Man repeller jeansMan repeller jeans, let’s keep it objective and call it an acquired taste. I saw a sales lady in these jeans and fell totally in love with the bow legs. They are MAC jeans, called Baggy…you don’t say haha.
My BVA friends all liked them and I questioned their honesty but they assured me it was the truth. To my utmost surprise, husband Ron also liked the trousers. The man is totally unpredictable.

Below: And yes the legs are properly arched LOL. I copied the look of the sales lady, knowing I had an old black blazer and trainers like hers in my wardrobe. The jumper is new.

Man repeller jeans

Below: This is Peggy who took the photos. I visited her in a small town outside of The Hague, called Voorburg.


Of course I took head-to-toe shots of her as well.

Below: Without her wrap shawl.


Below: And with her wrap shawl.


You are about to see a lot of photos of my outfit as I cannot choose. Sorry. I will mix them up with photos of beautiful houses and such.

Below: First beautiful house.

Beautiful house in Voorburg

Below: Obviously the church.

Church in Voorburg

Below: With a statue in front of it.

Church in Voorburg

Below: And me sitting next to a pair of clogs.  A few minutes later a man came out the door and stepped into the clogs, so they weren’t there for decoration.

Man repeller jeans

Below: Beautiful. My kind of house.

Beautiful house in Voorburg

Below: We only went into one shop and I managed to buy something. This cream coat is really warm.

Cream coat

Below: And it has a hood. I wonder whether it is rain proof or just meant to keep your head warm.

Cream coat with hood

Below: Because this outfit is black and black is not a good colour near my face, I added the green earrings, designed like coral. By Lara Design.

Lon green earrings Lara Design

Below: We arrived at a house with a ‘wind-free zone’, so Peggy could take a couple of photos without me whining about my hair all the time.

Man repeller jeans

Below: With the jacket nonchalantly thrown over my shoulder. The jumper (Alpha Studio) is a knit twined with ribbon. If you scroll back two photos to the close-up of the earrings, you can see the structure of the jumper better. Because of the ribbon I cannot wear any jewellery with it as there is always a pin or some such jewellery that snatches at the ribbon. I have a crochet hook of 0.3 mm with which I pull the snatches to the inside of the jumper. Ron got it for me and it has proven to be very useful.
Despite the snatch danger, I love the jumper. It is beautifully made, more on the unique side and it still goes with anything.

Man repeller jeans

Below: The back of the jumper is differing (silky) material than the front and it is pleated. I love such a twist as it makes an item more interesting. Bought the jumper at LAB Women’s Clothing in Haarlem. The trainers too by the way.

Man repeller jeans

Below: My Wandler bag. Somehow this chic bag goes with the baggy outfit. The trainers are Ama Brand.

Wrangler bag and AMA trainers

Below: Peggy saw these shells with art on the inside in a shop next door.

Shell art

Below: Ending this part of the post with a photo of two pretty white houses.

Beautiful house in Voorburg

What happened in my life this week

I had developed a cold and had checked for Covid twice, only to test negative. A relief, but still, you don’t want to pass a cold on to anyone, so I asked Marita whether she still wanted to have coffee with me, the germ ball. She said yes and we had a lovely few hours at a coffee restaurant. Outside it was raining and raining. The waitress took our photo (below). We chose the wall with this text to be our background. (Link to original blog post wearing this outfit. The jumper is green if you are wondering.)
Marita looked very good in her ‘ton sur ton‘ outfit, pink with burgundy.

Marita and me

I didn’t dare go to mum on Sunday as I was afraid to infect her with my cold. Ron went alone and they had a chatty afternoon.

On Monday I had this gut feeling, I’d better take another Covid test and…BINGO, positive. Oh rats… have I given Marita Covid?? I immediately warned her, feeling very guilty, although I didn’t know at the time. Fortunately she is feeling fine.

So I am in lock-down again.

Had to postpone Monday’s hairdresser appointment to nearly two weeks later. I am glad that I have a lot of photos in stock to create blog posts. If I go outside, I will put a hood over my head. At least I have a cute coat with a hood.

So there is nothing to tell about the rest of the week as I was just indoors, reading, watching meaningless but funny cat videos and doing laundry. I did take one short walk outside. That’s it. Oh wait a minute, I did create three outfits from my wardrobe which is something I am proud of. I hate this exercise.

I bought a few records with iTunes which I hadn’t done for a long time. To my delight, I found that the new songs immediately appear on your iPhone after you buy them, even though you buy them through a Microsoft computer. No need for cable connection anymore. Gosh, that must have been a very, very long time ago that I did that. And messed it up so I lost a lot of songs.

Saturday the Covid test said negative. Hurray.


No Fear of Fashion


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