Teal and cream blazer outfitIt might have been better if I saved this third styling of the shirt for next month so you won’t get bored with it (link to previous styling). On the other hand, you’ll get to see the possibilities quickly and you can compare them.

Combining the teal and cream shirt with an oversized blazer makes the outfit look tough rather than polished. The look requires tougher boots as well. These golden boots are from 2014/2015 and they have served me well. From time to time my cobbler repairs the damage to the gold surface and makes the boots look like new again. They were a very good buy. (Link to old post where I am wearing them. I was a lot slimmer then…I had to give away the black blazer as it became too tight.)

Below: Loes only had an hour to do the photo shoot as she was going out. Doesn’t she look great?


Below: It was raining again which forced us to go to the restaurant Zijl82 as they have big windows to let the light in. The possibilities for a head-to-toe shot were limited. And I think we rather disturbed the peace and quiet of the other guests.
My Dries van Noten bag echoes the gold accent of the boots. The men’s blazer is brown/grey and you have seen it before on the blog in this post. The teal trousers are ancient.

Teal and cream blazer outfit

Below: We decided to continue at the brocante store across the road. Do you know the word brocante? Vintage, nearly antique, collectibles. The shop is called Negen Levens (Nine Lives) and it holds so many gems, you can wander around for hours if you want to see everything.

Vintage finds

Below: A few corners of the shop.

Vintage finds

Vintage finds

Below: We decided to use the big window at the front for another outfit photo. Me singing “If I had a hammer…a hammer in the morning…a hammer in the evening…etc”.

Teal and cream blazer outfit

Below: It was towards Halloween and this ‘blood-dripping, torn-off arm’ prop was on display.

Teal and cream blazer outfit

Below: Three more photos of the cute shop.

Vintage finds

Vintage finds

Below: Close-up of all the brooches. In my brocante days I used to collect quite a few brooches. They are hard to resist.

Vintage brooches

In this post no beautiful buildings but a beautiful shop. Hope you liked it.

What happened in my life this week

Rain, rain and more rain. This means I did not venture out much which will make this part of the post short and a bit dull this week.

I saw mum and we had a cosy afternoon. She is doing well again and is almost completely recovered from her pneumonia.

Below: Mum is getting used to having to smile when I point the camera at her haha. She always says: “I look a lot better than I feel.” And I think she is right. Still, at 95, not bad. See how a bright colour can be worn by older ladies too? I think it looks very good on her.


Below: I wore this outfit that weekend which feels like a polished version of a jogging suit. (Link to original post.)

Monday was a day of very little. Fitness and blogging. I don’t mind a day with nothing. Quite relaxing.

Tuesday I spent the day with my friend Lia whom I know since we were 17. As you can imagine, that is always a terrific day. She was also kind enough to press the camera button several times. Yay, another photo shoot in stock. I am saving a photo of Lia for the blog post with the photos she took of my outfit.

Wednesday I got a call from friend Ayen that she wasn’t able to visit me as she was ill, poor thing. We did spend an hour or so talking on the phone and planned another date.
As I still wanted something “extra” that day, Ron and I decided to have coffee and lunch at the restaurant on the corner. After coming home, I got a call from my friend Rolf who requested my advice. Could he come round? Sure. So half an hour later I was back at the corner restaurant where I tried to give him my best advice and of course, catch up with him. Forgot to take a photo, but below a photo of him and me in August 2022. His wife, who is also a friend of mine, is suffering from Long Covid for the past two years and is slowly regaining some strength, enough to go back to work and be knackered in the evening. What a mean illness this is.

Rolf and me

Below: The bad weather doesn’t affect our darling dog Watson at all. Husband Ron is getting soaking wet, even though his rain clothes but Watson is having the time of his life, running around in parks or at the beach or in the dunes. He even jumps into any lake he comes across.


Friday I was doing my fitness exercises, which is very necessary. I sit on the couch all day or in the car and that is sooo bad for your body. Then my neighbour Ingrid invited me for coffee. It was my intention to wash and blow dry my hair after fitness, but I just used dry shampoo and postponed the washing and drying till Saturday. Having a nice chat and good coffee with Ingrid is far better than washing hair.

Below: My Friday outfit. In the original outfit post I wore a different white shirt than this one. This new white shirt has exactly the same shape as the blue jumper (lower at the back than the front). Love that.

Outfit Friday

Rest of the day I spent on the phone with the tax office over wrongfully imposed taxes for Ron’s two old private limited companies. This concerns a lot of money, so I am willing to spend a lot of time to see whether I can reverse that. Not my hobby but I am pretty good at such matters, even if I say so myself. Whether I will succeed is yet to be seen. Fingers crossed.


No Fear of Fashion


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