Orange leather skirt with a brown jumper

This outfit was lingering in my photo album “Outfits still to post”, and I “perfected” it a couple of weeks ago. It was time to show a skirt after all those jeans. An orange leather skirt with a brown jumper is such a good combination (I think) because the two colours complement each other and I like the little orange piping on the jumper. The skirt is really old and the jumper is from a designer sale, the designer being Mart Visser.

Marjolein and I went to the centre of The Hague to do the photo shoot and started at the restaurant By Ami. They do make restaurants very “Instagrammable” these days, the new term for photogenic. I will show you many photos of the restaurant as there was a lot of eye candy.

Below: The entrance of By Ami.

By Ami restaurant The Hague

Below: Marjolein still being cold from outside, gloves on, trying to get warm. We dumped our coats and bags on the lovely chairs and table.

Marjolein at restaurant By Ami

Below: I don’t know if the theme is sea world or fairy tales, but this is what our tabletop looked like.

Tabletop at By Ami

Below: The other part of the restaurant. Colour overload, I love it.

By Ami restaurant The Hague

Below: A couple of detail photos.

By Ami restaurant The Hague

By Ami restaurant The Hague

By Ami restaurant The Hague

Below: The entrance leading to the WC. Stairway to heaven?

By Ami restaurant The Hague

Below: I photographed Marjolein against the stairway to heaven background. She looked very smart as always.

Below: Time to go outside and photograph my outfit, with this building as a background.

The Hague

Below: The building had lovely red shutters, clashing beautifully with my orange skirt. I bought the tights especially for this outfit. The boots are old, bought at the Max Mara outlet in Turin years ago. The heels are high but reasonably comfortable to walk in. Not too far though. The bag is Longchamps and also years old.

Orange leather skirt with a brown jumper

Below: It would have been more attractive if the back of the skirt had been filled with a round tush. Alas, mine is flat as a pancake. I’d better make sure not to turn my back to people too much LOL.

Orange leather skirt with a brown jumper

Below: The stork is in The Hague’s city coat of arms. Some say they chose the stork (in the 15th century?) because it was believed to bring luck.
I am pulling a strange face here.

Orange leather skirt with a brown jumper

Below: Close-up of the brooch and the gold star earrings.

orange brooch and star earrings

Below: The colour of the brooch above isn’t quite right, so here is a better photo.

Orange brooch

Below: Ending this part of the post with two beautiful buildings.

The Hague

The Hague

So much for The Hague.

What happened in my life this week

It was a mixed week, which started with a delicious dinner in an Indonesian restaurant together with friends and neighbours Froukje and Petro. Delightful evening.

Of course I saw mum, to whom I had passed my cold on. She wasn’t very ill, thank goodness. I brought her new shoes which fit perfectly and are comfortable to walk in. Somehow we have lost her winter shoes in the move to the nursing home, so we had to replace them.

I was a good girl and exercised twice this past week. Even went cycling twice.

We had the new gas cooker fitted. That’s one thing ticked off my list. Now we have a problem with the glass door of our shower. The darned thing is out of plumb and that is dangerous. The glass door may break. Problem is to find someone who can fix it. Everybody is talking about re-using, recycling etc but most companies only want to sell us a new bathroom. Not on your Nelly. We haven’t got the money for that.

Marcella stopped by for coffee and we created four videos to promote her website. I fell in love with a pair of gold-plated earrings she brought and she gave them to me. Sweet!! Real party danglers. See below. (Link to those earrings. I have to say, they are better in reality.)

gold-plated earring

Loes (below) visited me for a cup of coffee and after an hour of chatting we decided to do an impromptu photo shoot as I wasn’t happy with the photos of another shoot (my fault not the photographer’s). You’ll see more next week.


Kitty also came for coffee and a glass of wine but I forgot to take a photo of her. She is doing fine.

Below: Another brown with orange outfit I wore this week

Trouser outfit orange and brown

I hate the rainy weather which is back, so I don’t get out of the house much. Let’s hope the new year will bring us better weather. On the upside, if this is all that’s troubling me, I am blessed. And I do feel blessed.

Have a wonderful Christmas time and I’ll be back with a post next weekend.


No Fear of Fashion


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