Wide leg jeans with a brown jumperToday you get to see a simple outfit, wide leg jeans with a brown jumper. The jeans are different from the dark blue jeans you have seen before. The brand is Vanilia. They deliver in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany (sorry, readers from other countries). They produce everything at their own ateliers in Turkey and try to take good care of their workers and the environment.

It was a day with my BVA girlfriends (minus Claudia, who is working two jobs). We met at Marianna’s new house as she moved to a small but lovely town called Harderwijk.
Let me re-introduce you to them.

Below: Marianna (her name ends with an “a”).
She (pleasantly) surprised me by allowing me to use photos of her in my blog post. When I told her my surprise, she replied: “I have no problems with that when you start taking good pictures of me…” LOL.


Below: Marianne (with an “e” at the end).

Below: Marijke.


Below: Jilske.


We did what we always do when we have a day together. Coffee with cake at 11 a.m. followed by lunch. Then we all get into the car and start shopping in the nearest town. After the shops close, it’s back to the host’s house for nibbles and drinks and finally dinner. By 21.00 we all go home again. An exhausting day for the hostess.

Below: I am wearing a brown cashmere jumper, leopard booties by EIJK, an orange belt by Weekend Max Mara and an orange coral necklace, bought at a vintage market. Of course you are supposed to wear the necklace differently but I prefer to wear it like this. It looks better on me and more modern. I am also wearing gold with coral stud earrings. The bag is Dries van Noten and I use it often.

Wide leg jeans with a brown jumper

Below: When I looked to the left, I saw a part of this nice old church.

Old church Harderwijk

Below: Jilske taking a photo of the gang. We sometimes call ourselves Benidorm Bastards, after a television program. Jilske loved Marianne’s coat so much, she immediately ordered one for herself. We all love it.

BVA girls Marijke, Marianna, Marianne and me

Below: A barrel organ, which is something very Dutch to me.

barrel organ

Below: With a barrel organ man asking for money. I was surprised he didn’t have a QR code to donate money. Luckily I still had coins in my purse.

barrel organ man

Below: Jilske as we were going from shop to shop.


Below: Jilske bought this lamp and asked Marianne to hold it for her. Of course Marianne started goofing…”I feel captured”.


Below: We had a drink on the terrace. It didn’t rain for a change and temperatures weren’t too bad.

Marianne and Marianna

Below: Our view was this building.

Old building Harderwijk

Below: When we saw another old building, we used it as background for this photo.
The trousers are very wide and the width started at the hips. As I have no hips, you saw two loose flaps on either side. I had the side hems straightened to remove the flaps.

Wide leg jeans with a brown jumper

Below: The sitting-down pose.

Wide leg jeans with a brown jumper

And on with the shopping.

Below: Nope…it looked like a nice vest but it didn’t do me any favours.

Wide leg jeans with a brown jumper and green vest

Below: Marijke bought this vest and the blouse. You might think “And the skirt??” But that is her slip dress which she wore underneath her dress. She startled Marianne by asking whether she should also “buy the skirt…”, haha.


Below: Some shops had beautiful doors.

Old door Harderwijk

Like always, it was a day full of laughter and friendship. You cannot have too many of those.

What happened in my life this week

This week there are stories with hardly any photos as I either forgot to take photos or I am saving them for a proper blog post.

Rain, rain and more rain. There hasn’t been so much rain in November since 1906. The machines to pump the water into the sea, can hardly manage. During the weekend the groundwater in the coastal area had risen so high that our cellar flooded. Aagghh.
We mopped it all up but also ordered a dehumidifier. A lot of them were sold out. Apparently we are not the only ones with this problem. The dehumidifier works well and the cellar isn’t flooding anymore.

It was my brother’s birthday on Sunday and as usual we all gathered in a (sort of a) circle in the living room and everybody was chatting away. It is a cacophony, very noisy but also very cosy. He and his wife live in the east of the country and that is nearly a 2 hours’ drive. To Dutch people that is FAR away.

Monday Marcella came round and we discussed how to promote her website a bit better. Forgot to take a photo.

I had phone conversations with two tax people about the wrongfully imposed taxes for Ron’s two old private limited companies and lo and behold, they saw my point. The point being, if you look at the letter of the law, Ron would have to pay, but if you look at the spirit of the law, he wouldn’t. They agreed and cancelled the tax assessments for 2022 and 2023. Now all we have to do is appeal and ask money back for 2021, hoping that the tax people who have to judge the appeals, share their colleague’s point of view. It was all caused by a bizarre combination of circumstances. Ron was very pleased with my ‘work’ and the result and he gave me 10% of the money he ‘saved’ as a present. Nice! I love getting money as a present.

Tuesday was a day of fitness and blogging. Absolutely nothing interesting. Ron and I were supposed to see a friend of ours in the south of the country, but we postponed it because of the rain. Wednesday was also a day of nothing. At least I don’t count washing my hair as very interesting.

Thursday I had a really nice day, meeting my former colleague Erna whom I now regard as a friend. We had a lovely morning and lunch and she took many blog photos at a place with loads of indoor plants and trees.
I had sent her a photo of my outfit the day before, wearing something green to which she replied “It might be difficult to distinguish you from the plants”. I am a moron as I could have thought of that myself. I changed the outfit.

Below: Erna.


Ron came home, showing me photos he had taken with his iPhone. I think they are so good, that it leaves me sort of numb, losing interest in photography. He can take better photos with his iPhone than I can with an expensive camera. He has the eye. Look below.

Autumn leaf

beautiful sky

Thursday evening I got a cough and totally lost my voice. Ron had a very quiet evening and a very quiet Friday. I am sure he was secretly grateful haha. Just kidding. He made me chicken soup.
On Friday I felt better. Hardly any cough, hardly any throat ache but also still hardly any voice. Weird. Fortunately my Covid check was negative. To stay on the safe side I didn’t move all morning. Just sat on the sofa and watched videos of funny cats, dogs and comedians on Instagram. It is a waste of time I know, but it gave my body a rest.


No Fear of Fashion


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