Men's blazer and shirt and wide leg jeansYou will see more delicate outfits in the near future, really, I promise. But at the moment I am in an oversized, masculine inspired phase. Here is another outfit created with a men’s blazer and shirt and wide leg jeans. The blazer and shirt are my husband’s, the wide leg jeans you saw before in this post.

Funny story

I sat on the sofa one morning, dressed in this outfit but without make-up, hair in a mess and slippers on. Ron looked at me and said: “Honestly, you really have to go back upstairs and change into something else. This looks as if you have been digging things out of a charity bin.”
I thought…”Oh that is just because I didn’t put on the right shoes and my head looks awful. Once I change that, he will probably like it”.
Nope, he still hated it. And he is right actually, I did pull the blazer and the shirt out of his bag for the charity shop haha. Why pay good money in a second-hand shop for such items when you can get it for free. They are both quality pieces.

My friend Lia took the photos.

Below: She is one of the sweetest women on earth. This is her own hair colour and she is 69. We used to go to secondary school together and have been friends since we were 17.


Below: The church door we used for the background.

Church Maasland

Below: We loved this gate and the little building behind me. It was the cemetery (…).

Men's blazer and shirt and wide leg jeans

Below: Good view of the silver boots by EIJK Amsterdam. So comfortable and still a heel.

Men's blazer and shirt and wide leg jeans

Below: In this photo you can see the wedged heel of the boots.
As we were taking photos on the steps, the wind started blowing again…

Men's blazer and shirt and wide leg jeans

Below: …and you get photos like this. Horrible. I hate my forehead being exposed.
(See the lobsters on my shirt?)

Red earrings by Lara Design

Below: This photo was taken near Lia’s house. I tucked one end of the shirt into the jeans to make the outfit more playful.
The blazer is by Hans Ubbink, a Dutch designer who became famous for his fun designs for men. The blazers (and more) were really different from what other designers offered. Later he also designed for women. Unfortunately he stopped designing clothes in 2015.

Men's blazer and shirt and wide leg jeans

Below: Close-up of the blazer lining.

Lining Hans Ubbink man's blazer

Below: Close-up of the silver bag. I don’t use it often, but with some outfits, it is exactly the right thing.

Silver bag

Below: Close-up of the red earrings by Lara Design. They are great to add some colour to my face as in this case, my blazer and shirt are not in colours which suit me.

Red earrings by Lara Design

Not a lot of building photos. Sorry. Sometimes I cannot deliver.

What happened in my life this week

It was a lot busier this week. Covid had gone and I could visit mum again. She was pleased to see me.

On Monday I went to see Marcella of Lara Design to discuss further promotion of her website. She loves to create new earrings but isn’t that keen on the promotion side of things.
Ron stayed home as we had a handyman come in to fix things. Mainly keeping the draught out by putting foam-rubber insulation on many windows and doors. Ron wants everything to be insulated and I am afraid we won’t get enough fresh air in the house.

Tuesday Ron and I drove to the south of the country, to Eindhoven, where our friend Arine lives.

Below: Arine bought us lunch. So kind. And we chatted and chatted and chatted.
Link to original post with my outfit. Arine was wearing a beautiful blue trouser suit with a silk blouse and a matching scarf. Stellar outfit.

Arine, Ron and me

As we drove back we allowed half an hour for traffic jams which turned out not to be enough. We had to pick up dog Watson from the dog care centre and they close strictly at 18.00 hrs. We got all stressed so I speeded a little and arrived two minutes to six. Watson was the one but last dog. Pfff, what a stress.

Wednesday we woke up without any hot water and the central heating didn’t work either. Luckily we knew from previous issues what was wrong and how to fix it, but it took a while and upset our schedule. The plumber will fix the problem soon. The rest of the day I was busy running errands and getting shopping done. I hadn’t been to the shops in weeks due to heavy rain and Covid.

Thursday I saw Marjolein and we did a photo shoot in The Hague. I was wearing a skirt this time.

Below: Marjolein in the fun restaurant where we had lunch.


Friday was a quiet day.

On to next week.


No Fear of Fashion

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