Green dress with cream bootsYay, I’ve succeeded again in creating a new outfit with only things from my wardrobe. And I really like this green dress with cream boots outfit. The dress appeared on the blog in 2017 in this post. I don’t wear it much but there is nothing wrong with it and I still like it. As a matter of fact, I like this styling better than the first one, because I never cared for the white top underneath it. The striped top, also visible at the sleeves, is much better. (With a thank-you to Misja, who taught me to use stripes.)

I met Marita for coffee at Le Petit Café (below) and she took the photos for this blog post.


Le Petit Café is open for breakfast, coffee, lunch, drinks and dinner and is located in the building of what used to be a book shop. Actually, the book shop (De Vries Van Stockum) is still there but it gave up half of its space to Le Petit Café. You can walk straight from the restaurant into the book shop. If you want to see more, click on this link to the article did on them (if you don’t speak Dutch, you’ll have to use Google Translate or just look at the photos).

Below: I didn’t take photos of Le Petit Café as there were a lot of people and usually they don’t take kindly to being photographed by a stranger. I did take photos of two book shop areas. It is an awesome book shop, the best there is.

Book store De Vries Van Stockum

Below: Children’s book section.

De Vries Van Stockum children's section

We had an excellent cappuccino and café latte before we ventured out to do the shoot.
Wouldn’t you know…it started drizzling exactly as we stepped outside. We decided to ignore it.

Below: Where there are stripes, dots will follow (tights). At least I like the combination. Minor pattern mixing. I still love the boots and they are so easy to walk in.

Green dress with cream boots

Below: One of the little streets behind the café.


Below: I thought that the front door was worth a separate shot.


Below: Marita with her birthday earrings against that pretty door. She also likes to brighten up black by adding a bright colour.


Below: The face is blurry but the earrings are sharp. Of course created by Lara Design. I hardly wear any earrings from other designers as her collection is very versatile. These are, what I call, elegant earrings which go well with a dress.

Elegant green earrings by Lara Design

Below: The green door and the brown door look out onto a little square with a big tree and statues. The woman I am holding definitely looks at me with a face that says “What do you think you are doing?? Get off me.” LOL

Green dress with cream boots

Below: This is what is behind me as I am holding the statue. The tree is magnificent in summer. I had a photo shoot in this square before, in October 2018. You can see a little bit of the tree with green leaves and the rest of the square in this post.


Below: Part of the square is this building (you can see it in the background of the photo above). It is a shame they had to put “bars” in between the columns, but they did it tastefully. Homeless people used it for shelter and youth for littering, so I get it.


We quickly went into the café again. Only to find out that the photos taken with a street in the background were all blurry. Sometimes my camera does this, sharp background, blurry me. That won’t do at all so we went out again. By this time it was actually raining.

Below: Right….so this photo was taken in the rain. Not a drizzle, no…flat out rain. The worst for hair and camera. It was click, click, click and run back in.

Green dress with cream boots

The things you do for a blog post.

What happened in my life this week

As we still didn’t know what was the matter with our dog Watson, we decided not to go to our friends for new year’s eve. We stayed at home and put Watson in a thunder shirt. He wasn’t shivering too much and he wasn’t drooling either. But he did want to be very close to either of us. Long story short, I stayed up with him during the fireworks at 12 o’clock and he didn’t flinch. Apparently fireworks aren’t what’s causing his distress after all. He seems fine now with the exception that he needs encouragement from Ron to get out of the car and go for a long walk. That never happened before. After a short while he is OK and runs off. Hopefully this will wear off as well. No idea what it could have been.

I visited mum on the 30th of December and we had a jolly nice afternoon. We played Rummikub, no winner, it was a draw. She is happy with her new shoes, her cold is nearly gone so 2024 starts well for her.

I started the new year with fitness exercises and a bike ride for my health (no particular place to ride to). Did three laundries, changed the bed and washed my hair. A very good start of the year. Nothing spectacular but nice.

Saw a Dutch film with my friend and neighbour Monique. It is called “Neem me mee” (Take me with you) and is about a group of 6 old people who go on holiday to France in a van, driven by a young entrepreneur. (Trailer.) It was an entertaining film but it doesn’t make me look forward to getting old, however optimistic the film was. Photo of the cast below.

Film Neem me mee

We got an unexpected invitation for drinks at Petro and Froukje. I love impromptu “events”, small and big. No pressure, no stress, just playing it by ear. Unfortunately everybody is so busy, nearly all agendas are booked with appointments and dates way into the future. We’re a planning nation. So different from countries like Italy or Spain.

Did a photo shoot with Loes, which resulted in drinking coffee for one and a half hour, waiting out the rain. We ended up shooting indoors.

Got two items in the sale. Which, of course, you will see in the near future.

Next week we should see some sunshine. Excellent for photo shoots.


No Fear of Fashion



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