Flared black trousers with an orange jumperTo my surprise, I didn’t own a decent pair of black trousers anymore. It is a versatile piece of clothing, so when I found these flared black trousers (brand Joseph at LAB Women’s Clothing), I didn’t hesitate. At first I only found one jumper to go with the trousers but that was of course ridiculous. One afternoon of trial and error produced 9 possible outfits, which means you are going to see these trousers many times haha.

Loes and I had an impromptu photo shoot and we went to a posh area called Bloemendaal.

Below: We used this mansion as our background. Very chic. I expected someone to step outside and demand us to leave. Nothing happened.

Beautiful house in Bloemendaal

Below: View from the above mansion. The sun even came out to play.

Flared black trousers with an orange jumper

Below: Loes said this house didn’t look too shabby either.

Beautiful house in Bloemendaal

Below: We used it as background for my back(side). “Stand up straight Greetje! Those shoulders are still slouching.”

Flared black trousers with an orange jumper

Below: Showing the width of the legs. Can you see that the tip of my nose is a little red from the cold? The leopard booties by EIJK you’ve seen many times before.

Flared black trousers with an orange jumper

Below: I am wearing these polymer clay earrings, which you’ve seen before as well. The designer ceased production last year.

black earrings by Baublehaus

Below: Loes in her new coat.


Below: As we drove back home, I shot this chocolate box picture.


Then we come to another photo shoot with these flared black trousers. One that I did with Anja, my friend who moved to Spain and who was in the Netherlands for Christmas time.

Below: Anja in a restaurant in Hilversum, which had a few Instagrammable corners.

Anja and her new dress

Below: I wore the flared trousers with my oversized orange blazer. My hair needed to be washed, it was a damp/rainy day and my skin was as white as a sheet. Not an ideal model.

Flared black trousers with an orange blazer

Below: I thought I looked rather cool in these trousers with a fitted black top. Hahaha…I was so wrong. This is the only photo which perhaps might give you that idea. All the other ones show multiple lumps and bumps.

Flared black trousers with an orange blazer

Below: I added silver to add a third colour and to neutralise the fervour of the orange. The silver boots are also by EIJK.

Flared black trousers with an orange blazer

Below: I wore these Lara Design earrings with it.

Long black earrings by Lara Design

Below: In a colourful corner of the restaurant (fluffed up my hair).

Flared black trousers with an orange blazer

Below: As I was styling the flared black trousers that one afternoon, I discovered that I liked the orange blazer with the trousers more if I added this striped top. A trick which I used before in the first post with this blazer.

Flared black trousers with an orange blazer and a striped shirt

So much for black with orange.

What happened in my life this week

Christmas of course.

My brother and SIL visited mum on the Sunday and Ron and I saw her on Tuesday. She had a terrible cold this week, poor thing.

Below: On Christmas Eve, we were at our friends’ home, having a delicious meal. In between courses, we made music. Well…we tried to play and sing Rudolf the red nose reindeer. When you’ve seen the video, you’ll understand why we had a good laugh. Ron borrowed many music instruments for those who could play and for those who couldn’t. Oh my….


Below: Sorry for the photo quality, it was too dark that day to take a good shot. I wore my tiered ruffle skirt (link to original post) and a sheer black Vivienne Westwood blouse with dark blue sparkly patches (link to original post).

Christmas outfit number 1

Below: Blue earrings by Lara Design because of the blue patches in the blouse. Marcella (of Lara Design customised these earrings for me as the original ear drop was much longer and I wanted it shorter. She customises for everyone, not just for me.

Christmas face

We also visited bonus daughter and her husband. No photos, but it was nice.

Below: I wore the same flared black trousers with a cream top and an old black blazer. The brand of the elegant bag is Demellier (link to original post).
I am wearing my new gold-plated earrings of which I showed you a close-up last week. Walked on high heels both days and survived. Made my legs look sooo long.

Christmas outfit number 2

Below: Sideways.

Christmas outfit number 2 sideways

Poor dog Watson was not well. One night he started trembling like mad, panting and smacking. I didn’t dare leave it till the next morning so we went to the Christmas emergency vet. These words should give you a fair idea of the bill we had to pay. The vet couldn’t find anything wrong with him besides a bit of an upset stomach. She gave him an injection to calm him down and ease his stomach. The bill was €312 for quarter of an hour and an injection. But at least I could go to sleep. The next day everything was hunky dory and suddenly at 4 pm it started again. Ron noticed someone had set off fireworks which made the dog jump. Very strange as Watson will be 5 years old in January and he has never been afraid of fireworks. Ron even trained him not to be afraid in his first 12 months. Anyway, our regular vet gave some pills to ease him. Let’s hope he gets over it.

Below: Dog Watson at the beach when he was still fine. He found a balloon piece to play with. WARNING: make sure your sound is turned down when you start the video. The wind makes an awful noise and I cannot edit this.


Below: I dutifully exercised and as I was riding my bike on Christmas Day, I could finally take a photo of our town hall with no (well, hardly any) people disturbing the view.

Town hall in Haarlem

I also saw Marita. We discovered a new little restaurant with excellent cappuccino, so we will return there for sure.
It was an afternoon with chatting and laughter. Something I needed badly.
Marita did a photo shoot with me as well. In the rain, aaagghh. It was dry all day until 3 pm when we ventured outside. You’ll see the result next week.

Below: Marita with her new earrings, a birthday present from her husband.


New Years eve will be quiet for us as we want to be there for Watson because of his sudden fear of fireworks. In Haarlem fireworks are forbidden this year but everybody knows it will be virtually impossible to enforce. We’ll see.


No Fear of Fashion


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