All black outfit with chartreuse crossbody bagWhen I was styling these black flared trousers (brand Joseph), one of the tops I tried was this old black jumper with bat wing sleeves. I immediately liked it. The jumper sits the way it was intended which wasn’t always the case when I combined it with a skirt, like in this post with cream boots and a red/pink bag. The outfit was attractive but the jumper was troublesome. Not so with my flared black trousers.

Of course I had to add a pop of colour with the cute crossbody bag from Markberg. It comes in 12 colours and I was after a silver one (damn Instagram). Then I saw this chartreuse one and I was sold. Well…I called it green, which it isn’t and a friend of mine called it a shit colour LOL.

Below: These earrings by Lara Design get a lot of outings lately but they are not exactly the right shade to match the bag.

Long green branch earrings by Lara Design

Below: I had another look at my earrings and found a pair which are a little bit lighter but have the same shade. Let’s say they are in the same colour family. I’ll use them with this outfit from now on.

Earrings with stingray by Lara Design

Below: Close-up of the bag.

chartreuse crossbody bag by Markberg

Anyway, let’s move on.

This was the day I met my BVA girlfriends and was so violently sick after 3 o’clock. Which is why you are not going to see many photos.

Below: Marijke, whose turn it was to host us.


Below: Marianne, colourful as always.


Below: Marianna who was quietly contemplating.


Below: Jilske.


Below: Claudia, who had recovered from a severe pneumonia with complications. She is the sporty one of the lot.


We chatted and laughed as we always do, had delicious cakes and after that an extensive lunch. By that time, I wasn’t feeling too well anymore and only ate one bread roll. That’s not like me.

Below: Marianne was wearing  a gorgeous blue dress and a chain necklace I once gave her for her birthday. I was so in love with that necklace that I played with the thought of keeping it for myself and to give Marianne another one. “After all, she doesn’t know what she is getting”. My better instinct won and I gave her this one. So good.

Marianne in blue dress

Below: Jilske’s silver boots. As you can imagine, I was totally into these boots.

Silver boots Jilske

Below: We started shopping and, in every store, I just sat down; didn’t see any clothes, feeling terrible.
Not even in this store behind me (InStyle Women’s Fashion). And I love this store. I bought a few things here before, like the orange leather skirt and a yellow jumper. I also bought a long white blouse, more like a dress, but I just couldn’t style it and, in the end, I gave it to Marita. Funny thing was that the sales lady recognised me from that white blouse. The camera might also have jogged her memory.

All black outfit with chartreuse crossbody bag

Below: Claudia found a cosy jumper in the sale and was pleased.

Claudia's new jumper

Below: Marianne bought this blush pink jumper. Also a snuggle jumper.

Jumper Marianne

Below: We tried to take an artistic photo of me through the wire ball, but that failed. The ball is probably still there from Christmas.

Purmerend decoration

And that is where the story ends, really. I got sick and I went home. No idea whether any other good purchases were made. I had picked up Marianne that morning and my friends took her home at the end of the day.

So sad that a lovely day had to end like this.

What happened in my life this week

Apart from visiting mum on Sunday, there were many boring days with nothing happening. I did some necessary chores but there isn’t much to tell about making the bed, is there?
I also didn’t feel very well on Monday and was afraid I was getting another virus. But no, after half a day and a couple of hours sleep, I was fine again. Wretched viruses.

Ron pruned a lot of plants in the garden. We should have a couple of more days of mild weather (but cold wind), so the cuts won’t freeze. In a week (or two) they forecast another cold period with frost. I have the clothes for that LOL.

Sabine and I went out for a quick lunch which is always so delightful, though there is never enough time.  Below: Sabine and me. Sabine wore a stunning blue velvet jacket.

Sabine and me

Below: In case you were wondering what I was wearing to the lunch, it is my lavender dress. (See original post.)

Lavender dress

Below: Walking through Haarlem on a weekday with no market on the big square, therefore no crowd, I couldn’t resist taking another photo of this magnificent church, the Saint Bavo.

Saint Bavo church

Did a photo shoot with Janna (her Instagram account is on a day when it was cold, windy and rainy. The only option was to take photos in a department store. Warm, no wind, no rain and big windows, letting in natural light. Most of the time we chatted and chatted, drank coffee and had lunch. We remembered in time that we had to take photos as well. The other guests in the restaurant were amused, seeing us in action LOL.

Below: Janna. The full photo is nicer but I had to zoom in on her as I didn’t want to be spotted. My outfit hasn’t been revealed on the blog yet and I don’t want to spoil that.

Janna ( on Instagram)


No Fear of Fashion


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