Flared jeans with a cream jumperMy friend Erna suggested to meet in Amsterdam, in hotel Jakarta. That was on my list for great photo shoot backgrounds, so I immediately agreed. They are famous for their exotic plants; it is like a jungle in there. The evening before I sent Erna a photo of the outfit I was going to wear, as she would photograph it for the blog. And that outfit was not my flared jeans with a cream jumper, but my flared jeans with a green jumper.

After she had seen the photo with the green jumper she wrote back: “I hope I can still distinguish you with all those plants in the background.” Oh, stupid me. I could have thought of that myself. So in a hurry, I changed the jumper for a cream one, added a fun necklace and called it a day.

Below: The ‘jungle’ of Hotel Jakarta.

Plants and trees at Hotel Jakarta

Below: Those plants made a great background. Through the windows behind me, you can see water as Hotel Jakarta is situated on Java Island at the IJ, the big stretch of water where all the huge ships go through on their way to Amsterdam. Read more about the history of this spot here.
As the name of the hotel indicates, it has to do with trading with Indonesia. I am using the word ‘trading’ loosely as Indonesia was a Dutch colony, so ‘colonising’ would probably be a better word.

Flared jeans with a cream jumper

Below: Introducing Erna, my friend who took the photos. Bad iPhone photo.
The jeans are flared and as the legs are shorter for me than usual, I needed to buy very flat boots. These are black suede but they often look blue. They are not very exiting but boy, are they comfortable. (Link to original post with the cream jumper.)

Erna and me in flared jeans with a cream jumper

Below: After we had taken photos indoors, we went outside where the light is so much better and I took this photo of Erna.


Below: We started the shoot in the café. Behind me is the same bridge as in the photo with Erna above.

Flared jeans with a cream jumper

Below: I like the architecture of the hotel. This bar reminds me of a ship.

Flared jeans with a cream jumper

Below: Wearing my second-hand bronze metallic Mulberry handbag. A sure sign it is winter again. I never use it in summer.

Flared jeans with a cream jumper

Below: In the hall of the hotel with the jungle behind me.

Flared jeans with a cream jumper

Below: Close-up of the necklace. I thought it went well with the buttons on the sleeves.
A lady whom I used to know, created this necklace and many more. If you click through to the post Chunky necklaces, you can see them all (15).

Flared jeans with a cream jumper

Below: We went outside to shoot the coat I was wearing. You’ve seen it a couple of weeks ago.

Cream coat

Below: Demonstrating how you can take off the hood. The lining of the coat is the same as the puffer part I am holding in my right hand.

Cream coat

Below: I really like this photo of Erna who was wearing a casual outfit but very well put together.


Below: When I came home I took a photo of the outfit with my puffer vest over the jumper. (Link to the original post with the puffer vest.)

Flared jeans with a cream jumper and a puffer vest

What happened in my life this week

My cold was gradually wearing off, as it does. Between going to bed and falling asleep (thanks to a Codeine tablet) was the trickiest time. Coughing as if I was about to die. It made me grumpy and one night I slammed the bedroom room as I headed downstairs to have a proper cough session. Ron was angry with me the following day for slamming the door and as I was still grumpy, we got into a row. After 15 minutes he said: “Shall we start over the beginning of the day?” I wholeheartedly accepted this offer. I had had time to contemplate and he was right. So I promised to do better and not let my temper and impatience get the better of me. 69 years and there is still room for improvement.

By Monday I was back on my feet again, albeit a bit feeble. I had tonnes of errands to run and was able to do them all on my trusty old bike.
As I lay in bed that evening I heard the cat rushing through the corridor. “Strange”, I thought, “It is as if she is chasing a mouse, but that cannot be as she hasn’t been out since 21.30. Oh well, if it is a mouse, I’ll hear it squeal”. No such thing.
Fifteen minutes later I had to go downstairs again for my extensive cough session and I glanced into the bathroom, which is the safe place for the cat. Strange but true. And there, propped up against the wall was this little mouse, guarded fiercely by our cat Sophie. OHHHH NOOO….

I chased Sophie out of the bathroom, closed the door, grabbed a towel and very gently lifted the poor mouse. I took it downstairs, fighting the cat off, and put the mouse outside at the front door. The garden is no good because Sophie will grab the mouse again as soon as she is allowed to go out in the morning.
The mouse lay still on the pavement and my heart was bleeding. After 10 minutes I looked through the front door window and saw the mouse was crawling slowly. Apparently it was injured but not dead. In the morning it was gone.
Now, you have to know this about me. I cannot stand any living creature suffering, not even the ones I am afraid of (spiders). It hurts me so badly I cannot sleep. If I hadn’t taken codeine, I would have been up all night, worrying about the wounds of the mouse and its suffering. For this reason I do not read newspapers, nor watch the news. One headline about an animal or a person being tortured and I am sick to my stomach and I will never forgot it. I think in images, so as soon as I read such a message, I see the picture in my head. Don’t worry, I do know what is going on in the world. Somehow you get the important things anyway, whether you want it or not. And I read background stories which skip the gory details.

Tuesday Marcella dropped by and we agreed on making a few videos to promote her website. Difficult though in these dark months. There isn’t enough light during the day to create a proper video and we don’t have any professional light. Below: Marcella.


Wednesday I created a Christmas table piece (below), like I do every year. I love it but I have never received any compliment from anyone so I know it is rubbish haha. I don’t care.

Christmas table piece

Below: Christmas table piece by night (I added red balls and bells).

Christmas table piece by night

In the afternoon I drove up to Hilversum, a town in the middle of the Netherlands, to meet with my friend Anja (below) who is staying here for a few weeks. She emigrated to Spain. So nice to see her again. We talked in the restaurant all afternoon.


Thursday was a day of fitness, washing my hair and trying to find a jumper or sweater for my bonus daughter’s birthday. I failed at the last thing. She wants a jumper which is a bit longer and most nice jumpers are quite short.

Friday was a day of leisure.


No Fear of Fashion


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