Anke and Sabine

Marjolein and I were also on a photo shoot mission this week, and it was even colder because of the wind. She suggested we’d go to a large shopping mall with big windows, letting a lot of light in. She was right. It was very comfortable and warm. No wind either. Photos in a couple of weeks.

I got mum a few more jumpers and two pairs of pyjamas.
(If someone at the bank would monitor her bank account, they’d probably think… “Hmm…since the daughter has access to her mum’s bank account, regular sums of money go to a clothes shop. I wonder if those clothes are for mum or for her…”, you know? Highly suspicious haha. No, it was about time mum bought some new clothes, PJ’s and shoes. Most of the things we ordered, are good, although we had to change quite a bit for a smaller size.

With Marcella I recorded a few videos and took photos to promote her website. Below a blurry photo, taken by Ron with his iPad. We are checking a recorded video. I am still slouching. (Link to the original post with this outfit.)

Marcella and me

I’ve been busy with taxes, blogging, fitness… a bit boring really. With a pleasant visit to Marianne, who didn’t want her photo taken as she wasn’t prepared for that. Instead she took a photo of me (below). I wore my wide black trousers (see this post and this post) with a black top. Amazing what an accessory can do for an outfit. The necklace just pops. The golden/champagne boots are by EIJK and I have a matching belt. The necklace is Max Mara (pearls and golden with red beads) and it came from the Geneva airport, flying back from my dear friend Pat’s funeral. This way, every time I wear the necklace I think of her. Although I don’t really need the necklace for that. I often miss her.

At Marianne's, wide black trousers with a black top.


No Fear of Fashion


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