Pleated skirt and the Angela Caputi padlock

The photos in this post are unfortunately, not very sharp. I was visiting my brother on his birthday and Natalie (ex-wife of my nephew) took the photos. She is a photographer but she doesn’t know my camera and I had left the focus setting in a wrong position. Such a shame.

Anyhoo…I tried to create a skirt outfit with stuff already in my wardrobe and came up with this pleated skirt and the Angela Caputi padlock necklace. Not really my creation as the top (a tunic really) and the skirt were on display together in the Max Mara outlet where I bought both items years ago. I did think it would be a good outfit to showcase the necklace.

Below: Angela Caputi padlock necklace. The padlocks can be opened. The earrings are from the same brand. It is actually quite stupid to buy such a necklace as it draws the attention to my wrinkly neck. You live and learn. I still like the necklace though, it is quirky.

Angela Caputi padlock necklace

Below: The outfit in full, underneath this beautiful tree.

Pleated skirt and the Angela Caputi padlock necklace

Below: Side and back. Had I seen the photos immediately (and had I had my reading glasses on…) I would have noticed that the top was tucked in a bit too high. The top should have been a little shorter.
The boots will be in my wardrobe for ever. Elegant with a low heel and easy to walk in.

Pleated skirt and the Angela Caputi padlock necklace

Below: Blurry photo of me, hugging this beautifully shaped tree.

Pleated skirt and the Angela Caputi padlock necklace

Below: A photo of another pose try-out. Better not repeat that. It looks as if I am cheering for a football team.
The black of the sleeves are part of the top, I am not wearing a top underneath it (other than for warmth).

Pleated skirt and the Angela Caputi padlock necklace

Below: Close-up of the pink and red bag. A bit fuzzy as it was late in the afternoon and the light had gone. I only wear it with an elegant outfit as it is an elegant bag.

Below: Natalie, my photographer. I am sad that she and my nephew split up but luckily they still get on with each other, so I will keep seeing her on my brother’s and SIL’s birthdays. She is a gem.

I miss a stylist who can check that my clothes sit right during a shoot. And someone who can do my hair over and over again. Alas…I am but an amateur.

What happened in my life this week

Saturday my friend Ayen visited me and we had coffee and lunch at the corner restaurant. As always we had a nice time and chatted away. Forgot to take a photo of her, but I have posted below a photo of her in February this year.


Sunday the roads were covered with ice which made it tricky to visit mum. By twelve o’clock it was safe to drive. I had to cut the visit short though as snow was expected at the end of the afternoon.
Below: Sitting on my mother’s lap haha. I think I am too big to do that.

with mum

Monday morning I met Marcella (below) in town.


Below: My outfit for that Monday (awful photo, the outfit is much nicer in reality). As a change from the original outfit with a necklace, I wore only earrings. Here is the link to the original blog post. It was really cold that day.
The rest of the day I spent on my computer and on the telephone.

Outfit with wide black trousers and a soft yellow jumper

Tuesday I had my fitness session and in the afternoon I finally got to go to the hairdresser, two weeks later than usual due to Covid. My outgrow was like a runway, revealing that my white roots. I did contemplate not dying my hair anymore but no, I will keep it blonde.

Below: Normal look again. A bit of lipstick would have brightened things up, but it was still early.

been to the hairdresser

In the evening our friends Marla and Georg came round. Ron made mussels and they were delicious. The evening was very lively and we had a little try-out with musical instruments for a ‘performance’ of Christmas songs on the 24th of December at Marla and George’s house. It sounded terrible and that is an understatement. This is going to be a good laugh. Ron borrowed instruments left and right for the other guests to play (knowing what instrument they can play).

Wednesday I took mum to the vaccination centre for her Covid shot and in the afternoon I took her to the hospital for her regular eye shot. Spent the whole day sitting on my rear end really. But mum got what she needed, that’s the most important thing.

The rest of the week I was ill. A severe cold. Nothing to report.


No Fear of Fashion


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